Winds and Waters of Change - Extended and Updated - Archangel Metatron

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 Let's be clear: it does not mean that they are retributions. 2 Times of Change 3 Moving towards crystalline resonance in 12-D 4 Humanity and the Energy of Change 5 Polarization and Rebalancing 6 Emotional influence as a “Human Event” 7 A Global Event 8 Creative Response 9 Do you understand that these nobles actions would not have occurred without the scenario of catastrophic floods? 10 Humanity and Nature 11 Fear and Adaptation of Attitude 12 Saving the Planet 13 Returning to the Central Cause of Global Warming 14 Closing

Winds and Waters of Change: The Eclipse Effect and a Global Warming Review, Understanding Disasters (Extended and Updated)

Arcà © angel Metatrà na through James Tyberonn

Greetings, Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, with Tyberonn of the Crystalline Service. We welcome everyone in an unconditional love vector.

Today we talk about a very timely and important issue, that of natural disasters. We understand the deep trauma and affliction, as well as the great pain and misery that accompanies all catastrophic events, as has happened with hurricanes, forest fires, superheroes tornadoes and earthquakes in recent years. Recently there has been a super storm in the Caribbean, in the Atlantic and in the Gulf of Mexico, making land cataclysmic on the islands of the Caribbean, Texas and Louisiana. A devastating earthquake also occurred in Mexico, measured at 8.1 of the Richter scale.

A few weeks ago, an unusual total solar eclipse swept through North America with the disasters in its wake. Ancient societies always recognized that the total eclipses had a strong influence on the telluric energies, the tectonic and gravitational forces of the planet. All astronomical events such as eclipses, solstices and equinoxes influence the purification and actualization of the earth.

Let's be clear: it doesn't mean they are retributions.

We will emphasize throughout this message that humanity in its highest aspect is collectively and individually involved in the experiences of what they call natural disasters. No one dies or experiences loss without having programmed the experience within their being. The reasons are multiple. All of you, in one life or another, have chosen or will choose this experience.

Disasters and loss can serve to cause acceptance, a firm awakening to the highest priorities of life. Those who die choose to do so; Those who experience loss of their homes and material possessions choose to do so.

In most cases, when survivors have lost their homes and possessions, they gain a deep understanding of what really matters, that changes their lives. Most express abundant gratitude for having survived and make a concerted effort to better use the rest of their lives. Survivors help each other, express love not previously expressed to their friends, family and strangers. It is less ironic than it may initially seem that the loss brings new appreciation, new understanding.

Times of change

Being human in these times of change on Earth is extremely difficult for many, and we ask all of you to offer your prayers for those who are experiencing distressing losses. We, of the angelic kingdom, are always with you. And as we have said, the earth changes; winds, storms, fires, tsunamis and others will continue.

Although there was a tragic loss of life and devastation of the territory and structures, these catastrophes have no intention of punishment. Teachers, we tell you that what is happening must happen. It is a necessary realignment. It is the earth transforming, moving towards a new energy ... and certainly events of this type will continue on a regional scale throughout the planet.

All these incidents are related to global warming. But we tell you that global warming is not a result of human "industrial" activity. Although many of you quickly blame yourself for the increase in temperature, we assure you that what happens is the result of an increase in the spin of the inner core of the earth. Do not misunderstand us; It is vitally important that humanity be the guardian responsible for the magnificent planet Earth and all its kingdoms, which is home to its species ... but what happens in terms of equal warming would take place even if you were a non-industrialized peasant society.

Many humans feel that the phenomenon of global warming must be feared and stopped. Is that not the case. Ice melting of polar caps and others is not only appropriate but necessary. Global warming is one of the main mechanisms of planetary energy change and these processes facilitate the very evolution of the vibrational update. This process will continue.

The planet receives the energies of the sun, which melts the ice caps, thereby releasing, evaporating what has been encoded within the ice crystals formed by the water, removing the old patterns. The new codes received travel with the living waters and thus influence all the energy fields of the earth, adhering and activating everything that comes into contact with them. In this way, planetary and human evolution, consciousness and others, begin to move rapidly towards the resonance of the "New Planet Earth."

