Karen Bishop's Last Message ~ July 7, 2011

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This is a long and bittersweet email for me, since it will be my last message for you. Within it they will find:

Information about Heart in the Night and how to order it, if you wish (already ready for purchase), the most recent and last planetary message, and information on the dissolution of this mailing list.


My new website is now available. It is not on a dedicated server like the previous one, so my bandwidth is much more limited. This means that if too many people try to access it at the same time, an error message will appear and some of you may not have access. I have expanded my bandwidth to the maximum for the next month, but even so, if you cannot log in, please try again later. Over time, not many will visit it at the same time, and this will never be a problem again.

Book Description:

As the old world leaves, a new world arrives ...

Countless prophecies have predicted the arrival of the End Times, but no one could know how they would develop. As you read the pages of Heart at Night, you will be guided fluently through this process of climatic changes, Earth changes, and endless personal changes. They will learn about the symptoms of the opening of the heart that many are experiencing, ways of receiving guidance during the Final Times, and details of the higher level ascension plan. Discover why we have to lose so much in our lives, from people, to residences, jobs (and how we are reborn in the long run), how children play a great role in the process, how to recognize the new loving energy that surrounds and protects us, and what awaits the planet in the near future.

By following the story of Laura (our fictional character), and listening to the stories of others, they will come to see that everything is in divine and perfect order within a very divine plan. Your own personal niche will be revealed as the extensive chapter on divine guidance leads you to your own space in the new world ... a space that has been created just for you. Through the pain and suffering of loss and sadness, along with a new molding of a new personal identity, the arrival of new ways of being ... all centered around the heart ... are finally revealed. With a special section for highly sensitive people, Heart in the Night is a manual for the End Times, offering comfort and clarity to all who open its pages.

Fragments of the book Heart in the Night are included below (there is more on the website - in English):

From Chapter 1:

THE EARTH has gone crazy - and where am I? How the hell did I get here? Did I die and descend to hell and somehow I never knew? Why is this happening to me? There is nothing to hold on to! Nothing makes any sense anymore! My spiritual beliefs have evaporated completely and left me stranded! I can't connect with my superior power. No one sees me or recognizes me - it's as if I were invisible. Where did my work go? How can I make a living again? The earth has become uninhabitable. Everything in my life has disappeared! I am totally helpless and lost, and nobody cares! Who am I anyway? I already forgot who it used to be. I'm not good at all and I've been reduced to nothing! They treat me like I'm insignificant when I used to be powerful and full of life! Everything has been taken from me! Nothing new is coming and everything is leaving! The darkness seems to be taking control! And total, whose idea was this? Please take me back to the familiar - this feels horrible !!!

Have you ever felt any of the above? Have you felt as if you were now somewhere strange and unknown, without the slightest sense of security or well-being? Have you ever wondered where everything is going, since it seems so out of control that it has lost its address and without a doubt its integrity?

To Follow the Signs:

Everyone is always helping me

At our higher soul levels, we always go in the same direction, loving and supporting each other and the entire planet. As we begin to evolve and expand, we can see beyond the veil more regularly, and in this way, we do not feel so lost and confused by the behavior of others. As our ego also begins to diminish, and when it has cleared much of all the losses we endure, we are then able to see more clearly what is really and truly happening, and not take things as personally as we could have been. done in times gone by

So, in this way, although someone might be treating us badly, we come to discover that they are trying to support us to move to a better place where abuse does not exist. I think my mantra for 2010 was: "I'm not used to being treated so badly!" I can't count the times I said these words. And through all this abuse and tragedy, our hearts are opened by a horrendous beating. It is these seemingly cruel souls then, who are providing this beating in order to support our evolutionary process. In this way, we can get to know that everyone is always helping us, although sometimes it may feel as if the opposite is happening.

I remember hearing a story once, about a woman who was distraught over her mother's death. She had taken her mother to the emergency room, where health professionals had served to ignore her so much and in so many ways, that she died due to lack of attention. At higher soul levels, health professionals were helping the mother die, which was her desire and soul plan. They were all in it together and the plan worked great. Everyone was helping.

To buy Heart in the Night, please visit the Gama Books website at: www.gamabooks.com. [N of the T: the website and the book are available only in English.]


We have settled into a pattern with our evolutionary process (at least until things change a bit, and then who knows how things will develop!). With everything that has been cleaned up in recent years, the latest ramifications are now experiencing this pattern, since we are undoubtedly all in this together. This pattern has to do with cleaning and will continue that way for a while.

Personal, physical, mental and spiritual cleansing will always be present, as well as the cleansing of the earth. The pattern manifests itself as a great push when the superior energies arrive, leaving us overwhelmed, strangely hysterical, tense and sensitive, and even as if we were crushing some invisible flies. Questions of limits also appear, since everything is expelled from its normal space by the thrust energies from above. We could feel like crying, as if there were not even remotely any place where we belonged, and wonder where the hell we are. We could get depressed and feel very uncomfortable since there is so much dark loose. Our environment may feel strange, we may be unable to interact with others (feeling bewildered and lost when we try), and our dreams at night could be very strange as well, since it seems that any person or thing appears in them! And nothing, but nothing, feels even remotely familiar.

After a “push” phase, we are then in a new space, although having arrived there very slowly, in small and gradual steps. We break into a new territory slowly but steadily, reaching spaces and with interactions that begin to stay much better. So, after a push and clean phase is over, we could feel great! We connect with the new quickly, whatever we think appears instantly, and there is more love and attention present than in previous times.

As we slowly but constantly expel the old, the new arrives, either in physical form or in regard to the new energy of the heart around which the new world will focus. Empty, fill, empty, fill, empty, fill. This will be the guideline for some time. So although we could be feeling empty, superficial, hollow and like a cardboard figure, we are simply emptying ourselves so we can embody more of the energy of the heart.

When the light comes from above, it magnifies everything that still exists. In this way, what remains of our personal imbalances, or rather, where we are not total energy of the heart within ourselves, becomes over-exaggerated and comes to the surface. If we are a dominant person, we become VERY dominant. If we like being in charge and giving orders, that feature is marked much more. If we like to share news, we can't seem to shut up about what's going on around us. If we are communicators, we start chattering like an incoherent scratched disk! And if we like to help others, we help TOO much and we can't stay focused and still. These higher energies that magnify so much are also creating experiences that are too busy to keep up. Over time, many will find that being so busy is too stressful, and this will help to introduce the many changes that are needed on the planet. We are once again returning to simplicity and what is really and truly important. And I know that feeling invisible is still a fundamental experience of the ascension process!

Over time, after almost everything is clear, the energy of the heart will constitute the dominant energy that we all embody, and after this happens, the things will really start to accelerate with the energy of love taking over the planet. But until they reach this threshold, they are ready for cleanups and more cleanups.

I have enjoyed presenting these messages for so many years, and promised that I would continue until I finished and finished my previous call with this last book, Heart in the Night, so that in this way, I continued a little more than expected (my guides insisted very much that this book was published before I could move on!). This work for me, then, has already been completed. (My new space and new venture is on the Gama Books website.) As we begin to find our own path within this new and different structure, we will soon find that there are new spaces waiting just for us. . Our old roles are now over, and God and the universe will always, but always, take care of us in the times to come.

Since this is my last email for you, know that this mailing list will be destroyed immediately after sending this message. Your email address has never been shared or sold to anyone. I'm going to miss you all so much! But for now

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times, from my heart to yours,


Karen Bishop

PO Box 15196

Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87174, USA


You can download all the material from Karen Bishop in Word file from his site in Spanish

Translation: Margarita López

Last Message from Karen Bishop ~ July 7, 2011

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