The Children of the New Earth - The Diamond Children ~ BABIES BORN IN 2009 SOMETHING SPECIAL IN THEM, by Marielle Croft of Canada

Content List - Your Story:

1. The Short Story (for everyone)

2. The Long Story (for those who want to know the astrological details)

to. New Moon December 26-27, 2008

b. New Moon in conjunction with Mars and Pluto

C. Saturn in Trine with Mercury

d. Venus and Neptune in conjunction with 22 degrees in Aquarius

and. Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception

F. The plot gets tense

g. Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron at 26 degrees in Aquarius, in front of Uranus at 26 degrees in Pisces

h. Global Polarization

i. Last but not least: Venus-Mars conjunction

His story:

1. The Short Story (for everyone)

New Souls have reached the world in the first quarter of 2009, when rare and powerful planetary combinations occurred. Among them we can safely say that some Ascended Masters have also incarnated and that for now we are changing their diapers!

It will not be long before we begin to perceive the unusual and extraordinary spiritual powers of newborn babies. They began arriving around the New Moon in Capricorn from December 26-27, 2008. It got better and better until it reached its peak in February 2009, although they continued to arrive until the beginning of April 2009. Then things began to level off, but only to continue with the high note that had been created, instead of returning to where we once were. The energy of humanity had risen several notches in the process.

As soon as they entered the physical plane their vibrations mixed with our collective energy. They permanently contain these high frequencies for all of us, no matter what their physical life is like. They come as a gift to mankind and marvelously support the ascension process.

They will tend to be very intuitive, cosmetic, and psychic. Most of them can perceive reality from a multidimensional point of view, including what is beyond time and space. Some of them will be very wise for their age during childhood. Others may suffer from health problems due to a hypersensitive physical body. Some may also be unable to achieve any coherent and realistic connection with the physical world. In short, we can expect the unexpected, since they will tend to remain mostly in higher suschakras (higher levels of consciousness). This will cause them to probably experience a certain degree of resistance about descending fully into the physical form. His general problem will be a lack of roots. Their parents and caregivers can help them greatly by using the support of healers to help them descend and stabilize in their human body. When the time comes for them to embrace their adult lives, these treatments will prove to have been of great value for their effective and realistic management of responsibilities.

In the last forty years or so, counselors have described the profile of a different kind of awareness in the youth of the time. They were called Indigo children. They were probably the icebreakers for others to come, since they are no longer coming. After them we have observed two types of Souls described as the Crystal and Rainbow children. At the beginning of 2009 there seems to be another wave and the name for his group has not yet appeared.

Now, for those who want to know the astrological details behind this story, let's go to the "long story"!

2. The Long Story (for those who want to know the astrological details)

a . New Moon December 26-27, 2008

The New Moon always marks the beginning of the Moon cycle. Regardless of the conditions at the time, they will develop and flourish according to their unique nature. On December 26-27, 2008, several other indicators accentuated the theme of the new beginning, as if a new era were taking place.

In Astrology, when two or more planets are in the same zodiac degree it is called a conjunction. The New Moon is a conjunction of the Sun and the Moon, for example. Conjunctions always indicate the beginning of a new cycle and its length depends on the speed of the planets involved before they meet again. The Venus-Mercury cycles will last about a year; Jupiter-Saturn cycles will last about 20 years, for example. The conjunctions will fertilize a potential that will manifest itself later as the cycle develops. Always in such meetings one of the planets involved travels faster, and as a consequence, "will carry the news" (about the nature of their encounter) beyond in the zodiac. The appropriate astrological term for this is "to carry the light."

As we will explain below, we not only had the Sun-Moon conjunction, but we also had Venus-Neptune in Aquarius, as well as Pluto-Mars in the first degree of Capricorn. The first degree of any zodiac sign also marks a new beginning. In view of all this it seems that we are being pushed towards a new time!

