Divine Mother over 2013

  • 2013

The messenger is Connie Huebner

The transcript is from Susannah


So move on to 2013 fully aware, clear and alert, about who they are and what this world can be. Don't turn back, please. You must continue leading. Do not let those who are afraid influence you in any way. Keep expanding. Become bigger than fear. I am giving you this year the mold. You are the main artists of this new time for Mother Earth, you are the Masters. He can mold the planet with his expansive consciousness, with his unconditional compassion.

I am very happy that we are entering this new year with great living and good leaders on this planet. And believe me, when I say alive and well, I say it literally, because they are the hope of Mother Earth, and the Divine Grace of all love in the Kingdom of Heaven; It's flooding their lives right now. I am the Divine Mother and I order the Divine Grace to help you in this year, that Grace fill you where you need it most, to teach you and guide you, to pave your way.


The physical form can be divine, it can be an image of God.

The physical form is his palace on Earth. It needs to be cleaned a little. Soften throughout the body. You live in a palace on this planet. Those palaces are their physical forms; those that can change by themselves and thus live as divine beings in a physical form. Changing for you means; live from the heart, with love, and dissolve thoughts of fear and criticism. Allow creativity. You are here to get the world out of the dark.

You are in the process of dissolution (spreading and expanding). Let the old dissolve. It is no use at all. Melt it in the All, in the whole being. Then allow the flow of Totality to recreate everything in your lives with what is beautiful, loving, wise and elegant. You are melting what does not work in the flow of Divine Love that creates everything and is recreating with the image of Truth.

You are going through a huge vibrational cleaning - multidimensional. Do not hold on to anything. If they do, it will be painful. You are infinite. When your infinite nature tries to cling to a small mask, it is uncomfortable. Break the structures around your heart. Inwardly say: "Break, break, break", and see them break. Imagine your heart coming out of a cage. You cannot hold infinity in a cage.

I am not impressed by your intelligence. I am impressed by your love. Trust in your Infinite Totality, and remain centered in the heart.

You have divine help. We are getting closer to you now. Divine friends and ascended masters, gurus of antiquity and the gurus of this time, approach you very close, to work with you, to support you, to share our thoughts with you, to remind you of your creative power. This is another great gift of this time we are entering. Divine beings can return to Mother Earth. We are going back to save, we the Company of Heaven, and we are celebrating for you and thousands like you who are consciously embracing this new time. We are crossing a vibrating barrier with a new level of light to activate a new level of Life. The Bright Light is activated by billions of dynamic suns that have gathered in the center of our galaxy to create the quality of light necessary for this transformation. The divine light is the gift of this day, the gift of this time. Great Light, Celestial Fire, Divine Energy, Burning Light. Welcome him. The bodies of subtle energy within your physiology are transforming, the subtle bodies of energy within you are activating. The templates within us for the New Earth are being activated. Receive this grace; and move on to the next level of the evolutionary spiral, next big step forward; Towards a new way of life.

You have suffered enough to start creating a new Earth. By creating this new Earth, they will begin to transform, because they are the direct recipients of the transformation process. Therefore, although it can be said that we are transforming Mother Earth, I am fully aware that you are the recipients of that transformation, because you are the leaders of Mother Earth's transformation.

I refer to another time within your consciousness, when you lived without struggle, in peace and harmony with the universe, then enter into it. And get out

ahead as the sap that moves through a tree, the sweet sap that keeps it alive. Receive the glory of this new era, this new transformation, this new era, this new calendar. There are many ways for you to experience it. The most significant form is a new me. When they dedicate themselves to love themselves and their bodies; then they are simple, humble and expansive beings. You are loving each other because you are One with God and this is magnificent.

We are bringing the human body along this journey, the human body is becoming more spiritualized, more vibrant with light. GOD, which is the design of the being for which they are designed, are becoming human beings. So what is coming to Earth at this time is; assistance to help them love more fully, and to achieve it more easily. To create more simply, to be happy and to spread that happiness to others.

We are entering a new arc of history, where human beings are radically different than in the past. Since human beings have free will, they must participate in this. Not only will they do it for you. You are Divine Beings, it is your habit to actively participate with the structure of the universe. Be involved with the change that is taking place within you. They are alert, awake and aware. They are beautiful. You are powerful in your Infinite Being. Your Infinite Being is where your power lies. Trust your Infinite Beings.

