Divine Mother Own Love Therapy

  • 2012

The messenger is Connie Huebner.

The transcript is from Susannah.

Question: You very often mention the need for us to love ourselves and how valuable this is. But they always taught me to grow up thinking that I was a selfish and bad child. Could you explain more?

Divine Mother: Many people in this culture grow up without permission to value themselves, it is taught that thinking well of oneself is a motivated ego.

I want them to get used to loving themselves. I want you to get used to valuing who you are. I want you to be alert when you commit. I want you to realize when you are saying or doing something that is denigrating or derogatory about yourself. They are beautiful. I am not worried about your egos. I am worried about the truth of who you are; so they can value it. You are not going to get into the aggrandizement of the ego. You are already beyond that. If that were to happen, it would soon be corrected by me. So don't worry about that. I want you to like them for what they are.

It has to do with the basic feelings of separation from God that must be dissolved. The mental body has many forms of evil, to avoid recognizing how beautiful and clear they are. The mind, the mental body, has all kinds of mental structures and the positions learned from living in a society where people are not valued and they are taught lies about God and about their relationship with God.

So they have to walk uphill in this field. They have to keep dissolving critical thoughts. You have to consciously choose to think loving thoughts about yourself; to stop judging themselves harshly.

When they surrender to love themselves, be simple, humble and expansive. You are loving each other because you are one with God and because you are magnificent. Children learn at an early age not to love themselves when their first impulse is to say; Look at me. Look how beautiful I am. Look how wonderful I am. I can jump. I can run. They quickly learn that this is considered boasting. Then it becomes boasting. If on the contrary they had to learn that, if they are jumping with God it is because they are jumping with the joy of life and they are beautiful because their divine Spirit is beautiful, things could be different.

Children have been treated harshly as children, with the hardness with which they were told to shut up when they had something important to say. They were told not to express themselves if they seemed to value themselves. They were taught to be seen and not heard. They were told to stop expressing the joy of life on many occasions. So people have got stuck, depressed - there has been an implosion, with all that life force that could not be extended.

So you are healing all this by giving yourself this self-love treatment. The treatment of self-love - washing yourself in self-love, loving yourself, saying the things of yourself that you know are true - you are good people. You have a deep wisdom. They are beautiful. They have many good things. When you say it, your hearts expand, rejoice, because finally you are being more.

Since no one else is willing to see this, you should see it. You must see who you are and tell the truth, not the mental criticism, because the mind can count on hundreds of the so-called mistakes you have made, probably thousands, and list them for you.

I say they have never made a mistake. They are simply learning. You are always learning. What is done here is a mistake? It is not a mistake, but knowledge is being given. Then change and change, and grow with me. I don't like the word error. You are not making mistakes. You are learning. You are discovering. It is not a mistake when a child stops for the first time and falls. He is learning about balance. Your muscles are getting strong. When you did something, perhaps in the work that was not appreciated, you had reason to do it, and you have learned from it. His working and sensitization muscles have been strengthened. You are earning your balance at work. You are being cultivated and trained all the time. So stop listing the errors. You have never made a mistake. You have simply grown and learned, and you can love yourself for your courage to do so. You have enormous value.

Most of you do not know how much courage it has taken you simply to have been born on this planet, and to know what you are facing here - veils of oblivion. Did you know that when you were born here you forgot for a moment who you were?

The need here is so great that you came here anyway to help, learn and grow in this dense climate. People go to Antarctica, where it is very cold, something that could be called unpleasant cold, but they have to go there because there are things to learn about life, about our planet and its relationship with the solar system. They have come here to learn about this planet, this material field, and how to survive here, not only to survive, but how to prosper here.

You are adventurous explorers who want to learn, so you came here and had tremendous value as you entered the unknown of the material field. You have been learning about him since then, and now you are remembering that you don't have to be a victim of it, that you can actually change, live comfortably here. My only purpose here; it is to bring them to unity with me, to bring them into awakening, not only to a reserved place and a relatively stable life, but also to the movement of creation.

So please do not judge yourself harshly, do not judge everyone, and avoid self-criticism. Feel yourself. Enjoy a self-love treatment. Realize if you are being too hard on yourself.

Only when they really love themselves can they truly love others. Then love becomes a unity that rises on the heights of freedom.


Each time they soften, the softening does not stop, it expands through the physical body, through the room and throughout the Infinite Universe. Trust yourself. They are divine beings. You know how to heal your physical bodies. I am reminding you of some things; how to use your attention and your intention, how to put aside the surface of the body and draw the infinite power from the deep well to draw on the physical body.