Moving towards crystalline resonance in 12-D

Humanity is now especially aware, truly, acutely aware of the ongoing planetary changes. Dynamic changes are occurring on a regular basis, and have been "accelerating" for more than two decades. However few of you are truly at peace with it. We wish to re-emphasize a key understanding; We tell you again that these metastases are not only appropriate, but they are the necessary mechanisms that enable Earth and humanity to release the "old energy" and transform upward into the new crystalline patterns of "12-D."

These hurricanes and earthquakes are designed to clean and update the vibrations of the planet, like other dynamic earth events that are often misunderstood. Thus, we ask you to recognize that the increasing activity of super hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes and tsunamis is in the natural cycle with the purpose of ongoing global warming. Certainly, super hurricanes should not be feared or stopped. This is not the case. Humanity must realize and accept that these events are really necessary for evolution. The evolution that you call Planetary Ascension simply cannot manifest itself in the "old" energy frequencies. And we understand that it is not easy to let go of "fear, " because it is a natural reaction rooted in their survival instincts.

The cleanings coming from hurricanes and earthquakes and others, directly and powerfully influence the conscious energy fields of the living earth. These events release the trapped energy, contained within all the nodes of power on the planet, allowing dissolution, giving way to restart the planet. These processes erase and dissolve negative energies, and certainly this purging process opens a space to realign the power points so that everything that touches the earth is renewed and also re-encoded. In this way, a new consciousness, a truly New Earth, begins to advance.

Humanity and the Energy of Change

We repeat that we feel their pain at these losses, and we honor them very much for sustaining the energy of change through the hardships they endure. We truly understand the sadness of the realms of duality. We surround you with love in these times of transition. But understand that everything that happens is by choice, and the brave and sacred choice that humanity has made is Ascending.

Every soul whose physical life ends in such events, makes a choice to do so with free will and a higher purpose. We also tell you that while they are difficult, such events bring people together and truly bring to the surface the best of humanity, uniting to help each other. And this aspect of unity has certainly been seen in hurricane regions in the Caribbean, Florida, Texas and Louisiana. Now, although in the aspect of purifying change what they call hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunamis are natural events necessary for the planet, these of recent appearance also have a re-prioritization effect.

We have shared with you the information regarding the transformation and purification of the Earth seeking balance and preparing for change. However, many of you do not realize that there are also very intricate relationships between the psychological environment of the flow of human collective thinking and the consequent effects on time and weather patterns. We tell you that people's collective thoughts can play a key role and in fact they do. The collective feelings, thoughts and emotions of humanity flow absolutely and thus influence in varying degrees in the field of consciousness of the Living Earth.

By the way, annual seasons and climatic effects emerge from the natural patterns of the earth's field of consciousness. Therefore, humanity can collectively play a role and it does in the formation and effects of what you consider natural disasters especially in few polarization and fear

Polarization and Rebalance

In this way, natural disasters usually ultimately end up correcting an existing or emerging imbalance, and form conditions that can bring greater realization of the true purpose of life, which It is to help and love one another truly and unconditionally.

When an impressive polarization occurs in the human field, it creates a frequency imbalance, and those imbalances of divisive attitudes are capable of affecting the path of ascension for the worse and obstructing the quality and high goals desired for life. In this way, natural disasters often create a scenario that alters priorities, elevates collective thinking in ways that bring a higher good, and enable the need for unity, mutual assistance and care in the face of the storm.

It is true that when humans suffer great losses in a devastating disaster, with all the painful and excruciating it is, the survivors express overwhelming gratitude for being still alive. Because those traumatic events bring a renewed sense of priority, an understanding of the gift that is life . And in most cases, they live their lives with a renewed sense of harmony and love towards others and a growing understanding that changes them for the better.

The physical planet that you recognize to be highly conscious, is certainly more aware than humanity in this present time. The Living Earth is in tune with the needs, resonance and vibrational energy patterns of human thought, and is aligned with the path of ascension of humanity in the world. New Earth .

Do not get wrong; natural weather patterns of purification are not only a requirement; They also contain vast geo-patterns and printable codes. These patterns are fluid as long as their final expression exists there is usually a format of possibilities and probabilities, printed and directed by consciousness. The patterns themselves can be "activated" in ways and with specific effects.

Question from J. Tyberonn to Metatron: From the information given in past years, we understand that this is necessary for Ascension. Could you explain more about this?

