Mother Mary: Dare to recognize the Divinity within you

  • 2018

I am your sister of the Light who has taught each of you for many lives. Yes, here are my children. My children who have always put love first as the main value in their heart, as the goal to achieve in their life. Many of you have been monks, nuns, priests, priestesses.

Many of you have evolved in the worlds, say spiritual, religious on this Earth, always in search of this quintessence, this consciousness, this illumination of your Heart. Today I say that it is almost here. Everyone is preparing, each of you to set foot in the march of your transfiguration, the transmutations, the march of your rebirth to yourself, each of you without exception, above all do not doubt these words.

Who do they think they are? They are brave, brave souls . He has always said yes to this great adventure of climbing the Earth and is there! You are there! Now it is part of the great adventure when it comes to ascending this planet. Now and not in three days, not in three years, not in a week!


I invite you to open your arms, to receive you with love for everything you have done so far, not only in this life but also in other lives. He carries in his DNA a very bright golden vein that connects him with Divinity, with ONE Consciousness. You already have the image of the Consciousness of the 5th dimension.

He carries it in his DNA. I never let it go. Today I invite you to open your Heart to your greatness. Do you understand these simple words? I ask you to take the necessary time, to find yourself and to open your arms to this Being that is, to this Light of Love that is! Yes, if it belongs to the Heart of the Almighty, in the Heart of the Source ONE.

You are the highest and most noble expression of this Creation and on this Earth

Welcome. Dare to recognize the Divinity that you have because by doing this, children of the Earth, they will allow you to open a million interdimensional doors that are inside of you, connected to the Heart. You created yourselves . You are the creators of your bodies, perfect structures of energy.

It is the absolute knowledge of Creation, reduced and concentrated in that Heart within you, in that physical body that you believe you are. The light that is pouring on the earth right now is a waking light, my children! It is programmed to wake up, to help remember, to welcome in your greatness.

It is only a breath of AWARENESS. You are just a thought, just an emotion of Consciousness ONE

The first step is to accept it and open yourself to this possibility, receive with unconditional love the greatness that it is! Yes, you are divine in spite of all that you believe, in spite of all that you believe it is, in spite of all the beliefs that are within you and that have told you more about yourself.

I have mastered the exercises and I appreciate them with love. My dear children, here is an exercise to do:

You imagine yourself as a newborn child who marvels at everything, learns everything, who is immersed in everything and who is Life. I invite you to welcome him every morning like a newborn and without thinking, without believing, without judging, without comparison, without criticism . You simply receive him with all the love of your heart.

TRANSLATOR: Lurdes Sarmiento, editor and translator in the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Channeled by Denise Laberge

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