Mother Mary - Recalibrate your perspectives

  • 2015

With the new vibrations that are anchored on Earth and that awaken in your Being every day, a frequency of simplicity similar to a phoenix rising from the fire is emerging, to call and attract your attention. The vibration of simplicity that is present due to the greater anchorage of Light, manifests a valuable new wisdom and a new perspective with which to observe and observe your reality. With the many changes in this intense period of cleansing and purification, awakening occurs in your Being so that you resonate with greater Oneness with the Creator; Simplicity brings you back to your center. Perhaps many of you will experience with greater power and resonance the experience of the Presence of your Center, Core, Essence or Soul, as you wish to call it . Those of you who are changing beliefs and perspectives that no longer work, you may find it difficult to return to your center, you may feel as if you had lost it, as if it had been misplaced and would no longer be in the same usual space. This is because your whole Being is being recalibrated, your Essence, the core of your Being is expanding; consequently, to recognize it again, a more expansive and open perspective is required.

As Soul and Spiritual Being you are recalibrating yourself with every process and every practice of Light and Love. This means that your Essence is transforming, expanding and empowering within your Being, which is similar to your Essence becoming an adult. When you have known a person since birth, sometimes you have to go through a process of changing your perspective in order to recognize the person as your true Self. For example, you may still recognize the person as a child even as a teenager, or you may perceive the person as a teenager when he is a fully mature adult. Most of the time your mind wants to continue perceiving you and perceiving your reality and others as you once were, because you feel more secure in doing so, consequently you are not willing to recognize the new transformations and growths. To recognize the expansion of evolution within you and others, it is necessary to let go of the old perspectives and the old structures or facts regarding how life is or has been. Due to the rapid growth that you are experiencing and guiding, it is necessary that you let go of your perspectives of yourself and your reality, recalibrating them so that you can recognize the expansion that has taken place in your Being, to find your Center again.

Are you ready to see yourself, feel and recognize yourself; and to see, feel and recognize others again, without imposing the restrictions and limitations of the past and even the present?

Recalibrating your perspectives is dissolving your attachments to your views of yourself, others and your reality, to recognize within you the Center, Soul or Essence that is continually transforming.

If there is no willingness to let go of current perspectives, that might be similar to treating you as a child when you are entering adulthood; As a result, frustration, anger and rebellion can be manifested. It is time that you make the promise to see yourself, feel and recognize yourself as your truth, during this powerful period of recalibration, expansion and new understandings of the Self.

“With courage, peace and Love, I now choose to recognize major aspects of my truth, to easily discover my Center and my Soul as I go through a beautiful process of recalibration of my views. This will only improve with the vibration of Love and truth within my Being. I ask Mother Mary and my community of guides, that you be my guiding Light, that at every moment you lead me back to my Center, to my Soul, to greater acceptance and recognition of my true self. Thank you".

Please be assured that you are never alone while going through transformation processes, you can always invoke your guides or any Being of Light with whom you feel a connection, to guide you on your return to your Soul and to the center of your Being. This is similar to asking to be taken back to the Truth and Essence of your Being, when you may find yourself lost, or on a dark path, or plunged into old perspectives. When you are experiencing pain and suffering, when you feel hopeless or helpless, or are involved in an uncomfortable manifestation of your reality, ask to be returned to your Center, to your Soul, so that you can see the Truth of your Being again.

