Mother Earth via Pamela Kribbe: Receiving the New Earth in You, Part 3

  • 2019

When they look at fear with an open heart, without wanting to intervene, they stop feeding that fear. It will still sprout like an old habit that does not die immediately; Fear is still present, again and again. However, when they recognize this energy and do not go to their side, it gradually yields and possesses them less and less.

This is the real work that awaits you, the discipline that is demanded of you. Not the discipline of hard work or adaptation, but an acute awareness, staying alert when fear strikes, becoming bigger than fear, approaching your heart instead of your head. Return to the silence of your heart.

The light of the soul

I ask you to connect in this moment with your inspiration, your own inner light, the uniqueness within you that you came to bring to Earth, because you know that it will give you joy if you express it in this earthly world . Feel the power of the light that surrounds you, the light that comes directly from your soul .

While the Earth energy, the healing power of the Earth, comes from the bottom up, now you experience a flow from Heaven, from the top down. That is the light of your soul. But if you feel nothing, simply remain in that silence; It doesn't matter if you don't feel it clearly. Being present in your heart openly is the main key: then the change will take place. The soul comes to you and can become known in several ways. In some people it will be through meditation, while for others it will be practicing an art form or doing something they enjoy. Flowing comes to you because it belongs to you; They should not create it. He is already there and dances around him.

The free will to choose

Now imagine that the flow is coming to you and that you receive it in the way it is presented. If you like to visualize, you can imagine that your inner child is about, this time radiant and holding a beautiful gift that symbolizes your inner light. Let those currents of Heaven and Earth mix within you. Your souls are cordially invited to be here, to move in all the cells of your body in such a way that a dance occurs between the consciousness of me, the Earth, and yours, your souls .

When his consciousness flows through the physical world, he touches everything: the people around him, as well as living beings who cannot speak or communicate on a conscious level, but who feel everything. When the light of your souls is flowing through your bodies, you bring a vibration here and bless life around you.

As human beings, they have a precious consciousness within themselves. More than any other creature on Earth, they have a free will, a free will that they can choose. It is the power of that will - when it is balanced - that touches all creatures on Earth, inspires them and triggers an acceleration in their growth.

Know that it is not only that you need me, but I also need you, of this awareness that inspires me. It is through our cooperation that the new Earth is born . I invite you and welcome you; I create joy in us.

Thank you.
Earth . ”

AUTHOR: Lucas, editor and translator of the great family of

SOURCE: Channeled by Pamela Kribbe


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