Archangel Metatron: Hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, floods, etc., are always necessary for the balance and well-being of the earth. Therefore, both the electromagnetic balance of the planet, as well as the concise purposes of humanity are served "naturally" when such events occur. The earth is always dynamic. You must understand that the balance of the living planet is a continuous "natural" process. The change in balance that has always occurred will continue to occur as necessary, as a constant process.

But in the present times these storms also serve to awaken humanity further to a greater truth and a higher purpose. Because within the difficult scenes of disasters and catastrophes, human life is drastically altered for a long time.

Just as your human physical body and your "auric" body make the necessary adjustments according to the experiences and external and internal forces, so the body of the living planet Earth makes its changes to balance itself. To some extent the collective attitudes, desires and emotions of humanity are effectively mixed and combined with the physical aspects of nature, so that such storms or disasters are in certain circumstances a result of both the psychological activity and the physical conditions of the weather.

Disasters bring a rather drastic social impact. This immediate chaotic confrontation disrupts the usual institutionalized patterns of behavior, and quickly drives people to react in the "now" and opens them up to actions more closely related to assistance and survival. The effect can bring social, political and personal change.

Emotional influence as "Human Event"

Humanity massively considers that storms, hurricanes, rain, earthquakes are natural events; however, they do not consider thoughts or emotions as natural events in the same terms. We tell you that there is a very real and very valid interaction between emotional attitudes and physical events in 3D.

Although humans mostly realize that the weather affects their emotional mood, very few recognize or deeply understand that their resulting moods and attitudes can absolutely have an effect on the weather. Although this may seem confusing, even incredible to many, you are never unconscious victims of natural disasters. Initially it may seem so, but at a higher level, you must understand that you have written the script of the events of your life, and therefore have voluntarily participated in its design ... for your greater good and higher growth. Certainly their lives are pre-planned from the Higher Self. They are involved individually, collectively and co-creatively in all events and cycles of the earth. Do you understand?

A Global Event

To a lesser degree, the increasing polarity and the resulting explosions of violence have influenced the duration and intensity of the recent hurricane and the floods experienced in the United States. Do not think that it is a specific punishment for a localized region. It is not a punishment, but rather an opportunity to raise awareness and change priorities. Nor is it truly regional; It is a global event in the sense of focused global attention that the media gave it.

What has taken place during and after the disastrous floods has offered a unique and optimal opportunity for change, and serves as an awakening. A unifying desire for man to help his neighbor.

If the quality of life that is considered spiritually and biologically necessary fails, then adjustments must occur. Social and political problems can certainly be modified, restructured and reformed from a natural disaster if political means fail.

Creative Response

Disasters offer a temporary release of the status quo from everyday life. The worries, aggression, prejudices, inhibitions and anxieties associated with the immediate past and the future are temporarily put on hold. That is clearly because disasters literally force people to focus all their attention on survival, in the immediate moment, on needs within the context of current realities.

In this way, disasters stimulate increasing courage and creative energies of the population. In the emergency mode of survival, humans tend to see each other as neighbors in difficulty, not categorized by race, religion or economic position. Assistance is offered based on common need. Certainly this is exemplified in the altruistic and heroic actions of many after the recent hurricanes in the Caribbean, Florida, Louisiana and Texas. People from all over the United States, Canada and Mexico joined together to offer help. Many brave bailouts did not come from government or military agencies, but from what the media called the Cajun and Cowboy fleet .

With beards and tattoos, these rude and prepared individuals, highly capable of driving their boats between furious streams into the isolated neighborhoods by the flood, and heroically rescue the trapped people, of all ages, religions and races. This action inspired others to play different roles by opening their homes, providing food and shelter to the less fortunate. Can you see the positive side?

Do you understand that these noble actions would not have occurred without the catastrophic flood scenario?

We tell you that these actions, both of rescuers and rescuers, have changed the attitudes and approaches of millions, affecting not only those who were in the immediate area but hundreds of millions of souls across the planet that you see. They were the events on television, internet and other media.