As I said, from the fire of transformation the phoenix of simplicity arises, that is to recover the courage to return to your Soul, to rest in the peace and Love of your Soul and Essence. This new energy invites you to see, feel and perceive everything in simple ways, to strengthen your inner strength, to rejuvenate your Being and to help the release of fear. Sometimes with the transformation comes a feeling of being overwhelmed, which is born of fear; With the presence and acceptance of simplicity, fear can be dissolved. Whether you feel centered or want to return to the core of your Being, you may want to experience the vibrations of simplicity:

“Mother Mary and my guide's community, I summon your assistance, your Love and your protection, please reinforce my feelings and experiences at this time in such a way that I can fully connect with the vibration of simplicity and the Truth of my Soul in this continuous process of expansion and transformation of my Being. Please guide me to return to the Center of my Being and my Soul, to recognize the continuous growth and expansion that occur in my Being, while dissolving all the perspectives that make it difficult for me to recognize of my truth

As I focus my attention on my Soul and connect with it, I am aware that the flames of Truth, Love and Peace burn intensely within my Being. I allow myself to fully perceive in your Being its expansion, strength and Love.
(Enjoy this feeling for a few moments)

Now, from my Truth and my Soul, I activate the vibration, the energy and the consciousness of simplicity, so that it resurfaces from my Soul like a phoenix, pouring simplicity into my whole Being, manifesting a truthful and renewed perspective of myself and my soul. Now I am more connected and aware of my Soul than ever before, I feel as if I have returned to the Home within my physical body, with total capacity to connect and accept the whole Truth of the Creator as it flows from and through my Being. Thank you. ”

(Enjoy the experience and recalibration of your perspectives, for as long as you feel appropriate. You may experience blessings, healing, wisdom or awakening, which are carried out from within your Being).

Your reality is a complete Creation process, it is similar to a creative project to which you have the ability to constantly transform, change and recalibrate, to give yourself satisfaction and pleasure; and also your soul. While you allow recalibration to take place within your Being, especially from your perspectives, you make it possible to recalibrate your reality at any time. This is a powerful service for the Ascension of Humanity and Earth. Imagine that every person on Earth sings a song ; when each one believes from the Truth of his Being, which is to manifest the vibrations of his Soul and the Creator so that they exist in his physical being and in his reality, then everyone will begin to sing the same song n harmoniously. The beauty created on Earth would be immense if from his Truth each person created the reality he wants to experience, existing without limitations and in harmony with Love. The Creator would be truly present in every moment of reality, in each form and in each experience. The entire Earth would vibrate in harmony with the Creator, which would constitute a beautiful vision and experience.

Allow yourself to return to simple and yet empowering perspectives that align with your Soul. Allow yourself to accept, perceive and create simple perspectives that resonate with and as Peace, Love, Grace and Expansion. In truth, I, Mother Mary, invite you to abandon the complexity of your Being and of your reality, for this will allow you greater focus in times of transformation and purification of your Being. sa n, I invite you to let go of the desire to understand the complexity of your Being and your reality, through a process of experiencing and recognizing the vibration of simplicity born of the Creator; and that arises within your Being to manifest peace, healing, renewal; and a deep experience of recalibration.

I accept that the simplicity of the Creator empowers my Soul and my Truth .

You may notice that you and many of those around you are returning to simplicity; simple practices, simple thinking; and search for a life of simplicity to focus on the Truth that arises and is emitted from within. Through your remembrance of your Truth, your Soul and your Essence, which simply means the attention to your Truth, to your Soul and to your Essence, you will discover yourself more fully and recognize your power, your purpose; and everything you have to share with yourself and with Humanity. Find out that while you perceive that your spiritual evolution becomes more complex, expansive; and perhaps even more difficult to understand, what is really happening is that you are entering a space of simplicity; If you choose to accept this perspective. As you evolve, life, your reality and the way you interact with yourself and others, it becomes simpler, easier and more profitable. Abandon your perspectives that Ascension is difficult, with large volumes of effort, ungrateful and complex. Recruit yourself to a new perspective to support your alignment with the Creator of life and Ascension, which is easy, satisfying, rewarding and simple to achieve and experience. This simple change of your perspective allows you to see, feel and recognize the soul fully adult spiritually within your

Being, thus empowering you to experience everything you want.

The acceptance of simplicity is the process of recalibration of your perspectives.

With Love, recalibration and simplicity,

Mother Mary

Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.

Energy and Spiritual Consulting

Mother Mary - Recalibrate your perspectives

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