This time is transcendental, I am in deep gratitude for receiving me. The power of this moment is that of the Great Mother of the universe, and a heart full of love is what is being activated in every person in the world and especially for you since love and care for you It helps them to understand life beyond the surface. You are the heroes of this moment on planet Earth. You have come here to receive this light, as an anchor.

Their lives are a significant presence on this plane of the Earth. I repeat; you have needs that can be satisfied by your alignment with the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother is the power that animates the universe, work in order to align with that power, so that your lives are blessed by the power that animates the entire universe. You are under the protection of the supreme intelligence that guides the universe. You can trust this for your greater good.

They trust their bodies. They know what to do. Let the thoughts go. They do not know what to do. Their hearts and bodies know what to do.


Christ himself does it. They relate their whole being with the Christ and become the Christ. Everything else is a step in the relationship; the rituals, the communion, the information, the stones or crystals, the right path, nothing more. You are moving in a direct personal relationship with the Christ, who does not always need the past to enter the present. The Christ is always present.


Soften in the heart and allow your intention of your inner vision to always be alert. When they soften the heart, at the same time the senses become more acute, because the softening in the heart leads them deeper into the Totality. Totality is your source of perception, and in the way you take perception into account; This one starts to notice more.

If you don't know what to do in a situation, let it happen. When you don't know what to do, let it pass. This will take you to the Infinite.

The attention is like the flashlight that illuminates the place where knowledge is going to be transmitted. Consciousness is huge and unlimited. Its intention is to focus on a specific need so that infinite Totality can flow and create change, and to change falsehood situations.

The ray of infinite Love dissolves the lie on this planet and creates a new era for Mother Earth and for the entire human race.

Attention, and intention, move the universe. I am teaching you the skillful use of attention and intention, so that you can move the universe.


Trust is not a thing, an idea or a concept, trust is a way of being. Live in trust. Keep letting go. The way to be trustworthy is to fall into infinity. Whatever happens continue to transcend with patience, with tolerance and the other virtues as never judge. This is trust; keep the expansion going, this is the way to live in trust.

Only softening is required in the whole.

Trust, you are being assisted by legions of angels led by the Archangels who are recovering the DNA structure of the human race. If they soften inside the eye; You can see the way light flows within you and change this genetic code. You are learning about the light and the shape of life structures. We are working on the most fundamental layer of the construction of the human form to cure DNA.


The intimacy between you and me, is all you need to ascend completely. That intimate love relationship is his alchemy. You know that alchemy changes transform lead into gold. They have changed their lead in gold through the intimacy of love, the flow of the heart to an object of devotion. It is not a physical object, but an object of subtle devotion - an internal object, a feeling or a feeling for me, is all that I need.

You are in a process of transfiguration. His figures, his forms are changing. The physical form must change, and you must consciously participate in assisting that change. Soften in the body, and then let go. When you let go, you acquire an enormous power like floods, since Infinite Totality acts in your physical form, it heals the areas in which the changes have focused. The physical body is for the highest good.


When they release, they fall into solutions, into the ocean of solutions. They swim around them, but you have to realize that. So we are going to have to change this planet's thinking about happiness, love and ecstasy until those things become the norm.

Change it inside first and it will change on the outside. Release the pain that is around the perceived lack. You cannot release something as omnipresent without recognizing yourself as a divine being. Recognize your divinity. If you tell the truth, then life will honor the truth in you; giving them everything These weeds of life lived in limitation, are being torn from you because you no longer believe they are limited. The power of acceptance of Truth is healing now.

The burdens of the world are influencing your perception of me and my wealth, so I am asking you to stop looking at the world. I ask you to ignore the world and pay attention to me, to the Divine Mother. This is the way to become prosperous and have a comfortable life. The training you have received by the outside world has been detrimental to you. We are repairing the damage. Abundance is a natural state of the human being in life. You are going through a bridge between the old way of life and the new and glorious way of life. Walking across that bridge. Stay in your heart.


You are changing very quickly, and the new energy that enters Earth is pushing you to change. You do not have to be victims of the negative energy that surrounds you. Use the tools you have learned. A great tool is the affirmation authority itself. You can repeat inwardly: “I am in control. I am the only authority in my life. "It is the" I AM "that has control, not the ego.

They have to stop and recognize that they are doing the best they can and that Divine Love is at work. The Divine Beings will solve it. You must make the first effort. When the Divine Being sees that, Grace takes over and brings a beautiful result. When you take one step towards me, I take 1000 steps towards you. Grace comes and organize the result.

The only answers to the problems of today's world are spiritual answers.

