Cosmic Divine Mother: Mother help me change this situation

  • 2013

Published in October.

The messenger is Connie Huebert

The transcript is from Susannah

You are in control of your lives when you are in charge of your attention.

I want them to know that they are beautiful in their ethereal dresses, very beautiful. I love. I often communicate with you; first through this field, and the vibration of my communication moves to the densest layers of this field. So for the cleanliness of this field, they will communicate with me more clearly. You have a wide network of ethereal communication skills that you are learning now.

Infinite Love is what sustains them . I emphasize infinite love because betrayal comes from love with conditions. So I am asking you to remain in Infinite Love, and forgive. Those who have betrayed them; they need their forgiveness, because in their forgiveness; Can they be cured too. Forgiveness means to you; use the means to let go; realize all the energy packages that accompany betrayal and release them.

I want them to realize when they are in what we might call a contraction of their heart, a capture or a turning back. And I want to be cured. I want them to release the contractions of the heart.

First, you must realize when the heart withdraws its energy, and when it begins to contract instead of expanding. Maybe this is not going to happen to them. It would be wonderful if this does not happen for you. It would be beautiful if not. But if it happens, it is the signal to breathe well in that contraction, or use the Break command. There are several tools that can be used, you can breathe in it, you can say Break, you can call me by my name and say:. You can fill your heart with the Divine Light by saying:.

What I want them to do is realize when their heart contracts and do something to change it. I want it changed again in expansion. It is very important that you as Divine Beings have expansive hearts, that you do not stop the adjudicating power of your hearts or withdraw your love.

You also have to heal the etheric field so that you are fully awake in your physical forms. Thus, as they receive the light (the adamantine particles) the flow and movement of the same warns of healing. Trust yourself. They are healing their ethereal fields when they notice the light. The Divine Light, coming from the center of the universe (the Infinite Source) is activating all kinds of changes.

You are healing the doubt; the doubt in your Infinite Totality, the doubt that you can do anything because you are Everything. Observe how doubt has been able to enter your bodies, muscles and tendons, which weakens them physically, mentally, and emotionally. You are not afraid of doubt. The intelligence of the heart is transforming them, it is transforming their lives.

So you are increasingly aware of your inner life. I want you to realize the inner life of your heart, whether when you contract or withdraw love, to change it. HIS HEARTS HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE EVERYTHING. You must remain in the expansion of what you are. Use the Break command and the Go command. Mostly breathing in the contraction will really help dissolve it. Breathing in the heart (infinite breathing) is what we do at the beginning of all our meetings for a few seconds or minutes, it is a very effective method to erase contractions and blocks in the heart.

You as Divine Beings; They have their love as their most powerful defense. Yes, it is a defense. The custom on this planet has been when they are attacked; retreat, put shields and hide. Now we want them to expand, expanding through any attack or any problem that comes their way. This can be a challenge - to stay in the process of expanding the Light and expanding love by noticing when you contract and changing the same.

I, the Divine Mother, am always here helping you. Call me and ask me what to do. Say: o You have a whole series of tools that I have given you.

You are Divine Beings. You are entering on your own. You are leaving the age of the fearful old man who has hidden his heart. Now we are expanding what they are. You are so powerful and Real You are so necessary on this planet. I love. I am at his side every minute; holding his hands Do not forget me.

The construction of love is to love and love more and never withdraw love. You all know what love withdrawal is. You have felt it and made it. This is not going to be happening much longer. Above all, you have withdrawn the love of yourself. It seems that they have withdrawn their love from others, but that is not really what has happened. They have withdrawn love from themselves, and now they are:.

He is asked to assume the role of a great teacher who knows how to untangle the dissonance of this planet (sound is the force majeure of the universe). That is why we are here. The energy of the new life that comes to Mother Earth is yours and you can use it to unravel the discord and to create the life you want here. You want a life of happiness, peace, joy, abundance, and love.

The sufferings in your heart need to be dissolved. I understand that the healing of their hearts, the healing of distrust and betrayal is a challenge; they can be cured, but healing must take place very deeply, beyond the place where there was distrust. The only thing that is beyond the place where distrust was experienced is the Infinite All. That is the only power that can produce the quality of Love capable of overthrowing distrust.

I want to help you get well again; away from fear, suffering and despair. I can bring them back to their true path and I will heal their wounds. I can free them from the pain of living apart and alone, abandoned and forgotten.

There is a powerful healing in the heart when one opens to the intensity of Divine Love and truly embraces it. The other thing that is absolutely necessary to be able to connect with the Divine in any way; It is healing connections.

I can build a place where trust is available. I can build your love. I can build their lives. I can build your vibration in a place where trust becomes so tangible that you can live in it. This is what I am trying to do. You will have to take the step to trust. I can prepare the conditions to take that step effortlessly.

An act of faith is when you let go and never return to what you never let go, and then life is completely transformed, the pain is washed, the infinite is in you, you don't have to hold on to anything, because the infinite is the celebration, the celebration of their cases. Trust me, take a leap of faith, it's not a little bit right there when I tell you, trust me and in a moment jump. I love.

Use this uric field all the time as an organ of your body. The energy transfers itself into the physical body. Its uric field has many functions. They have to awaken their uric field, as it directly supports the thymus. The thymus creates its health system, and needs communication from the uric field, to do its job completely. And the uric field has to be clean, clear, awake and strong.

I want you to move in the infinite field where pure intelligence is able to discover the perfect solution for every challenge.

I ask you to notice something that some people say they don't have. There is a field there, its dynamic, vibrant energy field that feeds the physical body and the subtle bodies of energy coherently. It is important to bring this field around your body in maximum health as well, vibrant light. Keep it scanned. They are healing him when they turn their attention to the auric field. You are relying on the space around you to support you. It is not necessary to protect your physical body so much, when you know that there is a beautiful and powerful field of light around you and your confidence in that space (the aura).

The confident and innocent heart is the key in the field of light. They have to believe it's there. You have to know what is there. They have to trust me. If the mind is doubting, soften the brain. The mind that doubts opens its field of light, dismantles its reality. It is very important to cure everything that is causing them to doubt.

The Field of Light is very creative. They can live in this field all the time. where only one thought creates, where only its mere intention creates. It is a pregnant creative energy field waiting to be manifest. Upon entering the field of Light, the cushion of the Light of Love that you have is introduced, and it is so certain, that the fear of the world cannot approach you, since it protects you from the inclemency of the world.


In the name of I am who I am; I call you Divine Mother and your legions of angels that bring us all that is good, whom you created before us to take care of us, and I ask you_____ (personal prayer) and for this purpose I decree _____ and seal this decree accepting that my Call has been received in your heart. I seal the precipitation of this decree that makes the light of the Infinite Source become tangible in my request and I want my call to be multiplied to assist all souls who need the same as me. I thank you Divine Mother and expanding my heart to you; I accept that it is already done at this time, with full power, and according to the will of God Father-Mother All that is.

With love Susannah

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