Those were some of the active conditions for that New Moon. Now let's go deeper into the plot.

b. New Moon in conjunction with Mars and Pluto

Mars and Pluto were in conjunction in the first degree of Capricorn. A few days before, both the Sun and the Moon had met with them and now "carried the light" beyond to the manifestation.

Capricorn represents maturity, experience, practical wisdom, effective organization and structures. It represents the old and experienced.

Mars and Pluto are good friends. They actually have such a natural connection that we consider Pluto as an octave higher than Mars! Mars also particularly likes Capricorn.

Mars represents boldness and courage, including hard work in this sign. Pluto cares about change and deep transformation. When they meet we can imagine a hammer-breaker effect on global structures and traditions in society, an iron fist, a determined authoritarian impulse that can be ruthless. Of the old or conservative customs only the purest will survive. Anything cloudy, abusive, dysfunctional or similar will be discarded without looking back. Yes, it will hurt a little sometimes - but only where the actions are selfish.

C. Saturn in Trine with Mercury

The ruler of Virgo, Mercury, was in Capricorn while the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, was in Virgo. If you follow this track you will see that the one is in the sign of the other. This is called a "mutual reception" and increases the benefits of both signs, allowing greater circulation of their mutual energy from each other. It makes Saturn behave as if it were back in Capricorn and Mercury as if it were back in Virgo, and then back and forth. The interesting thing about this mutual reception is that the two planets are also connected by a Triune - the most positive and masterful relationship between two planets.

Both signs are dedicated servers and value justice and efficiency. Its rulers have to do with decision making and communication (Mercury) and its application (Saturn). There is no doubt that much thought and planning was occurring behind the scenes at that time. In December there were no leaders directing, at least in the US. and Canada - because those who had been elected were in transition to their position.

The powerful burden of Mars-Pluto will make it necessary and inevitable that world leaders - at all levels - have to modify the old ways to include a global vision that leads to a progressive equitable participation of common wealth with each and every human being . It is not an easy task, but that is an unavoidable responsibility for all of us, whether in the near or distant future.

The current conditions on the planet (global warming, economy, health, the developing power of the Eastern countries, renewable energy and resources, and such) are unusual and impose their natural laws. The people in charge sometimes seem to be lost because the new conditions demand new methods and there are no models to guide their decisions. The natural tendency seems to be to try to reform what is changing so that it returns to what it once was. That will not work because now he is no longer in the same conditions as in the past. We cannot put an old frame to a new image that has a different shape.

Capricorn represents the leaders and Virgo represents the people. The mutual reception clearly indicates that both leaders and the people must work together, hand in hand, in collaboration and mutual support. The time when the leaders took over and the people followed blindly (or even irresponsibly sometimes) is over. We are all on the same ground in a very united team. It is so new that we could still tend to lean toward the old ways of (perhaps) passivity until another jolt puts us back on our feet. This reality will become increasingly evident in the coming years and it will be much easier to negotiate with it if we accept it now.

d. Venus and Neptune in conjunction with 22 degrees in Aquarius

Earlier we talked about the natural friendship between Mars and Pluto. Venus, planet of love and affection, also has its upper octave: Neptune, the planet of mystical and unconditional love. When the octave planets get together, synergy occurs and the final results become much larger than the parts. Are you beginning to perceive the incredible uniqueness of the powers at play on this December New Moon?

There is a spiritual evolution in the twelve zodiac signs, which begins with Aries and ends with Pisces. Each sign contains all the previous ones added to its own quality. The journey through the signs only becomes more complete, bigger and deeper. For that reason the signs 11 and 12, Aquarius and Pisces, are considered to have the highest frequencies. They correspond to the 3rd eye (6th chakra) and the Crown (7th chakra).

Neptune in Aquarius (3rd eye) rules Pisces (7th chakra). Neptune is naturally associated with inspiration, spirituality, compassion, and unconditional love. At the time of the New Moon, both Venus and Neptune were in conjunction with 22 degrees in Aquarius. As Venus moves faster than Neptune takes the light further and its message is of a superior love.