Humanity and Nature

Humanity cannot be separated, it cannot be divorced from nature, nor from the collective experiential intentions of nature. Although at that time you can consider nature as an adversary, because of its violent storm expressions, at a higher level you realize that you played a collective role in co-creating the lasting trauma of that experience .. and that this same trauma gave rise to a better aspect of humanity. In this way, they are forced to look for reasons outside of themselves to explain what seems to be happening. The belief systems and the struggle for survival on which you humans base your lives certainly determine and culturally program your existence in a way that you deny outside but know inwardly.

You have made certain divisions due to your cultural programming and beliefs, which make this type of explanation extremely important, but equally difficult to contemplate or truly grasp in your highest context. They think that floods and earthquakes are totally natural events, but they do not consider thoughts and emotions to be natural events in the same way ... nor do they consider their fears, prejudices and emotionally charged thoughts to play a role in the manifestation of any disaster. Nor that the disaster itself has helped raise their consciousness towards a more awake and certainly more noble context.

Fear and Attitude Adaptation

Storms and weather events will continue. However, fear still persists, and that is natural and certainly understandable. Even those of you in the so-called "safe" areas, which were not directly affected, are subconsciously well aware of the previous global cataclysms that flooded Atlantis, LeMuria, Rama and even more.

Four times, Dear Ones, the existence of humanity on the planet was almost eliminated. So we understand why they fear earthquakes, planetary warming, volcanic eruptions, fires and storms, and the potential for magnetic changes to create another "restart", a global cataclysm that eradicates life as they know it The restart will happen, certainly, but we tell you that for now it will be a more gradual transformation, depending in some way on the massive reaction of humanity.

Despite the dramatic histrionism of the mass media and filmmakers, there will be no Global Destruction. There would have been before the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. But you changed that. Kryon, the Magnetic Master, spoke to them two decades ago of the change brought about by the Harmonic Convergence, of how humanity fulfilled the necessary quotient of "Light Measurement" and thus the programmed Ascension could take place.

So we tell you that fears of an inclination of the axis, a cataclysmic meteoric impact and a change of disastrous magnetic poles, which have been dramatically projected by detractors who trade with fear in the media and in the movies, will not occur . Such fears can be discarded. The planetary axis will not lean to that dreaded and devastating degree, no destructive meteor will impact the earth, nor will the magnetic poles change in a global cataclysm.

Again we say that it has been in fact the "Measurement of the Light Quotient" of humanity and its choice which has determined that there is NO great global cataclysm or massive destruction on a world stage. Rather, the purification will be in smaller localized environments, and both earth and humanity will now certainly advance to graduate to the next level.

Make no mistake, Dear Ones, the changes that allow purification must continue and will do so, and if the masses were properly educated and open to the attitude and vision of the highest good, those appropriate changes could be made much more easily, and sooner. that late

Save the planet

Many want to "save the planet" on their terms. So what is the nature of man's relationship with the living planet? It would be better if the relationships were synchronous; Be aware that a truly harmonious dialogue between earth and humanity can now develop. Those who spent lives on earth as Guardians of the Earth, the natives, the Druids, the Atla-Ra, will assume leadership in such communication. Certainly many of you, like the channeler, are here and now specifically to sustain the energy of those dialogues, and they are happening.

Now, the difficulty with many others who have good intentions is that they are not tuned, they are not of a high enough light quotient to fully understand or accept the true paradigm of the nature of reality. So they, as long as they want to help, really don't know how. They believe that preventing change or moving it to another place is appropriate; Better here than there, see? Not everyone who truly wants to help understands the highest good, the highest purpose of those events that you call super hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanism, fires, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Then most simply react for fear of these events; They want to get rid of anxiety. But dissolving fear is not the same as understanding fear, and therefore the masses of humanity transmute it and actually recreate it. Dissolving or dissipating change events is not necessarily beneficial, either for the earth or for humanity. The difficulty with those who wish to help is that they believe they are more academic in their understanding and know more. However, they omit the divine, they omit the integrity of what is called spirit. They do not understand or see perfection in what takes place, because those with closed minds and narrow vision have great difficulty in understanding that everything is in perfection, that everything is in correct order. Then they do not put grease on the wheel that squeaks, but rather try to block the gears that then stop and jam. And that way, the turning of the wheels of the transition becomes much more difficult, you see? Fear and ignorance are the big culprits for closed minds.

