Virgo Full Moon 2011 astrosign Signs of Transformation 2: The Laryngeal Center

  • 2011

The Lunar Messenger

Virgo, the virgin symbolically carries the hidden wisdom in itself as the child that matures in it. The seed of wisdom germinates to express itself through the human soul. The Virgo land sign is governed by Mercury, the Intermediary, who helps transmit and express wisdom on the higher planes. In the other sign ruled by Mercury, Gemini, it is connected to the center of the throat and determines how we express ourselves. That is why the theme of this month's Lunar Messenger is "Signs of Transformation 2: The Laryngeal Center."

Space and Sound

Everything that exists in space has a relationship with space. With our body we are in space, yes, in reality our consciousness is loaded with space. Between the space in which we live and our body there is a link through the ether. The laryngeal center establishes this connection. The throat is the point of balance between the ether in us and in our surroundings, between the inner man and the body as his vehicle, between the subtle and dense stages of existence. When we are in the laryngeal center, we can rise to the experience of etheric existence. We can experience space as a pulsating entity, not conditioned by thoughts, and also realize the solid superior principle of space. Through the throat we can form a transparent, radiant etheric body, and work with the ether with the help of sounds.

The central work of the spiritual path consists in purifying the throat and working consciously with it. In healing work we can invoke the most subtle forces that exist in space. For this, we close our eyes, think of the patient and consciously invoke life around us and around the patient through related ethers. The healing sounds pronounced through a pure throat center have a strong radiant and magnetizing effect. They are even reinforced by the invocations and healing thoughts of many people who are available in the space around us on this earth. A room that has been used only for healing purposes for a long time is as impregnated, and so healing can occur there much more effectively. In the future, a space science will develop; It will give us the key to a deeper understanding of the effects of prayer, healing and meditation work.

The sound is a quality of akasha, the fifth element, or of the ether. The sound principle in us is regulated via the throat, it is the door to akasha. Akasha is the content of space and vibrations in space are subtle forms of sound. Through the refinement of the throat, we rise from the terrestrial being to the etheric being. The pulsation in the throat is the bird that helps us ascend and move from the dense to the subtle. When we feel the pulsation in the throat, we have reached the laryngeal center. Then, we see beyond the form and perceive around all forms a white-bluish ocean that is also called the ocean of milk. Blue represents the background, the unity of everything that emerges from the variety of existence. In this ocean of akasha we exist without consciousness of the body and without any other thought, only with our self-consciousness, the thought of our existence.

Nectar and Poison

This experience requires a purity and a higher order in life that neutralizes the activity of the lower centers. Chastity of thought and pure speech are needed, expressing constructive energies. That is why, appropriately, the laryngeal center is called visuddhi in Sanskrit, which means "extraordinarily pure." An initiate who has a good visuddhi has something magnetic in his voice. With yogis in advanced stages with a very pure visuddhi, a secretion of the upper throat center is formed which in the East is called soma or nectar of immortality and that feeds the system for a long time. Around the center of the throat, in the neck region, there are very sublime cosmic centers through which we can experience the "Nectar of the Pleiades." The "Esoteric Astrology" of Alice A. Bailey points out that the Pleiades play the role of the Mother for our system and provide her with food, while the Big Dipper has adopted the role of the Father.

In the laryngeal center is the key to immortality, but also to death. That is why it is said that what is spoken can be both nectar and poison. If we do not use the throat correctly, it can secrete poison. This is how, like some people, at the time of death, they secrete a lot of foam that obstructs breathing. If we speak in an intelligent, but manipulative way and present things for our own convenience, this is throat poison. Impure utterances or critical words or judgment generate discomfort in the laryngeal center and in the mental plane. Fears, anxieties and depressions develop and then create an imbalance. A distorted throat center also reduces discrimination. The word loses its magnetic impact; It becomes dry, empty and superficial.

According to a holistic understanding of the centers, there is a close relationship between the laryngeal center and the sacral center. The origin of a disturbance in the laryngeal center resides in the sacral center and may have originated from an incorrect relationship with sexuality. On the other hand, the sacral center can also be regulated with the laryngeal center and the energies directed upwards. If it rises from the sacral center to the throat, it ascends from the lower emotions to the pure sky.

Pronouncing well is the most important aspect of discipleship. In the invocation of Master EK it is said: “May the sound I emit reveal the Light in me.” To change the quality of our word, it is recommended to listen to or emit sacred sounds for a certain time each day. In the ashrams of the Masters in the Himalayas, mantras and suktams are recited daily, (suktam means good elocution), to restore and strengthen the laryngeal center of humanity. The ancient Masters discovered the sound key as the best means to transform personality.

The Throat Planetary Center

The laryngeal center relates the three upper centers and the lower three. It can produce the rise and fall. Although its location in the body is higher than the center of the heart, from a hidden vision it is considered inferior to the center of the heart. That is why the teachings of wisdom say, "the throat is the fourth center." The throat belongs to humanity because human beings have language. Consequently, the center of the laryngeal is the center of humanity and also of the disciple. It is placed between the three lower realms and the three upper realms of nature.

To express itself, the Hierarchy works with humanity through the disciples. For them, however, humanity is a congested traffic jam that blocks the influx of energy. It has become a disease for the lower realms and the planet. It is like a concrete bucket, through which a channel is now being drilled to clean the system. In the construction of the tunnel, it is being dug from two sides. It is said that the hierarchy drilled from top to bottom; the South Ashrams are making a tunnel from the bottom up. With this work for the purification of the planetary center of the throat, sound is the key to invoking the higher energies. That is why the largeness center is the most important center for the work of the Master CVV, as well as for the work of the Hierarchy.

Colors, Sounds, Devas

Reflecting on colors is now surpassed by sound. The color, however, can have a supportive effect. The involutive color of the largenesis center is green, while the evolutionary colors are tender green, teal, or aquamarine. These are mercurial shadows of rapidly changing color. In lighter tones they have a healing effect on throat disorders, clear emotions, cure vulnerabilities and the effects of jealousy. Throat strength can be extracted with the SREEM and EEM syllables. The larén center has 16 paints with the SAM sound in its center. The combination of HAM and SAM sounds connects the energies of Ajna and the throat center; With the SOHAM mantra we work with both centers.

In us. Mercury is the Lord of the throat and expression; The sun is the Ajna, J piter the Sahasrara. Contemplating this connection brings harmony and a magnetic word full of wisdom. When the throat is aligned with the Ajna and the Sahasrara, the wisdom of the divine Plan can be expressed again. Saraswathi, the goddess of word and wisdom, called Minerva in the West, is related to the central largenes. In the mouth of the throat is the goddess of the subtle word, Nakuli Vageswari. When we realize this goddess, we can understand the subtle communications transmitted by the Masters.

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