Mother Mary: Money and Abundance ~ channeled by Pamela Kribbe

  • 2014

June 11, 2014

I AM Mary, I speak to you. Today, I invite you to immerse yourself in the energy of this space where the Angels gather to lighten your heaviness and fatigue.

Once you have been Angels; and deep down you still are. From the core of your Being runs a channel to the Angelic Kingdom. The Angels represent a great essential energy, much finer and more gentle than earthly reality, with its density and heaviness. Open yourself to that Angelic energy, which may seem so far away, but it can reach you through infinite time and space. You are an angel in your heart.

Allow the kindness and comfort of the Angelic Kingdom to flow into your Aura; and that surround your head, your shoulders, your heart; and stay there to rest. Then let a soft pink energy flow through your stomach and belly. Feel that everything tired and heavy in the area of ​​your stomach and belly, is touched by it. Tiny sparks of Light of all colors of the rainbow dance all over your abdomen and make you feel happy and carefree. They remind you of the timeless dimension of where you came from.

Now, while Angelic energy flows to your hips and thighs, to your knees, calves and ankles, pay special attention to allowing energy to flow through your feet. In the middle of your feet the energy finds an opening that creates a channel to the Earth. In the depths of his Being, the Earth is also an Angel, a beautiful Angel now incorporated into the Earth. Feel that this Angel, who is the Earth, has the enormous power to sustain you and provide you with strength, security and stability.

Feel that you are included in a circle of Love from Earth and from Heaven. Allow those energies to do their job and circumvent you calmly; and surrender to them. You don't need to work for them or think about them. They are energies that always accompany you; and both belong to you. Allow healing to flow to places in your body and mind that need healing the most. And never forget that you are part of that free and timeless dimension in which the Angels reside.

By your own Free Will you have come to the adventure of life on Earth. But every time you feel heavy, it is important that you retreat to this timeless dimension to remember who you really are and why you came here, which is to learn, to have adventures; and to experience all kinds of things. This is meant to be a joyful adventure.

The moment you feel that being Human is too much for you, too overwhelming, feel free to re-savor that Angelic dimension for your heart's content; and there he takes a deep breath. You don't have to do so much, you can abandon all the struggle, the effort, the work; let them go. The intention is that you inhale deeply in that kingdom of the Angels, so that you will be inspired again to establish here on Earth, something of that Angelic Sky. This is your real job; and not the many concerns, interests, plans and organization of things, which are part of being "busy" in the earthly sphere. No, your real job is to surrender to the subtle energies of who you really are, that you are not tied to time or space. That is Work of Light; and when you do, you will notice that life on Earth literally becomes lighter, less heavy.

Today we expose the theme "Money and Abundance." I invite you to look at that issue from the perspective of your personal relationship with the Earth. The intention of your incarnation is that you experience joy by being present on Earth. Your gift to Earth is that you are here, that you have come from the Angelic Kingdom, from Heaven, to reveal and give your beauty, your Love, your purity, to all who live on Earth; That is your gift.

The reality of the Earth in which you are present recognizes you, welcomes you and wants to make your Path as easy as possible, so that you can radiate even more Joy and Light. The Earth wants to support you and support you. She would like you to take advantage of the opportunities here to find Happiness as Human Beings, enjoying everything here. You often attribute a higher value to the spiritual gifts with which you came; and you underestimate the value of being here just enjoying. For you, receiving is more difficult than giving.

I would like to provide you with a simple visualization in which you can imagine to what extent you receive enough of the earthly kingdom. Just imagine that there is a very long and tall slide. You are sitting on the same cusp, which is located in the Angelic Kingdom. While you are sitting there, you are also an Angel. Look at your appearance You don't have a Human body yet, but you are wearing a dress of a beautiful translucent color. You feel free and equally connected with all life, because you understand every part of it from the inside; and you know that, soon, you will slip down to the earthly kingdom.

At the moment of your descent many feelings may arise, but at this moment I ask you to focus on the feeling of trust that you feel deep within your Being. You feel it is good to go; And that doing so makes sense and meaning. Imagine that your hands still cling to the slide, but you are about to release it… and now you let go and start sliding down. You feel a little tension, like the one a child might feel when he does something that is scary, but that is also fun and exciting at the same time. And there you go, you are going down! You still don't see a place to land, you just slide and slide.

