The Seven Paths ", Chapter XVIII of Human and Solar Initiation, by Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

  • 2011
Table of contents hide 1 CHAPTER XVIII 2 THE SEVEN POTS 3 1. The Path of Service on Earth. 4 2. The Path of Magnetic Work. 5 3. The Training Path for planetary Logos. 6 4. The Path to Sirius. 7 5. The Path of Lightning. 8 6. The Path of Logos Himself. 9 7. The Path of Absolute Affiliation.



As you can see, very little has been published regarding the seven paths that extend to the man who has reached the fifth initiation. It is obviously impossible and also unnecessary to impart to our mind any impression of the significance of these paths, or the attributes required to trample them. As time passes and when the race reaches a higher stage of development, we can understand more, but under the law of economics, it would be a sterile effort for the masters of the race, to instruct us on the characteristics necessary to tread the seven paths, before having understood or developed those that are required to travel the path of probation, not to mention the path of initiation.

We know, as a general fact, that before treading the seven paths, man must become a Master of Wisdom, a Brother of Compassion, capable of applying the Law with intelligence and love. What corresponds to us now is to adapt ourselves, in order to trample the path of initiation, through the discipline of the path of probation, the careful orientation of life, obedience to the law, as it is understood, and service to the race. When we reach liberation, then these paths will extend before us and we will see clearly which one we should follow. Everything acts in this system under the great law of attraction, and the choice will depend on our vibration, color and tone. The greater free will of the cosmic system is limited as is the free will of the system of which we are a part and the free will of man himself. The direction of our future progress will depend on the innate quality.

Certain deductions could be given based on the law of analogy, as long as we remember that the words rather obscure that clarify, and it is only possible to give brief details and enumerate the seven Paths as follows:

1 . The Path of Service on Earth.

This path keeps the man who has dedicated himself to serving on our planet and helping his evolutions linked to the Hierarchy. It includes those who act under the Lord of the World, in the seven groups into which the Masters of Wisdom are divided. Few Masters follow this path and only a certain number is allowed to do so in order to successfully carry out planetary evolution. This path is the best known and the information on it will increase as men train to get in touch with the Brotherhood. Its field of action and working methods will eventually become known esoterically, and as the seven groups are recognized and known, the establishment of schools for the development of those who will occupy the positions will result in a logical consequence.

2 . The Path of Magnetic Work.

Those who manage forces or electric magnetism belong to this Path, for use by the Great Beings of all planes. They handle elementary formative energy, manipulating matter of any density and vibration. They manipulate great waves of ideas and currents of public opinion at astral levels and also at the higher levels where the Great Beings act. To this line of activity are passed many fifth-ray individuals who have the Concrete Knowledge Ray as a monadic ray. The quality inherent in the type of monad is what generally establishes the line of activity. The fifth ray karma is one of the factors that produces this. These monads work with Fohat and must do so until the end of the major manvantara. They have their eventual position in the mental cosmic plane; but since the ability to think abstractly is still poorly developed, it is impossible for us to understand the significance of this expression.

3 . The Training Path for planetary Logos.

This trail marks those who will resume the work of the seven planetary Logos in the next system and that of the forty-nine subplanetary Logos. Its auxiliaries, and other Entities that act in that particular department. There will be seven systems, although only the three major ones are of interest, of which our current system is the second principal. Each ray Chohan takes a certain number of initiates from the sixth initiation and trains them especially for this work; the special aptitude for sound and color predisposes for choice, and the ability to work with the "psyche" or with evolving spirits, indicates the appropriate man for this high position. It can be said that the planetary Logos are the divine psychologists; therefore, in training for this position, psychology is a fundamental issue, although it is an inconceivable psychology even for us. Each planetary Logos has, on His own special planet, schools to develop the subordinate Logos and prepares them for this high position, giving them opportunities to gain extensive experience. Logos also progress and evolve and Their places must be occupied.

4 . The Path to Sirius.

