New moon in Aquarius and first mercury retrograde of the year - January 21 to February 12, 2015

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On January 20, the day prior to Mercury being retrograde stations for the first time this year, the New Moon is formed at the last Air sign, exactly at 0 Aquarius 08 . Unusually, the Sun and the Moon, are without important aspects to the rest of the planets. It was a long time since I saw this phenomenon. But the Regent of Aquarius, Uranus, in Aries (in his current quadrature to Pluto in Capricorn), stands for this mooning, exactly aligned with the Moon Nodes, in conjunction with the South Node or Tail of the Dragon in Aries, something that has not happened since June 1847 and in opposition to the North Node or dragon head. Therefore Pluto forms a quadrature to the Nodes, and the last time Pluto formed a quadrature to the South Node in conjunction with Uranus in Aries, it was when he was in Cancer in January 1680, interestingly also about 12 as well as now. In short, this aspect that will occur for the New Moon in Aquarius, has not happened for many years. According to Stephanie Austin, this alignment of Uranus the Nodes and Pluto in Aries and Capricorn has not occurred for 2600 years. The Lunar Nodes now in the Aries-Libra angle, reminds us of this duality that continually harasses us about imposing our point of view with passion and strength and the need to listen to the version or opinion of the other. How to solve this dilemma among all the oppositions that confuse us every day? We live in an eternal duality, if we see white, we always remember black, if we see light, we think of darkness. How to learn to live in these daily and human dilemmas is our daily challenge. Believing that our point of view IS reality, is our great enemy. The only reality is that everything has its opposite and we must respect it in order to respect our point of view. According to Robert Johnson, the Mandorla, that kind of Mandala, is a good solution when we are beset by internal contradictions.

Aquarius and Uranus contact us with the archetypes of the scientist, the inventor, the eccentric, the anarchic, the chaotic, who, despite being interested in the group, the community and Humanity, have problems integrating with them. The aquarium radiates eccentricity and lives its alterations and unforeseen with sanity. Despite being a fixed sign, therefore in need of habits and stability, his unpredictable spirit can and constantly needs to provide himself with unforeseen situations that make him feel alive. Uranus traveling through Aries since 2011, the world has turned us around and everything around us is changing without remedy. The square to Pluto in Capricorn, has coincided with the fall of many governments and rulers, and institutions and this is not over yet ...

This New Moon occurs at 0º of Aquarius which strongly suggests that something begins, being the first new moon of the year, even more. With Mercury and Venus still traveling by this sign, group activities are favored and if you have any problem with it, this is the time to challenge yourself and launch yourself into the experience. The last events in Europe with the attack on Charlie Hebdo, announce the square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo and also with Neptune in Pisces, which will confront us with the fact that we must resolve the issue of our beliefs and take care of need to respect those of others. We cannot continue killing in the name of God. I do not believe there is any God who tells us that we should kill those who do not think like us, although throughout history many religions have done so.

The day after the new moon, as usual, we begin the year with the first Mercury Retrograde. This year the three Retrograde will occur in signs of Air. So the first from January 21, will be in Aquarius, the second, on May 19 will be in Gemini, the third and last, on September 18 will be in Libra.

In this first the pre-shadow period began on Kings Day and it will be parked Retrograde on January 21 at 3:54 p.m. GMT or Universal Time, at 17º 05 ′ from Aquarius, in conjunction with the Moon and Venus and in opposition to Jupiter in Leo . This aspect describes the peaceful demonstrations in different countries on the subject of Charlie Hebdo, but at the same time Mars in Pisces, is in conjunction with Neptune and both form a square to Saturn in Sagittarius, therefore, the ferocity of our beliefs, is They meet Saturn's limitations in the sign of our beliefs and philosophies, Sagittarius. The fundamentalist groups will meet the power of the navies of the countries of the West, and I wonder: Until when?

We already know that travel, in this particular case, by air, paperwork, communications , usually suffer in the retrograde of this small planet. We also know that all RE (re-structure, re-visa, re-stipulate, re-feel, re-value, re-calibrate, etc.) are activated and the Cosmos gives us the opportunity to see things a second time, so that we think better about our way forward, and make the decisions we must make. If you feel that everything is being delayed instead of frustrating you, check the situations, the papers, the contracts to be signed, so you can make fewer mistakes.

This retrograde of Mercury will give us the opportunity to think in an Aquarian way, that is to say in a group. What is best for the community? What is the best for humanity? Can we continue this war of ideals and survive in the attempt?

I have been traveling through the North of Argentina this beginning of the year and I have seen natural beauties that I have never seen in all my trips, which are not few, I have been reminded once again that God, whatever it is, has given us this wonderful planet, full of diverse beauty, majestic, powerful, imposing. It would be difficult to imagine that he did not ask us at the same time to take care of it, to keep it that beautiful, powerful and necessary. Every time we drop a bomb, for whatever reason, the Earth cries and we with it. Returning to the Goddess seems more than necessary, because perhaps what we call God and that is so difficult for us to define, is Goddess Nature, who again and again asks us to respect her and take charge of maintaining her power, because if not Price may be too high .

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New moon in Aquarius and first retrograde of mercury of the year - January 21 to February 12

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