Ascended Master the Lady Nothing: Keeping the spark of life

  • 2015

With the passage of time, as you mature and get older you come to the conclusion that life is not about the games, toys or mechanical games of the Kermeses. They realize that there are goals they need to achieve, obstacles to overcome and a life that needs to be led. You are destined to lead this life, she is your life, not that of your neighbors or that of your sisters, and not even that of your spouses. On the path of life you will come across many unexpected experiences that help you "grow" and teach you that your life is more than nurturing those fears that you have been conditioned to believe ... it is about not allowing that spark of life is lost as they learn to maneuver every step of every challenge, situation and circumstance. It is too easy to give in to those feelings of giving up. It takes a great effort to greet you every day with a positive enthusiasm, especially the difficult ones, but when they do they create a wonderful flow of energy that is more productive than you might think.

Beautiful and Bright Hearts, it is essential to pay attention when your enthusiasm for life loses its spark. When this happens, it is your signal that something is not right. When you feel enthusiasm, no matter what your financial situation or what your beliefs are, you see beauty and love; they know happiness; They have an internal understanding of personal power and knowledge of their self that flourishes with all external experiences and life. When they lose that enthusiastic spark, they get bored; they could experience feelings of discouragement and discord, and this negative energy manages to hold on and cover what they might be fearing and that comes from a history of being sad or disillusioned. Beautiful and Brilliant Hearts, the mask of discouragement or disinterest is trying to protect them so that they do not experience more pain and disappointments; but allowing you to create this mask you are telling yourself that you do not want to heal, that you do not want to overcome the pain, and that you may believe that if you do not try to heal yourself you will no longer suffer. You create for yourself false truths that require much of your time and energy, but when you handle them firmly and with love and compassion, you are more productive. Ask yourself important questions, such as: What am I afraid of? ” Then find out from the evaluation of their interests, beliefs and values ​​what they can do for themselves that would be interesting and fun. That is here, Beautiful and Bright Hearts, so that you rediscover your joy for life and be able to release any fear you have been carrying unnecessarily!

When they notice that they are being indifferent to life, they don't feel enthusiasm and joy, don't blame others for not being happy or not being able to achieve their goals. They are not responsible for your life, you are. Look for ways and methods that motivate you, move you and nurture your passion. Whenever they feel unmotivated or without enthusiasm, this is where they will find their passion and joy again. Beautiful and Brilliant Hearts, it will be important to investigate why they have lost faith in themselves, or why they fear maybe failing or not doing well; recognize their habit of procrastinating and when they are laziest. If you are worried about what others might think or say about you, go to the bottom of the matter and find out why. Determine if you are too stressed, nervous or even worried about something. Remember, my dear, this is your life. It is up to you to create a path that is right for you; Take every step of every goal, work, dream, situation, challenge, test. Making excuses for not acting more resolute in your life does not help you to become more enthusiastic, and the excuses will not bring you happiness, love and joy. Excuses are used to cleverly hide from their fears.

In this meandering path of life you could find yourself going through episodes of brief enthusiasm and motivation, but they don't always last as long as you would like. The more they start their day with enthusiasm, the more motivated they will be, and the more capable they will be to sustain this flow of creative and productive energy. One of the best ways to improve your life, Beautiful and Brilliant Hearts, is by redesigning your desire to live. Tell yourself as often as necessary how much you lose when your enthusiasm and motivation are absent from your day and your life, and how much you can really earn when you are present.

To meet your daily tasks, tasks and tasks or whatever else you do often you require an incentive. My dear ones, this same incentive is what helps you overcome the greatest challenges, maintain your motivation and sustain your enthusiasm. When you do not continue with your plans or do not reach your goals or turn around without fulfilling your ambitions, you are demonstrating an absence of positive energy that results in procrastination. Being passive is not always as comfortable as you would like it to be. Living a productive life where you are in command of every corner is a much better way to produce happy and healthy motivational currents that allow you to take affirmative actions in your life and do all the most important things.

When you postpone something or allow yourself to be lazy you are welcoming unhappiness, which does not satisfy you. Being enthusiastic is being motivated, this helps them give a purpose to what they do and provides them with strength, joy and influence. When you are motivated you are less likely to worry about things and live your life finding solutions to your problems and working to achieve one of your many goals.

Beautiful and Brilliant Hearts, strive to give yourself all the time you need to discover what is important to you and what actions you can take to improve your life and benefit your closest beings. They are encouraged to think deeply about their goals and plans to achieve them. Determine your focus, making sure to focus on what is important to you, and what matters to you is where your motivation lies.

You do not need a manual or the self-help guides of someone with good intentions to tell you what you have to do. You have all the skills within you, Beautiful and Bright Hearts. Explore and discover those skills, come to recognize your true self and persevere throughout your challenges and overcome your setbacks. They create their own simple methods and encourage all the motivation they need to achieve and achieve any task or goal. You can do it! We know they can. Now you must believe it too.

And so it is ...

I AM the Ascended Master, the Lady Nothing via Julie Miller


by Julie Miller

Ascended Master the Lady Nothing: Keeping the spark of life

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