Lights and shadows in the eclipse November 3 by Ana María Frallicciardi

  • 2013

Great transformation in individual and collective consciousness

On November 3 an Eclipse of the Sun is made at 11 degrees of Scorpio, on the positive node of the Moon. Mercury is also added back to 7 and Saturn in Scorpio to 13

The powerful transformational forces that began to mobilize in recent months precipitate into visible changes from the eclipse. The presence of Saturn tells us about a process of acceleration and liberation of planetary karma.

Scorpio energies have the ability to transmute and purify stagnant emotions like no other sign. This eclipse of the Sun is very powerful, first of all we release everything that emerged in our consciousness and secondly there is room for the new to emerge from now on and thus continue to order the new evolutionary cycle.

The disturbing waters of Scorpio will take our emotions to the depths of our psyche, Everything repressed, covered, the best kept secrets, hidden plots, what we did not want to recognize is transmuted, purified and brought on the surface of consciousness to release new energy. In the emotional depths of Scorpio, life itself is transformed and purified. There is a special interest in solving old family histories, repairing transgenerational lines, healing diseased genetics. This happens thanks to the presence of J piter in the sign of Cancer. Family constellations, Biodecoding, Psychogenealogy, EMF Balancing. All these techniques are in the order of the day as long as JÃ © piter remains in Cancer until July 2014.

Scorpio is associated with the rebirth of the Phoenix from its own ashes. What is the symbology of the Phoenix? It is the only bird of its kind, when it knows that it is going to die it prepares a nest with aromatic branches and incinerates itself in them for its new birth, it is what is called rebirth of the ashes themselves. We die to all our emotions, projects, dreams, attachments, bonds; we purify in the fire of the spirit all that does not serve us more than the old life and we give birth to a new stage of freer and lighter evolution.

What ends in this eclipse will be final. Scorpio does not go around, once he decides to cut, he does not go back. Do not be afraid, know how to see the new path that will surely be brighter.

From the month of August I was registering in my conversations with many people a generalized feeling of deep anger with the reality we experienced. Many said they did not want to continue on this planet and asked to return to their places of origin. Others were angry at everyday life situations and their links. I believe that those emotions that emerged unstoppable from the unconscious allowed us to bring to light many emotional blocks that can now be released and purified. I think there was another step to climb and this generated internal discomfort until we adapted to the new frequency of commitment and responsibility. Now we can recalibrate again in service and delivery.

We suggest keeping thoughts well aligned in the light and the common good, otherwise we can be carried by very destructive unconscious forces. Do not get caught in old stories and quarrels, do not get emotionally entangled. It is time to release resentments, pains and make peace within ourselves and with others. Stay tuned for the energies that are mobilized in your environment, help those who cannot accept the transformations. Practice flexibility, tolerance and acceptance. Raise the vibrations with meditations and radiations of light in all the places where they are.

Remember, things are no longer as before, now we will have different results. Our mind works in several dimensions at the same time even if we don't realize it, we are creating realities with each thought that attracts energy charges according to the intensity and polarity of the emotion we have.

This eclipse is the opportunity to release everything that makes us suffer and start over. We are the creators of our life. They have 15 days, until the full moon, to perform the internal cleaning. The new energy will arrive with the Full Moon on November 17.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio also joins this eclipse. This planet is the one that is contributing the necessary energies for the revision and rethinking of the most important issues that we have at hand. Mercury is holding back important decisions, while bringing everything hidden to the surface.

The changes will begin to manifest as of November 12 when Mercury returns to its direct march.

We will finish seeing on the surface of life illusions, deceptions, lies and unresolved stories,

Then will come the purification and recalibration of our essence with its true purpose of life. From the depths of Scorpio, new creative ideas will also emerge for the new stage of social and political evolution.

And when we say, NEW IDEAS, we say NEW IDEAS . What has been seen so far is a grout and a patch of old recipes.

New ideas, new leaders, new teams, new economy. Renewed beings, transparent and authentic. The energies after the eclipse will be like a sword of light, the authentic will remain standing.

Ana María Frallicciardi

We are the New Humanity

From our pure Essence the New Ideas arise

Lights and shadows in the eclipse November 3 by Ana María Frallicciardi

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