The beings of Light by Master Sant Germain

We must be attentive, beings of light today


The White Brotherhood is attached to one of the legions of each of the great families of the celestial galaxy, that is to say that each of the people who manage to channel are linked to one of the families that in one of the very old times of the history existed and managed to evolve and each of the people who try to contact people who are in a state of direct connection should first ask which family they belong so that there is no confusion, it is important to read the information of each of the families to so that a clarity is made of what is being done in this era, at this moment there is a division since each family has a different function and each person has a different mission.

Each of the people with whom we are trying to find connection points is warned that each one belongs to a family but the most important of all is that these families are all belonging to the great kingdom of God the Father in all its dimension and each family is obliged to honor the demands of that great God that does exist and who denies it will be condemned by all galaxies because to deny God the Father is to deny oneself as being of light or matter because God the Father is all who We shape lives in the different possible worlds.

My children, it is everyone who needs to try to discover in each of his actions the deepest weaknesses that do not allow him to recognize that he is in a position to help people to be in each of the forms of communication and each of the ways to stabilize that communication with the other beings that we have managed to contact. Yes, it is a contact that we are joining so that each of the people is more effective in doing with each of the people with whom he is in each of the actions that he is able to recognize as actions of light.

The indications that one of you is chosen to be in a position to communicate are explained in each of the ways given to stabilize your energies in each of the places where you are and each one of the places where you are located is a of the ways to find the deepest difficulties of the unconscious and each one of these people will be in every situation beyond the ordinary so that he can stabilize the energies from the truth of his soul and from the appreciation towards the other human being, in the To the extent that we appreciate other human beings, we will be in a position to help each of the heavenly legions.

Regarding the aliens, if they exist to the extent that they give us the possibility of approaching without this being a show and a tragedy for the greatest religions, it is each of you who are in a position to help each of people to awaken their consciousness and to be in a position to help themselves to be well and be in the place where they should be to contact them, each one is important to establish the barriers of the connection places so that they do not get lost or there is no interference from anything that does not agree with the change of what was scheduled as a catastrophe and each of the minds must schedule the cancellation of those catastrophes so that there is a real change from the energy of the deepest forces of the face of the land and each one of the people who are in a position to help others is obliged to do so in the way that has been explained to them, there are already many but many Chas said things that it is the decision of each one what to do or not since it is he or she who chooses to which family he belongs and what to do to identify his mission.

We are seven families and four legions of each of the legions that are in the spheres and each family will understand how it will be formed so that each one is in a position to establish a communication from each of the people who decide to understand what it is that of the ascension That goes beyond going to heaven. We must unmask those lies to establish that those on earth go to heaven, the divine truth is that the earth is increasingly closer to the heavens of which we know a little more, beyond the thousands of hundreds of attempts that have been made to penetrate all our planets.

You have to be in each of the people that everyone wants to help so that they try to help themselves to achieve that communication and that internalization of modern convictions and of each of the ways of communication So that everyone is in a position to make known so that there is a real change in each of the galaxies and each of the spheres and where does all this lead us? It is the big question, then, for happiness, dear brothers! It is not just more punishment or more contempt in humanity and it is necessary to decree that the truths of human beings come to the light of the earth so that there is a true awareness Each of the things to be transformed so that there is a real change in each of the people who will be there to help others and each of the people who will be in each of the limitations of the conditions that each galaxy demands in each of its animations towards some rules that must be met and thus achieve general change from spirituality.

Spirituality is getting deeper and deeper beyond religiosity, it is becoming more affectionate and accurate because everyone is being touched and everyone is becoming more friendly to others and less hostile and that must be decreed, I am speaking today from Spain a country of changes and every person who tries to be in connection conditions will be able to transform their way of seeing the world from the originality that your heart can give you so that there can be a real change in each of the people who are in a position to help themselves so that they are in each of the conditions to help others This is the time for helping the brothers of all galaxies and all races of the world from the ends of the earth to the unlimited distances of heaven and we are all a family that the great Divine God takes into account. to the angels and the whole heavenly court .

