Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene: Support Steps to Dissolve Fear and Disease

  • 2014

Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene channeled by Natalie Glasson

October 17, 2014

Mother Mary:

I greet you today with the vibration of the 9th Ray of Light, manifesting the bright colors and vibrations of a blue and green Light focused on the integration and exploration. matter. Please let Me immerse you in the blue and green Light, allowing you to penetrate your entire Being. While the reality of the blue and green Light of the 9th Ray of Light surrounds you, allow yourself to inhale the healing vibrations, wisdom and transforming changes that this aspect of the Creator promotes.

The integration of the Soul with all aspects of your physical, emotional and mental bodies is essential in all periods of Ascension; and yet at this stage it is vitally important. It is necessary and important that you have confidence in the Divine, in the truth and in the sacred abilities of your Soul, which transmit and incorporate all aspects of your Being and your reality on Earth. This is not so that you understand your individual mystical and sacred abilities, it is more so that you understand the basic tools and abilities that your Soul manifests and reinforces in your Being, which can be equally recognized in all Beings. This is the time for complete Humanity to unify in deep understanding and confidence in their spiritual and natural abilities to alter and transform circumstances on Earth and in their personal reality. The belief systems of the Earth and those created by Humanity that concern and govern daily life on Earth now, must be completely erased, with new beliefs born from the soul of each person, created and anchored as the New Consciousness of Humanity .

Maria Magdalena:

Fear is simply a door that is before you and that you can open to allow you to embrace new higher vibrations of Love and truth, especially in your reality on Earth. A door in front of you only becomes an obstruction or an obstacle when you think you do not have the ability or strength to open it. I share with you, I remember and empower your confidence and courage when I tell you that you have the power to open the door and experience the powerful and kind truth of the Creator. The Creator does not want you to suffer any form of experience or attachment to fear or disease. The Creator wants you to dissolve all forms of attachment to fear and disease, unleashing your power to advance your Ascension by creating only such positive and kind experiences for yourself. Attachment or detachment to the creation and experience of fear and disease is now your choice. You make this choice through your thought processes and what you choose to believe.

Do you think fear limits you, causing your energy and power to collapse, thus causing you to be helpless? Do you think your fear is to accept it and experience it in your reality? Do you think that disease is your Divine right or that it is inevitable, when evidence of disease is presented in your reality or on Earth globally? The Real questions that are posed to you now and that have the greatest power and the greatest influence in your life are:

Are you ready to ignore what seems to be evidence of disease and fear creation on Earth, in favor of knowing your own power and knowing that you can choose the reality you want to experience? Are you ready to create a World without fear or disease, even when you are bombarded with evidence that indicates otherwise?

Mother Mary:

It is time that you accept your power and realize that you can choose whether or not you want to experience anything that happens on Earth. Before the spread of diseases on Earth, you have the choice to decide whether or not you will be infected with the diseases. Faced with frightening situations that arise and occur to others, you can choose whether or not you want to adopt and emanate fear. If you choose to adopt fear, then you will attract into your life experiences that cause fear.

You choose your life; No other person can decide or dictate it for you. It is time to accept this truth; and to start living in a way that expands, reinforces and incorporates this same truth into your Being. You can choose to say "No" to the experiences of fear and disease; and say “Yes” to the experiences of Love, peace and permanent health. Now your life lies in your beliefs about everyday things; and in your dedication to cultivate what you want to experience. No matter what another Being shares or experiences, you are the creator of your own reality and you have the constant support of the Inner Planes, the Guides, the Angels, the Ascended Masters and the Divine Beings.

Maria Magdalena:

I want to share with you some techniques to help you get into a reality in which you create the options and experiences you want for your reality.

I want to recommend that you first listen to your reality, the messages and beliefs you have; and the messages and beliefs that others have given you, the media and the apparent factual evidence. With conscious knowledge choose what you want to accept and what you want to discard. For example, if you see that the disease is spreading throughout the World, choose to send Love to all who are experiencing disease, while choosing to affirm and make yours the Truth that you are disease free, Always healthy and full of vitality. Be assured that simple belief will ensure your health and well-being at all times. Another example could be that if an experience occurs in your reality or in the World that creates fear in you and in others, that you say NO to fear, that you choose to let go and let go of fear, knowing that doing so is s de-energizing fear in you and other people. Then create in your Being a feeling of Love and security, have thoughts of Love and security, affirming for yourself the reality that you choose to experience. Remember that you are the Creators of your reality, you have the Divine right to choose what you want to experience; Never before has this been so important. If every person and Soul on Earth realized that they have the power to choose what they want to create, all illness, fear, poverty and any other harmful energy, they would be impotent and non-existent.

To believe is to have resonance and alignment with an energy; when you believe in Love, safety and health, no matter what evidence you are presented to dissuade yourself, you align yourself with Love, safety and health; and you become them.

Mother Mary:

Summon Love, Light, Peace and Vitality to your Being, let these energies bathe and go through your Being, imagining, feeling and recognizing their colors, vibrations and positive influence on your Being. Believe in Love, in Light, in Peace and Vitality; See, feel and recognize that your Being constantly emanates these 4 energies, permanently, from all aspects of your Being, continuously.

Summon the 9th Ray of Light to merge in your physical body and in your Aural Field the superior energy, aspects and consciousness of your Soul, so that your Soul has a positive influence on you by having access to your guide and your intuition. Your Soul does not resonate or align with fear or disease, so it will act as a protection and as a guiding Light for your reality and your Being.

Mary Magdalene:

Let the Love of your Heart and your Soul be your response to all situations, beliefs and experiences. Love is eternally the answer, the result and the experience for you, if you choose to do so, dedicating yourself to cultivating this reality for yourself. You can only create it for yourself; and yet your dedication will have an impact on all the Souls and Beings of the Earth, because these will align with the vibration you emanate: the Vibration of Love. Love is Like a magnet, everyone is attracted to align, to resonate as and with Love; it's contagious! It is also satisfying for you and acts as the strongest protection of all; and as a powerful Creator of Truth and Divine well-being in your reality; and consequently in everyone's realities. Let your Love shine brightly in every moment of your day; and ask your Guides, Us and the Creator to magnify and reinforce the Love you share and experience.

Mother Mary:

Spend time choosing the reality you want to experience, energize your choices with affirmations, with visualizations; and asking your Guides and the Angelic Beings the light empowerment for your choices. The biggest change that is required to occur is the understanding that you have the power to choose what you want to experience; that no person, group or government can dictate your choices or experiences; and that you can live peacefully together with any energy or in any community.

Please be aware that we are talking about making choices predominantly in your mind, this does not necessarily indicate that some action or demonstration is required. This is a peaceful change within you, which is not necessary for any other person to know. It is a time in which you detach yourself from the collective consciousness of reality; calmly within your mind, you choose your thoughts knowing that they will manifest in your reality. It is also important that you realize that all forms of manipulation that you can create will only anchor you more deeply in the manipulation of others towards you. When you focus on Love, Light, Peace and Health in your life, knowing that they will simply manifest themselves causing improvement and satisfaction in your reality and in all, you are supporting the expansion of Love on Earth and within everyone .

Allow our words to inspire a gentle change in your mind, to create happiness in your Being and in your reality. This gentle change stimulates the very compassionate question: "What do I choose to make real in my reality?" The answer is full of Compassion, Love and Truth, which are beyond ego, desires, despair and needs.

With true love, with blessings and inspiration,

Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.

Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.

Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene: Support Steps to Dissolve Fear and Disease

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