The union of the human family is what is needed to heal the Earth. The union of human hearts is all you need from Mother Earth. You are one family, one humanity. How to heal individually, your family heals. Their hearts are the key to the healing of the human family. Every time it opens deeply in your heart, it connects to the hearts of all the billions of people on this planet, causing all hearts to come together. The human race is changing. It is entering a new evolutionary cycle. The human brain is changing. The human heart is changing. The human body is changing. Participate in it by opening in the Totality. You are not going to use your small thinking mind in the same way. You will use the infinite mind, the intelligence of God. To access intelligence through its heart center.

Thank you for coming to be with me, so that with you I can resurrect. Thank you for honoring the Truth, the Truth of your Unity, your Totality. Thank you for letting go of what is not complete. Thank you for being willing to enter a new life. I love. Nothing is more powerful than love - nothing. So don't be afraid of what's going on around you in the world. Send him your love.

The vibration of its auric field attract similar vibratory frequencies. But in order to attract abundant wealth, they must be at peace with themselves. If you are saying: "I want this" but inside you feel: "I do not deserve this, " the auric field is reflecting the conflict and vibrating a conflicting energy that surrounds them. Peace allows prosperity. Living in peace is the way to become prosperous.

Your body responds to every thought you have. Negative internal dialogue is much more harmful than any fear or shame.

Powerful regulators of the body need to be boosted in their ability to balance and heal the system. The glands are like the jewels of the physical system, bright awake alive, and beautiful. When polishing them we must also relate to the rest of the body so that the advanced glands do not shine less because of the less skilled players in the other parts of the body. Soften We are bringing the entire system at speed.

We are not here to do anything but love. And if you can't love, your task is to dissolve what prevents you from loving.

Question: Today is 12-12-12. Can you comment on the meaning of this date?

Divine Mother: My energy comes completely on the planet now.

I am healing the planet with my Light. There is a very powerful infusion of my energy and my Divine Love on this day. The day 12.12.12 is the opening of many streams of Light to embrace Mother Earth that comes from the depths of my infinite heart.

Bringing more energy from Divine Love on the planet will cause more transformation, more openness of the heart, more purification. This is the meaning of this day. The best way to receive is to be in communion with me. Do your spiritual practices; meditation, prayers, songs, etc. And they receive me. The power is within you to transform yourself and your planet. Accept it.


As you soften, you are allowing the Infinite to open at all levels of the softening point. Softening is a slow process of transcending through the layers of multidimensional existence. The whole is present in all layers. You cannot see the opening layer to Totality. When we trust that they experience it, it happens. Doubt separates them from their experiences. Trust your Infinite Being.

You are Divine Beings in a physical form. They have the Infinite power at their disposal. Today I am teaching you what to do with it, how to use it. They focus on attention and intention. The way to keep infinite power out of abuse is to move it from your heart. The heart only wants to love, so if you move the infinite power of the heart, you cannot do any harm. Soften in the heart with my light. I keep asking you to let your attention be on your heart, and this is because you use your infinite power for all that is good, because only good, you have to use it from your heart. This is where the Divine Mother comes into play. This is why the Divine Mother is the Mother of the universe, loves her children, and will never harm them. You must become an ally of the Divine Mother. I love.

You are dissolving the falsehood, the lie of separation that makes the lie of unworthiness unworthy, believing that you are not good enough in all its permutations (derivations). You are a whole divine being. Join with me and everything that is. Soften in the heart. I love. Even when they are out of their activity, we will go to the Infinite. The intention of letting go. I love. Trust your Infinite Being. We will let go. If you don't let go, I can't do more for you. Let's go back to infinity. You have a tendency to grab things - this thought, and feeling no longer takes place. We will let go, even when they are out of their usual lives traveling the world, enjoying food and other things, we will let go. You will enjoy much more if you release what you have clung to. Then they become infinite and receive my gifts, instead of something to capture and accumulate. In spite of your most precious asset, whatever it is, wealth, relationship, house, let's go, so you can give them more of the same and many other things too. But the little being who has a sense of unworthiness, of unworthiness, feels that he must endure, feels that he cannot deserve this beautiful thing, this beautiful jewel, this beautiful person, this beautiful experience, so he captures and retains. We will let go. You will receive much more when you let go than when you endure. We will let go.

I am telling you to give it up inside. We will let go on the internal levels. We will let go in the brain. We will let go in the heart. We will let go in the throat. We will let go in the senses. We will let go in the body.

