Full Moon of Libra: Signs of Transformation 3: The Center of the Solar Plexus

  • 2011

The Lunar Messenger & Full Moon of Libra 2011 astrosign

Libra, the balance is the symbol of balance, but also of crises. In an ordinary person, Libra governs the solar plexus, and in this area of ​​the body, we also feel our crises, which can alter our stomach. When we have found the inner balance, we rise from the solar plexus to the heart center and can also help other people overcome their crises. That is why the theme of this month's Lunar Messenger is "Signs of Transformation 3: The Center of the Solar Plexus."


When we visualize something, there is a freshness in it that is not a repetition of something that existed previously. Visualizations inspire and grant a magnetic glow. We read in the books that there is a ten-petal lotus in the solar plexus that represents the mind. Then we only know as much as described in the books. Five of these petals point down and five up. The petals that point down serve to receive objectivity. The petals that point upwards incorporate the subjective mind and can receive effectively from the buddhic plane.

Now, if we close our eyes because we want to meditate, the lower part of the mind usually continues to work and wanders around in objectivity. Then the lower petals of the solar plexus are active and the doors to the memory store are open. However, if we try to imagine something, we connect with the petals facing up. Slowly, we become receptive to the subjective and experience many subtle things. Meditation and reading accompanied by imagination reinforce this process. If we read a book and do it by imagining that we are sitting in the presence of the Master, that there is someone who explains the book to us through the book, because the Master can work through the buddhic plane, then the Master of our unit will grow, the soul. By orienting us towards a higher order, even the shape of our physical body can be made better through the esoteric understanding of the etheric form.

Contemplating in subtle things, the temple of our body opens, we perceive ourselves as the temple with the inner sacred place in the lotus of the heart. Narada gave the meditation to his disciples to see the Lord placed in the lotus of their hearts, smiling, and to imagine that the light of His feet goes down to the solar plexus, so that our mind is illuminated. The subjective mind is the lowest point that universal consciousness can reach. In the teachings of wisdom at this point it is called chitta. It is the point of light within the mind of man to which the light descends from the universal consciousness in Sahasrara.

The Petals of the Solar Plexus

Humanity has so far worked primarily with the lower set of lotus petals of the solar plexus, since our thoughts almost always revolve around the objective world. Now, the top set of five lotus petals is activated through the work of Uranus. Uranus is the esoteric ruler of Libra and, in the body, Libra rules the solar plexus. When the five upper petals are activated and seek the upper Light, Uranus helps dissolve unwanted worldly matter from mental concepts and ideas, from negative emotions and attitudes stored in the solar plexus; and things of value remain. Figuratively speaking, the Master descends from the heart to the diaphragm; there he sits and looks at the demons that move in the lower centers, and elevates the human beings from the lower pole to the upper pole - to the throat and then to the ajna center. The ajna center is the seat of the soul, the solar plexus is the center of the lower man.

All sensations, impulses and instincts come from the solar plexus. The activity of the solar plexus jumps and tries to pass over the soul. Then the soul can do nothing; Personality celebrates itself. Whenever we talk about our personal views, we work through the solar plexus. Expressing emotions is related to the solar plexus, and when we express our basic desires, the lower center is involved. If we do not want to lose energy, we should not think from the solar plexus or the sacral center, but from the heart. Negative thoughts such as jealousy, anger, prejudice and possessiveness permanently damage the solar plexus and the sacral center and, over time, cause chronic diseases. We also feel all our crises in the stomach, around the solar plexus. When we are out of crises, we can help neutralize the crises of others. Through the morning and afternoon prayers a transformation occurs in which the solar plexus is restructured, so that we can better express the energies of Aquarius and serve our fellow men.

The Alcoholic Ocean

Between the centers there are planes called “oceans”. There is a poison center between the solar plexus and the heart called the alcoholic ocean. There man poisons himself with his own ideas and ideals. Many have sold themselves to their own ideals and have thought that these were the truth. They have a poisoned concept of the kingdom of God on earth and want to establish it in their own way. There are also intoxications about money, sexuality, greed, power ... The alcoholic ocean also causes fatigue when we hear the sublime wisdom but cannot absorb it; Then we fell asleep. We have to wake up from this ocean and slowly rise from the solar plexus to the heart. As we realign ourselves from what we need to what others need, we rise from the solar plexus to the heart. This is part of the bridge from personality to soul. In order to cross this bridge and rise to the heart, the Divine sends its teachers. They try to help us so that we can gradually join the work for the Plan. First we realize from the heart of the deepest purpose of our life and later the Plan for humanity.

Creating a Balance

While we vibrate through the solar plexus, with a muddy mixture of emotion and desire, its color is crimson-red. The color with the purified solar plexus is saffron or bright orange, like the clothes of the Indian sadhus. Its petals direct the fire in the body. If we are linked to universal consciousness, the color is a mixture of pure blue and white. The seed sound in the center is LAM. SAM is the sound to gain peace and balance. Breathing exercises with long and soft inhalations and exhalations also help bring the solar plexus to balance. We feel the inhalation until the solar plexus. When we exhale, we feel the expulsion from the solar plexus. If we do this regularly, we stabilize in a clear state of mind. One of the main impacts of breathing exercise is to create balance between the energies of Prana (vital energy of the upper half of the body) and Apana (under the solar plexus), Samana. Samana is the third Prana and governs the area between the heart and the solar plexus. Keeps Prana and Apana in balance. Samana has a special relationship with the stomach and refers to feeding the body through food and drink. With indulgences in food, the diaphragm loses its peristaltic movement and the solar plexus causes a downward pull. This causes man to lose his control over the mind; He remains imprisoned at the astral and ethereal levels and tied to the densest forms of desire for a long time. It is important that children learn very early to train in the subjective mind as well as training the objective mind with education. Then, the top five petals of the solar plexus can also be revealed.

Equator Equal

The fortune tellers of ancient times visualized the planet and its activities in relation to man. In this the ajna center is connected with the North Pole and the base center with the South Pole. The diaphragm forms the equator between the solar plexus and the center of the heart. The planetary principle of the equator acts like this in our diaphragm, the North Pole in the ajna center and the South Pole in the base center. The pole star addresses the sahasrara. With this alignment, the planetary principle and therefore the planetary Prana descends into us. With the fourth initiation the disciple becomes fully aware of the earth. You can perceive every important activity that occurs on the planet within your system. These reflections are only possible after our mind has been absorbed in the medical plane. The north and south poles, as well as the equator, are the three points that first reach an agreement with the individual centers. It is a great expansion of consciousness and the Master CVV calls him Equator Equator (Equality in Ecuador).

When we reflect on this mantra we become a little aware of the subject and learn to move in balance between the upper and lower centers. Then, every time we consciously descend below the diaphragm we will do this in an attitude of love to help other beings.

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