New Moon in the Virgo Sign

  • 2011

Again the movements in the sky indicate the correct way to act so that our progress on the path can have better results.

When the Moon disappears, a state of pure consciousness is created, of silence, of tendency towards non-physical and especially mental activity. Nature collects and withdraws its energies, to begin with a new cycle that will inspire our being with new projects. At that moment of new mooning, it is interesting to understand what light and color, what message and energy flow to us through the Sign in which that luminaire begins its path. If we do not observe it, the energies themselves that do not disappear or are never wasted will work for us in a way that may not be the most appropriate.

If at that time of the New Moon our project contains illusion or illusion, in the blessed moment of the Full Moon, when the most vibrant energies flood us, it will be the disappointment or the difficulty what we will feel and this only depends on us.

We are an indissoluble part of the Solar System and are affected by it. We can absorb the peace of the "no moon" and start with new forces, just like when we slept well during the night and met with new forces. It will certainly help us achieve that state, an attitude of mental and spiritual serenity.

The Signs and the Planets are simply "embodied lives", therefore the need to align ourselves to the maximum with their message.

Virgo is called "the belly of time" in which the seeds of the greatest values ​​are planted. It is possibly one of the most unknown signs in its deep spirituality since at the right time it connects us with the Christ principle.

In Virgo we find the powerful energies of:

First ray. Will to start.

2nd ray. Will to unify.

Third ray. Will to harmonize.

Sixth Ray. Will to Cause

Fourth Ray Will to harmonize through the Conflict.

Virgo's energy field both drives a Solar System, a planet or a human being, towards evolution, towards the perfection of everything we feel as authentic. That impulse is the Christ principle.

Virgo feeds the plan of each soul.

The Virgo Sign is probably one of the least known at its deep level, since its introversion is more apparent, the excessive analysis that can sometimes reach obsession, the almost inevitable opinion that makes the person difficult to change as a label that you just met, or of the new opinions you perceive. That is a really limited way of considering the intense importance of the energy flowing through Virgo.

It is the most significant sign of the zodiac for its energy of protection, of nutrition of matter, of physical form, to be able at the appropriate time to reveal the hidden spiritual reality in these forms.

Here, the matter of the Virgo land protects the germ of the Christic life; that matter protects and nourishes the hidden soul that always waits to emit its flashes.

In her concept of Cosmic Mother, we see her as the mother of Krishna, Budda and Christ.

In Virgo we can try to understand Eva that holding the celestial sphere in her hands and from the mental plane, introduces us to the desire to gain knowledge.

From the emotional level, Isis forces us to face the mirages born of that knowledge, living devotions and mysticisms that, slowly moving away the veils that cover that truth, fills us with deep aspirations.

Mary through the material plane leads us to birth through acts of authentic service, uniting matera and spirit.

Eva, Isis and Maria lead us to "give birth to ourselves."

Virgo also expresses the great arts, be it music, painting, ideologies or important movements that create any change in the human field. All these fields are fed by Virgo.

Just as humanity has a Plan, each of our souls keeps the same purpose within it, and in Virgo our own Plan is reactivated. That is why it is said that Virgo serves spirit and matter equally.

The spirit appropriates matter, because without matter the Soul cannot act and matter struggles to bring out, shine, facilitate the exit of the Light that is within.

Matter ascends and spirit descends.

This next Sunday when we celebrate the New Moon, what will be the seed related to our soul purpose that we raise in the important Virgo energy?

From the heart.



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