The light that enters Mother Earth; It is a light of the Resurrection. It is here to change, purify the old and replace it with the Truth. You are receiving this Resurrection Light in the heart. Their hearts are opening like a thousand-lotus lotus flower to receive this Light of the Resurrection, so that it is absorbed, and drawn through its physical body.

The Force of Life is the Divine Mother who is returning to Mother Earth with her strength and power to transform the planet. The Force of Life is waking up in you, emerging through you and connecting you with others that are opening to the force of life, and the increase occurs in such a way that everything from Mother Earth awakens.

I want you to realize when it is what we could call; a contraction in their hearts, a capture or a return back. And I want to be cured. I want them to release the contractions of the heart. They must realize that the heart withdraws its energy, when it begins to contract instead of expanding.If it happens, it is the signal to breathe deeply into that contraction in order to dissolve it, saying; to break It is very important that you as Divine Beings conserve expansive hearts, that you do not stop the adjudicating power of the heart or withdraw your love. They must remain in the expansion of what they are. Mostly breathe in contraction; It will really help dissolve it. Breathing in the heart is what we do at the beginning of all our meetings for a few seconds or minutes, it is a very effective method to dissolve contractions and energy blocks in the heart.

Unlock the Force of Life in its most subtle levels. It dissolves the unconscious fear and allow your life force to flow through you to create good health, emotional balance and spiritual growth. We find the blockage and dissolve its energy. Every time there is a constant problem in your life there is a blockage or confusion in the vital energy that flows despite your system. When energy flows smoothly, without disturbance, things are going well for you and you are happy and successful. This is because they are in alignment with the Divine. Their physical body has all the support of a vast energy field, a field of light that builds and supports the subtle levels of their physical body.

Letting go is your strength. The more you can let go, the stronger you become. Fear grabs people. Letting go will create infinite freedom. I suggest that you take infinite freedom. Attention is your most powerful tool. Where you put your attention, your consciousness moves there, and your consciousness creates. When the heart is soft and expanded, you are freer, you have more access to your infinite Source, so that wisdom can flow for every situation. When your heart contracts, it blocks that flow, you feel lost and don't know what to do. Keep the heart soft.

As long as you focus on that point of attention, the infinite universe finds it and solves it. When they are at a point of energy agitation, calm the storm. There are difficult situations in their lives ... They give them situations in which they have to choose, I emphasize their choice, so that they can learn something about their relationship with God.

Never give up. The force of life is flowing powerfully through you when you use it. Trust her. Let go of the tension in the mind, the tension in the heart, the fear in life, the emotions of pain, the excuses that you create for not being integral. Let all that go. Trust, knowing that although you have experienced the ups and downs of life on this material plane, you are divine beings. I love them.

You have needs that can be met by your alignment with the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother is the energy that animates the universe, and when they align with that energy, their lives are blessed by the same energy that animates the entire universe. I AM the Divine Mother. Notice me. Let your attention move towards me. Notice your divine presences. Get soft on me. I am driving everything in their lives. When you know this, when you refer to me and communicate daily with me; Their lives are being polished.

Whenever you are confused, you feel miserable, breathe from the heart, open the heart, work with the heart. The names of God and the songs to God; They open their hearts. All the names of God affect the heart in some way. All the names of God; They are for devotion and love. Every name of God feeds the heart. Therefore, live love, be with love, move with love, and talk about love. They exist in love, we are all love. Come and talk with me every day. Make your lives with love.

I want to emphasize this point. Energy is flowing everywhere. When they observe it, they change. When you look at it with intention, you are creating that intention. Now I want you to know how important your attention is ... You want certain things in your life. Do not attend to things you do not want, because your attention creates them. Pay attention to what they want only.

I love them. I want your abundance on this planet; so that they can perform the duties for those who are here, and the elevation of this Earth; No worry about your physical comfort. You need your physical resources to create this new world. I am making adjustments in your system to align them with my abundance abundantly, so that it becomes easy for them to receive all that is being provided to them.

You can experience your unity with the flow of the entire creation and enjoy this participation in your individual life stream as part of that. There is enormous joy when one feels part of the universal flow, even if you are keeping your attention on your individual life stream.

You have to keep and trust in love and truth, and move there, flowing in them, softening in them, again and again. Well, if you do this, the whole sense of guilt in the mental body dissolves. The truth will be revealed. The knowledge of the truth will reach them. And then the structures of their lives will be made from their hearts.