At one point, you see a layer of clouds that you are going to have to go through. It feels a little scary, but the "cloud cover" is really the veil that envelops the three-dimensional world. Your descent is smooth and funny; so you slide directly through the veil, because you offer no resistance. Each time you descend more towards the earthly kingdom; and finally you reach the bottom of the slide. Then comes the moment when you say goodbye to the celestial kingdom and enter the new reality; and incarnate like a baby.

But on the threshold of the earthly kingdom there is a kind of watchman, an Angel who looks at you both with deep compassion and with great seriousness. Until the last minute the Angel wants to remind you who you are; And he doesn't want you to forget it. The intense gaze of that Angel instills courage in you.

The Angel also tells you something that has to do with abundance in your life. He gives you energy in the form of a bag full of gold; and says: This bag with gold belongs to you. It is something that you can claim and that you can use in your life for your enjoyment and to create everything that belongs to the work of your life. Receive this wealth and know that it is always there for you. You can claim it, because it is part of you. It's your treasure! Then you go your way.

Now return to the present please. In this life you have gone through many things; Now let us see how much you have claimed for yourself from that treasure that the angel gave you. Imagine that before you see a bag full of golden energy; And you open it. There, in this bag, is the energy of abundance, a wealth that is more than just material well-being, but also includes material things. The bag of gold that is before you is a very visible connection between the Cosmos and the Earth, but it is also a personal thing; It is your abundance, your wealth.

Test to see if you can easily open the bag and if you can receive the energy that comes from it. See if you can allow that energy to enter your arms, in your heart; and in your whole Being. Allow that golden energy to completely envelop you. Then ask him: Is there something that I can give myself now, that I have previously denied, something I need to live with joy? be open to what that flow wants to give you . The abundance that is yours helps you to fulfill your soul mission on Earth.

There is also a flow of money that belongs to you. You often have ideas in your mind about what you deserve; and about what not; and that prevents the fullness of the flow that can reach you. You continually measure it and compare it with that of other people, with what they ask, with what they get. But the point is that you find your own flow.

In fact, when there is a balance between giving and receiving in your life, the material flow naturally sustains the spiritual flow; They are aligned with each other. You can look at it this way: Your spiritual part needs support from Earth, from material reality, so that it can really thrive here. Admit the material abundance so that you can increase your spiritual energy, so it can be more visible and allowed to flow into the world; and so it can be seen by others and be an inspiration to them. In that sense, money and material abundance will have a positive effect on your environment, as well as on you.

You can also see money purely as a flow towards manifestation, towards the physical expression of your true nature. If you are expressing your Light in earthly reality; and you use the money that comes to you to help you do that, you can take good care of yourself; and you can also benefit others. The first part does not exclude the second. You can abandon the old image of money as a means to increase your power, to rise above your Human partners and control them. You can change that old way of using money; and use it in accordance with the desire of your Soul to express itself in the earthly dimension.

Do not turn away from money or material abundance, merely because it is something that some people have abused. That would be like throwing the wheat with the straw. Feel that you are authorized to claim material abundance, that you are authorized both to give and to receive. If you allow the gold of your treasure to flow into your life, the natural way of expressing your Soul will become more powerful, because it really receives support on a practical level. Do not fear money, money can support the ser and the make your soul. Money does not have to be used selfishly.

You all carry the weight of an old tradition according to which you were taught to suppress your own needs in favor of those of others. And because of that tradition, you may have difficulty fully receiving money and abundance in your life. Try to see it this way: If you have more, you have more to share. Sharing produces Joy; and Joy creates even more abundance. That means there can be a very positive spiral in daring to receive.

Do not fear money, trust your integrity. All of you who are present here have already made the decision; and you are determined to live on Earth from your heart. You are not here to abuse power; You have already abandoned that old way of being. Consequently, dare to be totally here as the Angel that you are; and fully receive what you need to radiate your Light. The Earth urgently needs people who live from their heart; and that at the same time recognize their human needs and consider themselves worthy of receiving abundance and enjoying life.

Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.

Mother Mary: Money and Abundance ~ channeled by Pamela Kribbe

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