I keep telling you the word "trust." I've said it many times today. It doesn't mean much to many people, but I will keep saying it. Trust means knowing that you are safe. When I say "let go", you can't let go unless you trust your safety. Let's go right now. You are trusting that the Infinite will sustain you, that the Totality will support you. Let's go now

Every time they let go; you are trusting that something is supporting you; the Infinite All. Now we will go in their lives to what is more obsessive. Maybe it's fear. You are always in fear of this or that. Let's go there If they release it for a moment, they fall into the Infinite. Maybe it's a relationship. You have to be with this person. Let's go there Trust in the Infinite. Maybe it's the money. You have to hold on to money. Let's go there Trust in the Infinite. Trust in your True Self, in your Infinite Being. Fear, however small, means clinging to unworthiness. "I couldn't deserve this tomorrow, so I have to hold on to that now." Let's go there. "I might not deserve it for the rest of my life, so I have to hold on to it now." This is impossible. Let's go there We trust.

I am your safety. The Infinite Totality, the Divine that is your security. Hold on to that. You are being driven by this system of beliefs of unworthiness in which you are forced to do things by an impulse that is not even part of you, and you are not in charge of it. Maybe it's your health - maybe you are forced to go to the doctor again and again. I am in charge of your health. Let's go there Trust me. Trust yourself. Is the same. We are one. We are full. There is deep intelligence in this Infinite Totality. And when they let it go, you can be guided by that intelligence. But at the moment you start to grab and hold, you block your flow.

Pain, suffering, separation, hate themselves, denigration, no matter how subtle self-sabotage - puts everything down. This has to do with the lack of merit. Break it from our energy fields, push it out of our vibratory pattern, our DNA, our brain cells, our neurons, breaking the structures of fear, pain, suffering and indignity. We will let go.

I keep telling them to let go because it's holding and grabbing. Trust in the Infinite. Breaking, breaking, breaking the structures of this small system, fearful with the belief of separation from God, from the lack of merit in the eyes of God. Trust your Infinite Beings. We will let go. They are beautiful.

Introduce this New Year, clean, clear, and without luggage.


We are being purified and prepared to enter this New Year, the Divine Year. We are neglecting everything old as we move forward in the new life, the divine life. Trust the Truth of who you are; First it is a deep softening, expanding more and more, and a constant letting go of trusting that they are safe, trusting that something so powerful is the celebration that can never fail. We will let go. Let the Divine Trusa, trusting in your infinite life, releasing more, falling, is in free fall, leaving nothing that could force or contract. Heal at all levels of your lives.


Divine Grace is here. Let go of the past, all the karma of the past collapses around you with the violet flame. Let it go. As you progress through 2013, don't hold on to anything, let it go. The Year 2013 has more gifts to give and your hands should be open to receive. Do not hold on to anything from the past. We will let go. To receive. Enjoy the life that is being given to you now by the great Mother of the Universe who loves you so deeply, that she wants everything good for you.

The Divine Mother is emptying their hearts in her lap, so that they are cured with her love. She says: Offer me everything now, that's what I want, they have healed in their lives. I want it. Do not save it. Give it to me. I am transforming them.

The Divine Mother is here for you. I see you, I love you, you can relax, you can let me take care of everything. Do not try to do it alone. Let me. The New Year is coming beautiful, a year of Light. You don't even know, within a year, the person you are now. This is how my transformation is reaching this planet completely.

So let's go. Do not fight anything. Peel the layers. Jump in my heart This is the form of the Divine Mother. I am the Mother of the Universe. I know how to keep them safe. And turn to me. Let me hug you. Don't try to be separated from me, just join and let go. Combine with me. That is my love that calls you, attracts you like a magnet, pulling you in my heart, giving you freedom from the pain of separation, the pain of loneliness, the pain of fear. I am pulling him with my love so that they let go of all the pain of separation and recognize our union.

You must accept their immensity, you must accept how they are and be expansive, but do not enter the small physical form, expand into your larger field, being larger. They are remembering that they are infinite, it connects to your true self, and that is the real you that I want to be put in 2013 - the year of your true self.

This means that you have to change your consciences, you have to commit to your greatness and not damage the physical body, but expand it into the infinite body and beyond. You can do much more that way and you will be happier because it is not comfortable to pull that infinity into that small, finite body. It has been extremely uncomfortable.

