Mother MARY - I am Awake!

  • 2013

Mother Mary channeled by Natalie Glasson

I'm awake

February 24, 2013

Beloved Beings of Light of the Creator's Heart, I extend to you my Love and tender blessings as we all go through beautiful stages of inner spiritual growth reflected with greater abundance in external reality. It is my feeling and deep knowledge inside my Being, that every moment of life on Earth is precious, every moment is an opportunity that is presented to allow and stimulate your spiritual growth. Consequently it is important to ensure that you have the tools to help your spiritual evolution which sustains your greater understanding of the value of each moment in your reality.

Now is a time of enormous awakening because powerful vibrations of Light are available to anchor them in your Being. Your sensitivity is increasing, your power is strengthening; and your awareness of Self and Soul is developing. In truth you are becoming more knowledgeable, alert and aware of yourself as a Sacred Soul in a physical body and reality. To become aware is to allow the Light, Love and Divine Consciousness of your Being to stir, stimulate and merge as One, accelerating your vibration of Light. There is the potential for you to wake up in all aspects of your Being, manifesting accordingly as the powerful Light and understanding that you are. It is with your practices, meditation, focus and spiritual intentions that you agitate, change and revive your Being, helping you to become One with the Creator. Since every moment on Earth is a sacred opportunity for growth, I want to exhort you to focus on the awake state of your whole Being, but especially when you wake up in the morning after sleeping. The bodily process of waking up, starting to move, opening your eyes and focusing again completely on physical reality, is a powerful symbol that represents a process of awakening, rooting, incarnation, incorporation and existence as the Creator. This opportunity is given to you daily; and I feel that it could become a powerful ritual to incorporate into your physical Being and reality, your Soul and the Creator. With this in mind I have created a text of invocation and affirmation that will help you to awaken your whole Being, especially on the spiritual level, as you leave your dream state. You can practice this out loud or silently, daily, if you feel guided to do so.

Do not allow yourself to be sleepy in your physical reality, cheer up and be inspired to be awake, alert, conscious and spiritually stimulated in every moment of your reality. This is also a symbol of the awakening of the old low energies of manipulation, the lack of power and faith in oneself.

I'm awake

Start calling my energies, Mother Mary, or any other Being of Light of female vibration to work with you energetically, supporting the words that you are now about to empower.

“I bless this beautiful and sacred day with the Universal Love, the Light, the abundance and the happiness of the Creator. While I wake up from the healing and rejuvenating comfort of my dream state, I allow all the new checks, insights and understandings shared with me during my time in the inner planes to flow like a beautiful stream of Light into the depth of my physical being, my cells, my energy bodies and my reality. I wake up with a deeper feeling and experience of being healed, sacredly loved and energetically elevated throughout my Being.

I am Loved unconditionally in this present moment and forever, I AM Love and I accept the Love of the Creator with an open heart and mind. I love myself now, I send Love to my past self; and I love myself every moment of this day.

While my eyes and my Third Eye wake up, I gain access to my natural ability to see physically and spiritually with great clarity and sharpness, I easily see the truth of the Creator, absorbing beauty through my physical eyes and my Third Eye, the Light, the consciousness and the wisdom that are the Creator and the internal planes on Earth and in Heaven.

With the awakening of my mind, I pour into my thoughts, from my Soul, from my heart and from the Creator, the presence of peace, Love and harmony, thus creating a peaceful mind to accompany me throughout the day. I choose to create from my heart and through my mind, sacred Divine manifestations that serve my Soul and my Spiritual Path in my reality.

Beloved Heart: I awake your pure love vibration and your immense source of Truth. I ask that the Angelic Kingdom bless my heart and my whole Being with generous and active Angelic Love, that I consecrate my heart in pure superior vibration of Love, while I ask my heart to fully awaken and deliver Love to each cell, each farm; and to the energy system of my physical body and my energy being.

The vibrations of my heart and my soul pump messages of awakening to my physical body. My body is energized, full of vitality, restored, rejuvenated and activated. I am full of enthusiasm for and for life.

I wake up my Soul; Now my Soul channels with ease and perfection to all aspects of my Being, especially to my Aural Field, energizing it, balancing it and purifying it. Beloved Soul: I urge you to make your presence known to me today, allow me to walk consciously as One with your energy, vibration, guidance, consciousness, presence and Divine will. Today I experience a deeper incorporation and understanding of my Soul. With joy, I creatively express my Soul with beautiful and loving ways, in every moment of my reality.

I wake up and intensify my bond with my Guides and with the Beings of Light that support me. I ask you to come lovingly and bless me with your pure vibration of Light and Divine wisdom. I accept you deeply in my heart, in my Being and in my reality. I am grateful to you for all the guidance and Love you provide me.

I consciously awake my alignment with the Creator with everything that is Love of the Creator. I AM One with the Creator, perfectly unified, integrated and merged with the Creator, with my soul group and my soul. I open my energies and my Being unlimitedly to receive all that the Creator provides me. I awake to the realizations of blessings, miracles, abundance and truth in my Being and in my reality, because I trust in the loving Presence, support and vibration of the Creator, eternally intertwined with my Being and my reality. Today I accept the Divine Will of the Creator for my day; I accept and put into practice the Divine Plan of my Soul, my Almic Group and the Creator.

I AM the Love, the truth, the purity, the power, the harmony, the Light, the consciousness, the expansion and the wisdom of the Creator, incorporated in the Earth in this present and eternal moment.

Beloved Creator, Grupo Ámico, Alma and Guides of mine, bless me today with beautiful and blissful experiences of growth, spiritual evolution and enlightenment; I choose to create Love, harmony, joy and Light with everything I do, say, see, think, express and experience. I let go and heal all the stress, tension, imbalances, negativity, fear, anger and lack, stored within me and projected into my reality. I am healed.

I awake all that I AM, my Truth and my Creator aspect, I awake and activate everything that I require from within my Being to create and manifest.

I wake up! I wake up! I wake up! I am consciously AWAKEN as a Creator, Soul and sacred aspect on Earth; now I choose to exist as a conscious Being awake of Light and Love. I am awake, activated and lovingly ready for my day and for all the present moments that are provided to me.

Thank you".

I hope this acts as a tool to serve your Divine Awakening in every beautiful moment of your reality on Earth.

With divine blessings,

Mother Mary

Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.

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