Question from J. Tyberonn to Metatron: Please reiterate in more detail the highest purpose of storms and hurricanes.

Archangel Metatron: As we have said, the purpose is to expand harmonic energies and expand the increase in frequency and resonance over the regions of the planet covered by water, which in fact represent two thirds of the earth's surface. Tornadoes fulfill that purpose on the territory. Cyclones, typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes all have a vortex spin and that specific pattern cleanses and increases energy not only on the surfaces of seas and territories but also feeds the depths of the planet in that vortex spin format. Speeds and size have specific proportions, and they disperse in much wider areas than the regions they cross. They feed the law lines and axiatonal energies in a very large proportion, so that the update reaches many more regions and beings. There is perfection in that, you see?

So what is happening from a larger position, from a higher perspective, is in perfect order. These are, therefore, "perfect storms" in the telluric aspect in terms of the perfect combination of electromagnetic currents. The imperfection attributed to them comes from the position of duality, misunderstanding, sensationalism, amplifying and thus magnetizing fear.

Returning to the Central Cause of Global Warming

It is a fact, absolutely, that the increasing power of your hurricanes is due to the warming of the waters. And as much as humans want to take responsibility for Global Warming, it is not primarily due to its industrialization. As we said, global warming would happen now even if they were country societies. But do not misunderstand: the environmental pollution caused by industrial waste and emissions must be controlled for the health of humanity and the living kingdoms of the planet.

We repeat that the main cause of global warming is the increase in the spin of the internal molten core of the earth. This accelerated rotation of the core increases the mass and temperature of the molten iron-nickel in the core. The heat generated heats the mantle. The faster turn affects the torsion relationship between the inner and outer nuclei in the inner center of the planet. These rotate in opposite directions and at different speeds. It is this same mechanism of this torsion ratio that increases the flash of your time sequence on the planet. It also increases the volume and mass of the inner core that consequently increases the ionic discharge that you call Schumann Resonance. These changes have profound effects, and are involved in the evolution of your planet and in the transformation of the planetary matrix. Adjustments are in progress and require "fine tuning."

At present, the "tuning" is not finished, and then there is currently an imbalance within the center of the planet, within that same nucleus, in the way the nucleus rotates both clockwise and counterclockwise, and then there has to be a balance on the earth too. Otherwise, without that balance, the earth cannot truly move to its highest octaves in the preparation necessary to upgrade to higher dimensions.

So ironically, the greatest truth, not recognized by the masses of humanity, is that without that balance of electromagnetism, there would be even more changes on earth. First there would be an earthquake, and then the hurricane and the tornado to balance, see? Then another earthquake, then the hurricane and the tornado creating a pattern of their own, which would not help, either for the earth or for humanity. Thus, then, there is an anticipatory energy of how electromagnetism moves around the planet, circulating through the grid system and then penetrating the earth, and then also balancing inside. It is not necessarily done to prevent changes in the earth, but to bring balance where the balance is appropriate. We assure you that the imbalance, if left unadjusted, would lead to a cataclysm on a macro scale. Then it is better that micro events occur to bring balance and in doing so prevent the macro, do you see it?


Teachers, we emphasize that in every experience that everyone experiences, he has participated to create it. The University of the Earth is an illusion with purpose, but if it didn't seem real, you wouldn't learn.

Life can be difficult, and that is a great Truth. But often in difficult times you live up to the occasion and transcend your boundaries and cages of the past. In facing your chosen “scenarios, ” you master the love lessons offered in the duality curriculum.

Paradójicamente, los desastres naturales hacen surgir el aspecto altruista de la humanidad, en que la humanidad se vuelve humanos buenos (NT juego de palabras: “man kind”= humanidad, “kind men”= hombres bondadosos), y los vecinos verdaderamente se vuelven cercanos. Las lecciones aprendidas en estas experiencias, en tanto son devastadoras en la 3ªD, también cambian a las personas para mejor, revelando una verdad mayor, la verdad del Amor.

Yo soy Metatrón, con Tyberonn del Servicio Cristalino, y compartimos con ustedes estas verdades. Ustedes son profundamente amados.

Y Es Así… Y Así Es…

Derechos de autor 2017 debidamente reservados para James Tyberonn y Earth-Keeper

Translation: M. Cristina Cáffaro

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