The Three Angels (Angelic Channeling) by Jordi Morella

  • 2010

There were three angels who were on Earth, and as they advanced along a path, the first said to the second:

A1- Look at it (referring to the third), do you think that one day he will stop complaining?

A2- Look that we always go to places together, that we accept their proposals, but sometimes it seems as if they don't see us.

A1- He looks so worried… ..!

A2- Do you think that one day he will listen to us?

A1- Sure, but until this day comes ...

A2-… .. May God keep us a place on your right!

And the first angels laughed as the third continued walking.

The third angel was worried about something. So much was that he began to cry. Then, the other two hugged him and he felt relief, noticing the comfort in him. After a while, having relieved and reassured, they continued on their way. The third angel continued without talking to the first two.

When they arrived at the third party's house they stopped because it seemed as if he did not want to enter. Looking at her from the street he said:

A3- How would I like to move to another place?

The other two looked at him and saw the sadness in his heart.

A1- Do not worry, man, God knows what is happening to you and is preparing everything so you can have a new house.

A2- It's not that bad either - looking at the house in front of you. You have a garden and you are on the outskirts of town. I don't think there is so much!

That house brought memories to the third angel and wanted to forget them. He wanted to start over, in another place, where no one knew him. In that region, everyone knew him.

A3- If I could…! - he said quietly.

The other two heard him and said:

A2- You know that you chose this, right? Remember the planning moments to come here. Remember the reason why you decided to come here.

A1- It is hard to be here, but think that these moments are temporary and that you will soon realize why. Do not be discouraged. We are with you We have always been and can count on us. Tell us what you want us to do and we will help you in everything you need.

Then, the first two angels hugged the third again and he felt again relief and hope that his situation would change. After a few moments of comfort and tranquility, the three angels entered the house.

As the weather was fine, the third angel changed his clothes, put on a more comfortable one and went for a walk ... while the other two angels accompanied him.

A1- Do you think that one day he will notice us?

A2- Someday.

A1- If he realized that he is not alone, that he has us ...!

A2- He knows that we are, but his duality does not allow him to be aware.

A1- Are you brave, huh?

A2- Yes, it is. When he starts listening to his heart, then he will know that we are with him.

A1- It must be hard to want but not to be able to.

A2- I guess so.

After a few moments of silence, the second angel continued saying:

A2- Everything and so, your love is great and you will know what to do with it. Someday you will remember and then you will notice us.

The first two angels put one on each side of the third angel and continued advancing.

A1- Why do you think he does not realize his potential to change his situation and that this is not what it seems?

A2- When one of us puts himself inside a body, he thinks he is human and forgets his divinity. It is part of the process.

A1- How brave he is! True?

A2- I think so.

And the first two angels accompanied that third angel who had decided to have a human body. His biology did not allow him, initially, to know who he really was, and this caused him discomfort. Luckily, he had two very good friends, his friends the angels who accompanied him, comforted him, loved him and were eager to help him with just one word from him, asking for it.

Yes, beloved reader, you are this third angel that within your body you don't always realize the magnificence that you are. You are not alone. In these moments that this story is reading your friends and guides are with you, watching over you and wanting the best for this angel that is within a biology.

Talk to them and verbalize that they hug you so you can Feel them. Relax and in silence and stillness notice how they hug you with their arms and love flows in you. What you will feel will be a comforting feeling that will give you courage, serenity, protection and love, much love.

Haven't you talked to your friends about the Light yet? What are you waiting for? Go ahead, They are waiting for a single word from you to intervene and help you. They have come to complete what the Father has in mind for you.

You are this third angel who walks the Earth thinking that he is only a human being. This learning, this process of realizing who you really are is the liberation process of your soul, your mind and your heart. This is the path of the Awakening of consciousness, of remembering who you are and what your potential is.

To you, angel you walk; to you, friend of the Light; I am going to tell you that there is no difference between heaven and earth. You are heaven That good thing in you is the manifestation of the Truth. You see your body and think it is the only thing you have. I tell you to close your eyes and listen to your heart because he will be your guide and the key to your inner wisdom. Enter it and you will know what your true essence is.

Beloved angel of human appearance, open your heart and let love pave your worries and anxieties. Do not identify with what you see and keep in mind what you feel inside of you, because it will be the way to go. The address you indicate will be the one you should follow for your greatest good. When so, then you will realize We are with you, even if your physical eyes cannot see us. Tell us and tell us what you want us to do for you. Express your intentionality. We are with you, as we planned before you decided to come in this new body, what do you not remember? We are waiting for you to tell us to help you, this is how it works.

When you were born we reached this agreement, and instead now, you don't think about making it work. We love you beloved two-legged angel. Feel our presence and open your heart to be One and carry out the Will of the Father.

Find a moment of calm. Sit down and breathe deeply about five times. Then, in the calm, verbalize that we hug you and …… feel! It is only necessary to feel. We will make you the most tender and loving hug we can. Stay still, and let everything happen. Open your heart and you will feel us.

You are not alone, and so it must be according to Will.

You, beloved reader, let the angel in you be able to manifest. This is the path of Spirituality, the process that one follows until he awakes his spiritual consciousness and can show his fullness, collaborating in making a better world through his earthly participation, as agreed in the initial covenant, before be born.

Let your inner angel manifest.

Love is in you.

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