You have bad habits that you have adopted while believing that you are part of the whole. These habits have created behaviors and patterns that need to be dismantled. You have created emotional responses of low self-esteem, guilt, shame, fear, terror, which you are dissolving. The physical body has to be aligned again within the divine flow of life, through the universe, and the life force. When you are in alignment with the divine flow of life energy, all is well.

They're strong. You are here to recreate Mother Earth. You can receive the Light of the Resurrection easily, without problems, with joy. Trust yourself, you are huge beings of the Light. I know it is great that you are here to help Mother Earth in her transformation, allowing the light of the Resurrection in her own physical systems for connection with Mother Earth.

The change in the vibrational frequency of energy around their lives, as they do; It means that you are dealing with time and space. Time and space are changing, because they are entering Infinity and time and space do not link there. They are taking action against the old belief structures that are linked by time and space.

To heal the etheric field it is necessary that they become everything they are as a stream of life. Let consciousness remain in the etheric field. Look at the whole etheric field, how the huge aura pulses in their lives. Trust what you are noticing. Trust yourself. The etheric field can be noticed. How do you notice? You are bringing to consciousness that the vast vast etheric field where impurities have been collected must be cured.

You are learning to move at a point of infinity, in order to create health there at that time. Infinity is the creation of a wave, a wave of infinity that moves directly in the heart. You are in the process of creating a wave. All creation is made of waves, but you skillfully make the creation of this wave with a specific purpose; health. Soften in the heart, observe the totality of consciousness.

You and everyone are in the middle of a huge transformation. There is no need to resist it. The need is to open to it until it overflows.


Juliano and Archangel Michael have asked us to get used to accelerating (increasing the pulse) our energy field in our meditations - Ascension will cause such an increase.


Just think of your energy field and see your aura in the shape of the cosmic egg. Visualize a line by clicking around the outer edge of your aura - The line presses faster. The outer edge of your aura enters a higher vibratory energy than they can experience. As they experience higher vibrational energy, then they become more aware of their chakras. They open to more of your psychic abilities. When I have told you about flashing, I always say that you are going to project to another dimension. I wish that you also understand that you can blink in the place and only remain in the third dimension. But, because your energy field is accelerating, this begins to open many of the paths to the 5th dimension. Titilar will open many of the chakras and also activate some healing experiences and psychic experiences.

Your energy field flickers because it is vibrating rapidly. When it is vibrating then it starts to flame. Again order your energy field to take the form of the cosmic egg - Taa, taa, taaaa, taaaaa. Ta, ta, ta, ta, taaa. Tatatatatatatata ... ..tatataa ... tatataaa.

There is a concept in energy work known as the explosion of light that can accelerate your energy field from a very slow march to a very high gear immediately. That is what ascension is. It is an instant and immediate acceleration of your energy field. Therefore, practice the flashing as preparation so you will be accustomed to what it means to go to a higher place instantly.

I am going to leave the other part of the conference in the hands of the Arc Miguel Angel.

Ascension codes are based on the idea that you have blockages in your spiritual abilities. They have a blockage about how fast your aura can vibrate. Unlocking the lift codes means that they are making their way through that blockage and allowing themselves the ability to vibrate at much higher levels. The words kadosh, kadosh, kadosh, Adonai tzebaoth are words of special codes that affect the DNA in your transmitting nervous system. It affects the pineal gland. It affects the reticular activation system. Neurologically affects the ability of your neurons to transmit higher frequencies of light and energy Part of your brain's capabilities are multidimensional. Your mind can transcend this reality of 3 dimension.Kadoooooooosh, kadooooooosh, kadoooooosh, Adonaiiiiiii, tzevaaaaaooooth. (Tones). May the codes of the ascent be unlocked in each of you.

When the plot of space-time opens, as happens in this moment of alignment (December 22 with the Great Central Sun), then the opportunity for you to receive a prophetic vision increases for you. It means they will receive a new flow of ideas. They can receive new energies about how to be a more effective healer, as a person, as a bearer of light and as a member of the stellar family on this planet. They will need your prophetic vision in these coming weeks. Connecting with your prophetic vision means that you can also connect with your higher and multidimensional being. They will also have the ability to blink more effectively and bring your being to the 5th dimension.

The ascension comprises two aspects; the energy that comes to you and what you are doing with that energy. Ascension is an interaction between the light that is coming and you and the way you interact and what you do with this light.

Channeled by David Millar.

Divine Mother Own Love Therapy

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