It is not about establishing another new subjugation format from religion but from the deep tranquility of each of the people who are being called to be able to help each of the people who They try to communicate for the first time and each of the people who tries to communicate is important that they are in the conditions of detoxification with each of the rules that we have briefly raised in the previous channeling of this our daughter of the White Brotherhood to which many of you already belong.

So, brothers, do not make more assimilations than those necessary so that each one is in a position to help each other be in the conditions of each of the manifestations we try to make towards the others. s beings of light and beings of other galaxies that are about to arrive and that each one must try to prepare for the conditions of ascending to where our God the Heavenly Father is that I as an Ascended Master must confess that it is a of the most balanced positions of the deepest state of consciousness of each being of those who are ascending and we will be helping each one to be in the right place to take the great leap to ascension that is nothing more than a first brought to the great galaxies of the other possible worlds.

The physical is a springboard in earthly terms to determine the capacities of each of the minds in each of the beings that are in a position to establish a connection to the beings of the galaxies that await them with all the love they deserve as brothers in light.

It is not necessary to assume these things that you hear as a list of requests, it is simply an aid for the earth to be increasingly loving and more animated to continue establishing more ways to find ways to harmonize with the other planets and it is each one of the beings of light that have to do the things that are needed to be able to get ahead with the necessary tasks and each one is finding their day-to-day task through meditation that is nothing more than finding peace from the clarification of their own thoughts and concerns in which the beings of light will try to intervene from the deepest respect of their thoughts and confusion.

In the deepest part of my heart I confess that I am in the most difficult moment of my descent because the responsibility of clarifying in each of the physical persons the divine truth and the truths of their souls and high mental and spiritual capacities in which each one of the actions that are being provided for us to channel from the infinities of heaven and the most risky forms of interference, are counteracted with their free will, but I love you and true love is to wait without waiting, so brothers be firm in his convictions about the deepest conviction that good is the most powerful tool to counteract the bad interferences that will be decreed as minor and that we all have to convince ourselves, when each one is convinced that the good will be in one of the better conditions for ascension then in that moment we will be in the most difficult tasks to sustain it and keep ourselves in the fight from peace and from the greatness of the spirit and the most goodness of the soul AMEN.

Oct 24/009

Each of the beings of light that is going down is to be in physical contact with each of the people who already have their six farm ready to receive the messages that each one is capable of receiving, it is a way that we are seriously connected with each of the best of our children to be able to establish with them the great networks of physical connection and to help each other meditate so that we know that they are able to accept this connection line, it is not important who does it first or later it is important that do without fear, it is the hour of divine truth but it is also the time to avoid the risks that this brings, it is also time to avoid the deepest fears from the deepest consciousness, you have to convince yourself that it is good that it brings to each one the interested and most benevolent desire and dispositions for good.

It is not important that they are in each of the ways to help themselves to lock themselves in it is important that each one is to help the other that is the great secret, the more people look into each other's eyes with the truth of their soul, more people will be able to help others, we must find ways to calm the anxieties that this series of warnings brings us that it is very important that we assume it, it is also important that we believe that we are privileged to have incarnated in this time that each one has chosen for each of the people who are on the face of the earth, there are ways to act and assume that each person is individual but we must also assume that each person is in a position to assume that each it is layers of helping oneself to try to prepare for the deepest intentions of helping the most beautiful beings of light that are in each of the states of consciousness of each one of you.

Some of our children are still a little asleep from their state of consciousness, but they must be able to establish the conditions necessary for their ability to wake up to develop when we are in every moment of their lives helping them to do their homework as much as possible. valuable as possible and are carried out with the greatest efficiency from good to good and with good, each of the beings of light are delighted with the levels of preparation of each of our children and each of the ways to help the ways of feeling the angels and the ascended beings, there is already the information of how many races we are, three are those of the earth that in turn have been derived in each of its most beautiful variations and each of the most beautiful forms of variations must be accepted to be assumed as part of the evolution of our most beautiful creation and I say ours because it is you who are in the most stimulating conditions and s willing for the creation of life and that is why it is important that you be so calm and so loving with yourselves because the human race is the most beautiful of the races since it was created there is not one that exceeds it in physical terms and we we are more energy and ability to move each of the material manifestations of life on earth.