Little can be said about this path and only mentioning the curious and close relationship between it and the Pleiades, all other conjecture being impossible. The human mass that has been released follows this path and perspective offers glorious possibilities. The seven stars of the Pleiades are the goal for the seven types, as the Book of Job insinuates in the words: "Can't you submit to the sweet influence of the Pleiades?" The mystery of this influence and the secret of the Syrian sun they hide the facts of our cosmic evolution and, therefore and incidentally, of our solar system.

5 . The Path of the Rays.

It is difficult to know by what other name this path can be designated, because very little is known of it. By treading it, man continues in his own ray and there acts in the different realms of all planes, fulfilling the mandates of the Lord of the World, under whose direction he works. It takes man through all the areas of the solar system, although it definitely links him to the synthetic ray. It is a very complex path, since it requires the mastery of the most intricate mathematics and a certain ability to geometrize, incomprehensible to our three-dimensional brains. He who considers the law of vibration to be of great importance follows this path. He will act first in the Chamber of the Council of the Lord of the World in Shamballa, applying the law of vibration in his own ray. Later he will live on the planet corresponding to his ray and not on Earth, unless it belongs to the planetary Logos ray that governs it. Further on, as you progress in your evolution, you will go into the sun, and once you have mastered everything that relates to the vibration in this system, you will go to system c Seismic, coming out of its own ray (which is only a subsidiary ray of a cosmic ray), then go to the corresponding cosmic ray.

As the evolution of man in this system is fivefold, hence we have listed the five main paths that a Master must choose. Of the remaining two, much less can be said, because in them there are very few children of men who are evolving, due to the high degree of realization required to enter, and those who do leave completely our system They do not lead to Sirius, as with other paths. It will be observed that four groups remain in the system and, opportunely, after inconceivable and different eons, will pass to cosmic planes. One group passes directly to Sirius and the remaining two groups, directly to the cosmic plans after initiation, without any period of work. under intermediate on Earth, in the system or in Sirius. These two trails are:

6 . The Path of Logos Himself.

It will be evident to all esoteric students, who have carefully studied the processes of the world in the light of the Law of Analogy, that the Logos in the cosmic planes are developing the vision Internal seismic, in the same way that man, to a lesser extent, tries to reach that same vision in the system. This can be called the development of the third cosmic eye. In the structure of the eye of the physical plane the secret is hidden and by its study some revelation of the mystery can be obtained.

A certain part of the eye constitutes the nucleus of sight and the mechanism of vision itself; the rest of the eye acts as a protective shell and both parts are necessary, since they cannot exist without the other. This is the case in the Logos, although the analogy exists at such a high level that the words only confuse and veil the truth. Some sons of men, a nucleus that reached a very high initiation in the previous solar system, formed an esoteric group around the Logos, when he decided to obtain Greater progress. Consequently, he formed the current system, driven by the cosmic desire to incarnate. This esoteric group remains with the Logos in the atomic plane, or foreground of the system, in the subjective internal aspect, which in the hidden sense corresponds to the pupil of the eye. The true home of these great Entities is in the cosmic buddhic plane.

Gradually and after painful efforts, some Masters have been trained or are being trained, to replace the original members of the group, so that they can return to a cosmic center around which our solar system and the larger Sirian system revolve. One or another adept meets the necessary conditions, since it involves the development of a certain type of response to the cosmic vibration, which implies the specialization of the internal vision and also the development of a certain measure of cosmic vision. To this Path passes a greater number of entities of the devic evolution than of the human one. The human beings pass through the devic evolution, in which they can enter, transferring to the fifth Path, the Path of the Rays. In this Path the two evolutions can be merged, and the fifth one can enter the sixth.

7 . The Path of Absolute Affiliation.

This Filiation is an analogy, on the higher level, of that degree of discipleship that we call "Son of the Teacher." It is the Filiation with a higher Being than our Logos, of which nothing can be said. It is the great karmic path controller. Lords Lipikas are on this Path and all those trained for that work and who are close to the Logos, in an intimate and personal sense, pass to the Path of Absolute Affiliation. It is the Path of those who are especially intimate of the Logos and in His hands He has put the exhaustion of karma in the solar system. They know His desires, His will and His ends, and They entrust them with the fulfillment of His commands. This group, associated with the Logos, forms a special group linked to an even higher Logos.

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