I am used to using your conscience instead of your little mind. Think: I am preparing for 2013. I am preparing to be great in 2013, huge. You have to think differently now. It will be painful to think small. You must think big ... huge. It is a new way of thinking that they should adopt if they want to be comfortable in the next year. Littleness is over. We have to think about the whole Earth, and for all the peoples of the Earth. This is important. I want you to think for all the people on the planet now. They have had ideas too small. I know that most people only care about themselves - but you should worry about everyone. We have to expand. The Divine Mother is here. We have to think all over the planet now and I think with the expansion. That is, do not limit when you come up with a plan or idea, do not set limits on it. We will grow beyond even what you have thought. In this way, you will connect to others who extend your plan, your idea. We have to continue expanding it now. Without small limits, without thinking of small “This is my idea. It can't be had. We give you far to get a better world, broader plan. Small-minded thinking is over, done.

I want him to know that he is evolving from his physical body, the human body - not just his own, everyone is. The human race has to intervene in their divine destiny. The physical human body has to enter its divine template. We can't think small anymore. The beauty of this moment in mother earth is that the light needed to activate DNA in the human form is available.

The attention needed to guide the expansion of the heart is now being released in you. Some people are leaders. Leaders care about everyone. Leaders always have to think about everyone, everyone and I think all of you here in that category of leadership. So you have to know these things. You have to practice compassion for those who do not know. And then you have to demonstrate in your own life the kindness, generosity, peace that creates a new humanity.

Do not allow these people who still remain in ignorance to insinuate - expand, transform with your heart. You have help. There is more divine help on this planet now that we have had in the past. It is there for you, it is at your disposal. Request it, use it. Change Mother Earth.

Receive me at this moment, put yourself in a receptive state, opening all the cells, the heart, the brain, the organs, to receive my Divine Grace. Open the auric field, open the etheric field, receive my Grace. I am God the Mother, I come in the name of the Light. I am lighting them up now. They are no longer trapped in sufferings.

Published on December 20, 2012 in asking the Mother - THE UNION WITH GOD

I am trying to teach them, as a regular activity; to soften through all the points of your attention, so that you can perceive the infinite source in everything. Trust yourself, we are tuning your perceptions, and activating your subtle perceptions so that you can perceive that you are infinite and complete, at the same time that you perceive the border or the limit of that point. This allows them to identify with their freedom and their creative potential, and live the union with God.

This changes everything for you. They will no longer be trapped in suffering, they have access to all solutions, making reference to their Infinite Being (Ask the I Am the solution) that contains all the infinite intelligence they need to live life. Small intelligence has a limit, perceives only a short view of life. When you can soften through everything and experience the source of yourself, any solution necessary to resolve that point appears and will be available to you.

I am teaching them how to be masters of life, not their victims. This is my emotion, because they are becoming fashionable very quickly. I am very happy with your progress.

Another beautiful thing that happens when they soften; is that your physical body heals itself and trust itself. The physical points are opening towards the infinite source. The vital force is moving at the physical points, simply by contacting the infinite source, softening and expanding. This infinite flow of energy; Not only does it move life in your body, but it corrects imperfections, removes blocks, and makes them stronger and more vital. A body that is well healthy is created.


I love. I want them to have health, vitality and constant connection with their infinite beings. I don't want them to always think of themselves as weak, small, or not good enough beings, never again. I have to teach you to think about yourself, mentally with the higher mind, because the small ego-mind has imperfect concepts of what you are. We have to redo the thought patterns again.

Most of the time they do not realize that they are tense, because living with tension has been the norm. I, the Divine Mother, am changing the norma on this planet. I want them to live expansively, not hard. When they expand they learn to relax.

Life has been difficult on this planet. Strategies for survival have been developed. These strategies are no longer necessary and should actually stop now. We are healing them, breaking and dissolving what causes them harm, and reminding them that they don't have to be tense. You have permission to let go, and you must be sure that it is best to let go. Much of the healing work we do is undoing the mental strategies that do not serve them, and that have been; the custom of fear, tension and victimization.

As you connect to your true Beings and recognize that you are infinite, expansive, and One with God, you will realize that you have many possibilities and solutions. Your Divine Intelligence can select the best solution in any circumstance. You are Divine Beings in a physical way. I am training them to learn to behave like a divine being and stretch their divinity and embrace their whole being. Thank you thank you very much.

Speaking from the heart

Published on December 8, 2012 to ask the Divine Mother

Question: How can we deliver the critical part, maybe the negative information that someone is going to tell in a positive way?

