Master Mother Mileila: Search your deepest fears and eliminate them

  • 2019

When I am in alignment it is easy, but when I face a fear, I don't feel strong. How to know if it is fear is what makes me want to run or is it my intuition that tells me not to be right for me?

Fear is the projection of memory or the imagination of a future event that is identical or similar to a past event that is remembered. It can also be the same type of imagination that includes something you've seen or described.

Intuitive knowledge of the result of a possible action is just that, a knowledge. This can cause some kind of discomfort, but the sensation will not be the same as fear. It is possible to be afraid of something that you know what exactly it should be and can fear it for several reasons.

Where to find these fears?

You will almost always find your unfounded fears and they will be based on a scenario imagined in the worst case. You can find countless examples of these things in your past.

Fear will cause a definite sensation in a part of the body . Intuition will not. So you have to learn it yourself, and it is possible to learn this from your memories traveling in time through your own lives.

"What are the origins of beings that were once considered gods of Norse legends, Greek mythologies, etc.? Were the same beings described differently? What can you learn from them now?

You are right, what we call the gods of the past was based on the functions that each people had in their different societies. Therefore, there were precise similarities between a god of Greece and a different one in Egypt.

Most educated people of ancient cultures understood it very well. Current ideas of what is my God did not prevail at all at that time. Alexander, for example, had no trouble going to a sanctuary in a conquered land.

Perhaps you should think about how well humanity treated nature and that now what they seek is to dominate it.

“I have always wondered if prayer and meditation are necessary. Does my happiness and peace depend on these daily techniques? Do I really need them? Is it bad if I don't? Am I missing something important for my promotion?

These are nothing more than methods aimed at improving learning and self-knowledge.

But you have been collectively taught that you can do these things right or wrong. Please give up those ideas, because you can do it with varying degrees of success. However, you keep the dashboard.

This great bearded man in the cloud exists only in the imagination. Can you find some of these useful things for you? No, you cannot find utility. Try to find a totally different way that works best for you and for you to be collectively connected and do the research sooner or later.

What you should do at this time is to stop thinking about the idea that a dead person does what he "should" do. Just compare yourself with your best feelings for yourself, everything else is luggage. How would you like to be? And why do you want to be like that? How you feel? Why?

If you are calm and happy in a religious building, do it. If you are calmer and happier in a forest or on the beach, do it. And don't let an enlightened judgment put you off. You are the judge, you are solely responsible for your life. Final point.

TRANSLATOR : Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE : Channeled by Ron Head

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