Divine Mother, the ultimate fertilization

  • 2013

From My Sacred Crystal Heart I greet you, Sons and Daughters of the Terra. From the Heart of Gaia, from the Flaming Heart of this planet, I address all of you, heirs of the Full Consciousness, sparks of My Eternal Spirit. From your Sacred Heart of Fire, My voice rises to yourselves, since you are My abode, My Eternal abode of Peace.

We are One, in truth, in body, in soul and in Perfect Spirit; we are One, in truth, in the human, in the planetary, in the Cosmic and Extra-Cosmic. We are One, and this Truth manifested in all corners of nature: My Body.

Sons and Daughters, well-loved children, fruits of My Belly, was closed for the time of this planet, the Sacred Council of Ibez. Tongues of Fire begin, then, to descend on the surface of this planet, thus representing the Ultimate Fertilization of human fragmented consciousness, the Ultimate Fecundation of the first Ether of this planet.

You are the spectators of the descent of the Spirit Fire. And at the same time, they are emitters and receivers of this Fire. In this way, My children, transcend all notions of waiting, transcend all dependence on an outside scenario. You are the stage, and you are the spectator, you are the Fire itself in ascending and in continuous descent, relegating the matter that is believed separated to the fullness of Consciousness One.

Sons and daughters, glimpses of My Eternal Spirit, of this Council of Ibez the Terra now passes, to a new structure in this transition process, the Terra now accesses, to a new horizon of the action of this Fire of Liberation. There is no novelty, however, in your process, other than the action of this Fire that intensifies in you and the surrounding scenario, and that the doors for the descent and rise of this Fire are, now, increasingly open. And there is not a single door that can be kept closed in front of the impetuousness of this Fire.

My well-loved children, unlike the rigidity of the outer stage, know that the world is in full change, the way this planet evolves and Full Consciousness is established. Matter follows its dance of development, expression and return to Center One and Consciousness, immovable point, motionless axis of manifestation, it is expressed, increasingly, within this matter, which on this planet is believed separated, even for a little more time. Because redemption is true and is close to the One who brings to this world the impression of Divine Fire.

Sons and daughters of My Heart, we meet in the silence of this Sacred Heart of Fire, merge and seal our Unity in its moments of alignment and communion and in the continuous moments in which I myself embrace them and wrap them in My Aura Incandescent. In those moments of communion, in those moments of alignment, without a previously fixed time, I manifest myself within your consciousness, I reveal myself in you as the Universal Mother. Infinite flame of the expression of the worlds, Burning Bonfire where all forms are molded and brought to expression. I am your Bonfire, you are My flames; In this Sacred Bonfire we are One.

Sons and Daughters, listen to my words: the loving reception is the key in the door lock, which this impetuous Fire comes to shake. These doors are not outside, these doors are still certain ties, certain nodes in your material structure. Perceive, children, that Consciousness is the immovable axis, the material form and the clay that the Potter molds according to His Will. Therefore, the loving welcome is this key that is delivered to you from your own silent center, for the dissolution of the remaining nodes of this material structure. These nodes are not impediments, these nodes cannot even be called resistances, since they refer to the natural disposition of this matter that until now welcomed the experience of forgetting and ignorance, these nodes or this arrangement of cells, of atoms, same of the lower ethers, is what is going to be modified, insofar as the action of this Divine Fire is incarnated and this first ether transubstances the very Essence of the cells, of the atoms and of the ethers.

You are the silent witnesses of this miracle, you are the silent witnesses of the material transformation. It is up to you to immerse yourself, then, in this silence and awaken in full clarity of what you really are. Well-loved children, you are the silent witnesses, they are the Full Consciousness that sustains the Dance of the worlds, which sustains the expression and impression of the universe; you are the Eternal, Immutable Unique I; You are my Sacred Spirit. In the acceptance and, now, in the ever more profound and continuous experience of this one Truth, its liberation is traced; not the liberation of an illusion, nor the liberation of any dance, but the liberation of the state of numbness, the liberation of the state of ignorance, drowsiness, and oblivion of what they really are.

I declare you Eternal Flames: will you accept or reject what they really are? No rejection extends, indefinitely, throughout an experience, since the end of all rejection is acceptance.

In this acceptance, therefore, my children I bless you, invite you, and summon you to this position of loving welcome in front of life, in front of your brothers, in front of every integral element of your experience here. This loving reception is the only orientation that I, your Divine Mother, have to give you in relation to the external experience. In relation to the inner experience, in relation to one's own rediscovery and self-knowledge, I have to tell you that silence is the self-perception that, in short, are inseparable brothers, are the ladder that you use to re-access your original state: Full and Unified Consciousness.

I welcome you, sons and daughters, in the planetary expression, lovingly. Sons and Daughters I am Silence and the Eternal I behind the planetary and even universal expression. In this Love we are One, there is only this Love.

Divine Mother, the ultimate fertilization

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