The planets are in alignment process accumulating a powerful energy

  • 2018

Greetings, beloved brothers of the Earth,

On this occasion we present ourselves before to tell you that for a long time you have been going through an ascension process that you cannot go through on your own, but we assure you that you have not been doing it alone, since always We have been with you. We are all involved in this deep and immense transformation process; all the plants, animals and other life forms that inhabit the planet Earth are part of the expansion thanks to the living essence that they possess inside.

Of course, everything is thanks to your inspiration and exhalation, your deep interaction with the stars during the night, your movement throughout the day, that each of you is active within this expansive process. Therefore, and being in a state of anxiety, frustration, lack of clarity and / or anger, the most convenient for you will be to love yourself in an unlimited and conscious way . They should do it without thinking about it, just getting carried away by the undulation and vibration of energies around them.

There is nothing else to do!

You are so serious and passionate that the New Earth, "Terra Gaia", consists of the peaceful reality that each one desires. She stands out for being the basis of her dreams and desires, what drives them to continue despite falling again and again.

At this time, the sun is warming around your planet, so a new day is constantly illuminated in front of your eyes and only in you inhabits the power to keep it that way. But how to do it? The answer is very simple, you just have to be yourselves, be just what you are as divine beings that allow you to externalize the intensity of your feelings. Allow yourself to feel, recognize and be your true Self, even if it is only 1-2%, that percentage offers you the ability to create a change in your world and feel again that divine strength that you thought was long lost. By allowing themselves to be what they really are, they have the opportunity to experience the true Love that we transmit to them from other planes of existence.

Your planet is full of Love and Beauty in each of the small details that make it up

This is possible to appreciate through the song of a bird, in the sound caused by the water and in the trees when struck by the breeze, in the colors that surround them and in much more; Each new day is a new gift to appreciate the beauty of the world and receive the energies of love that we send you.

Both the beings of Light that exist in other planes such as the Company of Heaven, we are always attentive to the needs and questions you may have, in addition to observing how little by little you discover the beauty that surrounds you, and how you marvel at she. And now that the planets are in the process of alignment accumulating powerful energy, it is necessary for each of you to acknowledge again the following: “I cannot do everything on my own; I am not alone here. I am facing this planet in the company of my Angels and together we have managed to do everything we have done so far, and that way we will continue to work together. ”

Before we say goodbye, we want to say yes, we are indeed with you every step of your earthly journey . Remember that we love you now and forever, and that way we will continue.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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