New Moon in Scorpio and Solar Eclipse by Cristina Laird, October 2014

  • 2014

Every 19 years eclipses are repeated around the same degrees of a sign. This one in particular, which occurs at 0 Scorpio 24, had his Twin to say so on October 23, 1995. Of course the rest of the planets were not equal, but they did affect the same area of ​​your astral chart as now. A new moon that is also an eclipse of the Sun, causes that for a few minutes the Earth suffers an interruption in the millions or billions of megawatts of electromagnetic energy emitted by the Sun per minute . It would be difficult to imagine that this does not affect us.

Normally the new moons mark the beginning and end of some area of ​​our lives, it coincides to put it another way, that something starts or with the taking of a new direction. This occurs in the eighth sign of the zodiac, the Great Scorpio. Although Mars has been the ruler of this sign until 1930, when Pluto (its current ruler for many astrologers) was discovered, and while it is true that the latter was demoted to category of the dwarf planet (as it has been cataloged now) and in addition it is smaller than our Moon, there is no astrologer who can deny the power of the Plutonian influence in our Life and our psyche. One of its moons is called Charon, name of the boatman who took souls to the Underworld. But this is a peculiar system, since this moon does not revolve around Pluto, as ours does around our planet, but both revolve around each other, like a system in constant motion with each other. Then Pluto has other moons, discovered in 2005, called: Nix, name of the goddess of Night and Darkness, mother of Charon, and the other Hydra, name of the Snake with characteristics of 9-headed lizard that was eliminated by Hercules in his second Labor. As their names indicate, Pluto and its moons is a system that tells us about the archetype of the Darkness of the Soul, of the Inner Beast, as I call it.

This Beast that we all carry inside, and that so applied we care to hide, not only from others but also from ourselves, washing, shaving, shaving each day, using a lot of soap, perfumes and deodorants, walks with us every day of our lives Learning to recognize it, accept it, handle it is the work of Scorpio. Try to stop bathing, shaving, combing your hair, for just a couple of weeks and she will start to emerge, and you can see her in the reflection of a mirror.

To coincide with all this Scorpio energy, I have been watching for the first time Breaking Bad, the American series directed and created by Vince Gilligan, and wonderfully acted by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. My scorpion daughter, saw her when she was 17 years old and liked it so much that she looked at it whole 2 times, all 5 seasons. Now I understand why. The most extraordinary thing about this TV series, which has made everyone crazy, is to see the transformation of a very decent and normal gentleman, a chemistry teacher at school, into a drug-producing monster and murderer. To go from living in its good, ethical part, but with an invisible and insignificant life, to live in its Plutonian nature, and in this process it understands, that it is there in the darkest part of his soul, where his power lies. If you have not seen it, I recommend it.

The interesting thing about what this series proposes is that it is there in the most remote part of our being, where the Hydra, or Pluto, lies, is where our true power and creativity lies. Of course, to get to this place it is not necessary to become murderers, but it is also true that if we do not bring that part of our psyche to consciousness, then we will always be victims, of life and of others, meeting the monsters outside. of us. As in the image of the Ying-Yang, that half black circle, half white, the dark side of the psyche is the perfect balance of our most kind side. If one of the two is missing, then the personality would lose all its balance and we would go really crazy.

It is in Scorpio that we do this process of recognition of Pluto, our most beastly side. And while in the astral chart other planets can denote the dark side of the personality, it is this little dwarf planet, with its three moons, that confronts us with the needs of the beast, to survive at all costs, to have power over others, as a defense, protection mechanism. It is in Scorpio, that our deepest emotions, those that almost all of us deny and therefore operate from the “mental underworld, ” such as resentment, excessive anger, jealousy, envy, become so obvious, that we have no choice. that confronting them and integrating them, as part of our nature, is an indispensable process for our mental health.

In this eclipse, Mercury is aligned with the Uranus-Pluto square, which has been active since 2010 and that comes to an end, when it is exactly formed for the last time in March 2015, with a previous meeting on December 15 and 16 of this year. Already less, the situations that began from 2008-9-10, such as the economic crisis, seem to be reaching their resolution as well. Mercury that is parked directly on 26, is one of the planets that best takes with Pluto, therefore this contact is a good opportunity to rationally analyze the conflicts that afflict us at that time. But without a doubt, the best thing about this eclipse is that the Sun and the Moon that are together in Scorpio, are accompanied by Venus and Pallas, also at 0 and 2 of that sign, respectively, and all in a trine to Neptune in Pisces . This is a combination that exudes feminine energy, with all its might. Great opportunity to carry out creative activities and reconsider our personal relationships, especially with regard to our deepest longings and the important awareness that the other will never be what we want it to be, but simply who it is. The acceptance of our partner's humanity is a relevant issue of this mooning, with all its talents and defects and with all its wonderful humanity. After all, all the gods live in our psyche, simply, without us, we would exist. It is the extraordinary creativity and darkness of the human being, who has created all this that we call Life with all its contradictions, horrors and wonders.

Jupiter begins his square to Saturn for this mooning, but I will talk about this in the next article, for now I only tell you that every so often our ideals need a reality test, so that we can manifest the best version of us in a real and authentic way .


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