Beloved brothers in the most indispensable way of ascending we must be able to understand that it is that of the ascension that suddenly even for some is more than an ascent to heaven it is important that they are prepared to lift their minds and their hearts to be elevated to The highest dimensions of divine understanding, it is time to prepare for each of the people who are in a position to help from their knowledge to communicate it from the truth of the dimensions of the need for that knowledge, that is, that each person has a gift as manifested in Corinthians 12 and it is necessary to help each person discover their gift and it is necessary to help each person who is in a position to help them do so from their gift as a physical being, they must be careful to establish the wrong conditions of their gifts and they must go out so that each being is in the conditions to help themselves to develop in their inner truth, the conditions to help them s others are in each of the people that are available around them to be helped, that is to say that you have to assess the information that comes from each of the people who know or that they simply approach them, you must also debug those manifestations and from there try to have that manifestation penetrate your inner being.

We must begin to revalue all that superfluous, that is to say that there are basic needs such as dressing beautifully without vanity, such as storing food for those around us and yourselves and it is necessary to help those around you have it guaranteed, that is that if someone comes up to you suggesting that they have a need and you see that person really needs it, do all that is necessary for that person to help you help them say that each of you must be there to learn how to differentiate what is the better way to help the brother of race from his possibilities and keeping what is necessary to support himself

There are ways to help each person help each other and he is trying to manifest himself from each of the forms of disposition from the presence and from the deepest weaknesses assisted as for example in each of the people we know he has a need is not important to solve it physically because that would generate chaos, it is important that everyone is energetically willing to look at them so that we can establish the closest connections so that the help and supplies that each being needs are given.

Remember that each of the people who are in a position to help others is to help themselves too and each of the people who needs to be helped is also in a position to help themselves as long as they are given the opportunity, if he does not accept it, leave so that he only finds his way.

Every time we tell you this type of approach is very careful and very subtlety from the deepest feelings of anguish for wanting to awaken your conscience, do it from each of the most remote ways to help you, for example, if you see that you have a task to solve it do it in our name and you will see that each one of the circumstances that are around will be reflected to help you and each one of the people who try to be more connected with you will approach you and you must be prepared to be in conditions to help you to be ready to wait for that surprise called help from energy conversion.

From the moment in which each one feels that he is connected, he must make the vows of confidence with the Archangels, Angels and Ascended beings because each one must know that you are the most sincere souls of communication and that you must respect that it is your desire that we are assisting them every day and every moment.

It is important that each person is in a position to communicate but we already know that they are not all because they are almost a third of the population that is connected and that is enough and every day there will be more and we will be many more who will try to help Each one is able to make the deepest dimensions of help and resistance to the shadow, it is important that everyone ignores each of the manifestations of rejection of this new language but the most important thing is that they help each other to treat that their physical integrity, especially that of the riskiest who are publishing these truths, feel calm because they remember that the free will of others is not our business and our legion.

So brothers in light that we are in each of the most sincere and closest ways to find a way to communicate to be understood without fears and above all devoid of the ego and the simplest ways to accommodate information, the latter refers to each One of the ways to help the connections made is by respecting what has been heard and doing what has been asked of you, it is the only condition, if you see that what is asked of you goes beyond the superhuman or has nothing to do with it. common good then it is not of our legion, it is very important that they read the channels of the other brothers in connection because it is the way we have to educate them in celestial or galactic communication, they must know that each message has something that fills one of the gaps that every day you find and that every day we discover and that your reactions and thoughts or answers every day help us to know how to help you and everyone those around you from the divine prayer from your soul that is what we hear with the love that has been provided to us from the infinite Divinity of our Holy God Almighty Father who is nothing other than one of us in him and in each of all of us through the love professed in good deeds and the saving of each one of the ways to protect ourselves, take care of ourselves, take care of ourselves and share the divine wisdom without resquemores and affirming that each one of you

It's light

it's peace

is love

it is God the Father in Us LOVE

I speak to you Beloved Master Saint Germain and I will serve all my beloved children forever.

Channeled by Rosalia

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