They are a divine being. They are not a small, miserable, and negative thug. Make reference to your heart, even if you have to tell someone who is going in the wrong direction or have done something that is not productive, first make reference to your heart. Ask me love. Tell me how can I say this without being negative? How can I create with you?, Because everything they say to someone is a creation, they are creating something. So they ask me. I want you to align what your thinking is with my way of thinking, your perception of the situation is my perception of the situation.

I realize that they are learning and growing, so mistakes are forgiven.

You only have to see and speak from your heart instead of your head, speaking from your true being, your Infinite Being, instead of your little self, the small self that has been hurt and can do things to hurt others. I don't want them to talk from there. The little being has been taught incorrectly how to behave in society. Most of the behaviors they have been taught, (unless it was a very polite heart) are mostly scary. So people usually behave because of the fear they have learned in childhood. So that's why I'm saying, make reference to your hearts, trust yourself, talk to me.


It is important what they say to others, since it has an effect on everyone - because what they say comes out as an energy, like a vibration and it is better that instead of putting someone down, they lift it up. Just make sure that everything you say I pick you up and I will help you say the difficult things, when people need to correct themselves, so that they will be raised by their correction. But you can't let someone walk on the walls, so you have to help them change. They cannot let someone go to damage the planet or harm themselves, so that they help change this. And this is good.

Sometimes people have to speak loudly or stop if they are doing something harmful to themselves, to others, or to the planet. So you have to say strongly "stop" but then give them a true meaning - don't let them feel low or bad, "OH, I did something terrible." You tell them "go this way, or do it this way." Give them guidance. Every time you have to say something negative, also tell them the positive direction you should take.

Trust yourself. You can do this. They have to do this, it is important that they do this, it is important for the world to do it. Every little thing we do and say has an effect on the entire planet. And the planet is now in a position where it needs a dramatic change and people who know the positive direction have to say it, they have to start teaching it, saying a strong "No" when someone goes with a destructive pattern.

So talk to me, if you are not sure of something, say: Mother, how can I handle this? - and I will answer them. If you are not able to hear my guide directly, just take your pen and paper and start writing. The impulses that will come from your heart, from your intuition, will probably be my impulses. And if not, I will know. You will be able to realize if my presence in your life is expansive and stimulating, or it closes and goes out.

Published on November 19, 2012 to ask the Divine Mother


Letting go consistently allows them to have more power. You are learning how to use real power, divine power. The divine power was always handled through the heart, so that they can never harm anything. They are aware that incorrectly used power can be harmful. So I am making sure that my divine power of love is not misused. I don't want any harm that comes from my love, just the good.

You are aware that there are people who misuse love. So I am saying that this is not love. Any misuse or manipulation; It is not love. They have not come out of love. I want you to know this because many people on this planet are suffering because of what they think love is. Trust me, I know what I am talking about and I will not tolerate the manipulation of Love for private and selfish purposes. Be innocent and they will be safe.

Don't worry about what others think. They are ignorant. If you begin to worry about what the ignorant are thinking, they will forget who you are. You just have to move forward with me, and with the Truth.

Be in their lives. This means not being in the lives of other people. Do not spend your valuable time thinking about other people and how things are done - if it was a pleasure or support for you to have that person. Be in your life. It is time to put aside all the questions about other people and what they did or did not do, and just be yourselves.

The habit is to avoid the problems themselves by enumerating the problems of another person. Don't avoid them, face them in their lives. They are the only ones here who need help. Release everyone else. Be yourselves. Do whatever it takes to heal your own lives. You are here to heal yourself. You are here to observe your deep fears, correct the fear and pain.

I am here to help you. I am helping you right now. Watch me. Notice my presence around you.

Confíen, yo sé cómo operar en el nivel más sutil de la creación y sé lo que les tengo que enseñar para vivir allí. Tienen que aprender esto. A partir de aquí, sale todo lo que se está creando, y sé lo que necesitan para aprender a crear y para que no aumente la infelicidad y el sufrimiento.

Así que cuando ustedes vienen aquí a estas reuniones o leen mis mensajes; tienen el nivel más sutil de nuestra relación, aquí es donde yo vivo y nos dejamos caer dentro y fuera de la Fuente Infinita, aprender a dejar ir ya crear. La Divina Madre es su maestra. La Creadora del universo tiene que enseñarles a crear. I have to teach them. That is my divine purpose.

I am the Divine Mother. I come in the name of the entire Divine Truth. I love. Ustedes son mis hijos. I adore you.

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