In contrast to the hard style of Pluto-Mars, Venus-Neptune becomes the "velvet glove on an iron fist." Human love has become inseparable from the powerful reform action that has been put in place. He has become a common denominator mixing with the new leadership style that is emerging in the world. At first we could notice the resistance and even (possible) attacks coming from the old school, but in the end, those who are clinging (desperately) to the old ways cannot succeed because they cling to something that is no longer here.

and. Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception

The forms of superior love have begun to take place significantly in recent years. As mentioned earlier, the signs Aquarius and Pisces contain the highest frequencies. They allow people to access higher perceptions, such as intuition, extrasensory perception, mystical achievements, and such.

From March 2003 to March 2011, we have the regent of Pisces, Neptune, in Aquarius and the regent of Aquarius, Uranus, in Pisces. Once again we have a “mutual reception” (that is, the regents each in the sign of the other). As explained above, this particular condition is very favorable, since it maximizes the potential of the signs involved for greater expression.

All children born during this mutual reception carry their potential into their own life in one way or another.

F. The plot gets tense

Given the evolution of our history so far, we will see where it is leading us.

As the days went by, more planets began to gather at the sign of Aquarius in the month of January 2009, raising the natural frequency of the sign even further. The maximum point was reached throughout the month of February with greater emphasis around Valentine's Day!

You may remember that some people then mentioned the famous song "Aquarius" of 1967 (, which suddenly seemed to be a prophecy of this era.

The planets that gathered in Aquarius were all "good" ... Mercury, Mars (carrying the light of their conjunction with Pluto mentioned above), Jupiter, North Node, Chiron, Neptune, the Moon, and the Sun. The North Node indicates a forward movement, an evolution, an advance. Chiron brings healing and initiation. Jupiter carries generosity and the search for truth. Mercury represents the mind, ideas, communication and becomes elated when surrounded by this unique crowd.

The high frequency of such a meeting made many people feel dizzy, uprooted, even tired or sick, without clear symptoms. Someone described those feelings as: “I walk forward and my energy goes sideways. It is as if my energy bodies were floating in and around my physical body. ”

On another level, spiritual Masters described the effects of these high frequencies as part of the Ascension process that is believed to be the effect of human evolution towards advanced realization.

Babies born between the New Moon of December and (more or less) the first half of April 2009 carry these unique energies in their field and consciousness, and perhaps even more those born in February. The purity and high power of these rare planetary configurations indicate that Ascended Masters probably chose to incarnate during that time in order to offer their most direct guidance among us human beings. We are probably changing their diapers for now. It is certain that Souls of an unusual and high nature have reached the world during that time. As with the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children, we will soon know what their general name is.

g . Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron at 26 degrees in Aquarius, in front of Uranus at 26 degrees in Pisces

From May 22 to July 11, 2009, Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron are 26 degrees from Aquarius, while Uranus is 26 degrees from Pisces.

We mentioned before the mutual reception between Uranus and Neptune. Now, this exchange is made even more powerful by the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune. Of course we know that Neptune rules Pisces, but we have not yet mentioned that Pisces has two rulers, the other is Jupiter. As you can see, mutual reception has become even more intense, because all the regents are in place. The wounded healer Chiron adding his touch is quite amazing, as it supports initiation towards higher levels of awakening! As Eckhart Tolle wrote in his book The Power of Now, we no longer have to suffer to reach enlightenment.

Understanding the total effect of such extraordinary planetary connections is certainly beyond our reach, but we are going to put together a few words in the hope that they will cause some inspiration and even epiphany.

In the system of seven chakras we have the lower three that represent our instinctive (animal) nature. Then we have the 4th and 5th that represent our human nature. The 6th and 7th represent our divine nature. There is a thin veil between the 6th and 7th chakra that allows them to function as two different levels of consciousness. Human beings are coded to achieve their full realization and when that happens the veil dissolves, causing the 6th and 7th chakras to merge. An explosion of Light occurs then and the person happens to be surrounded by a bright halo.

The mutual reception between Aquarius (6th chakra) and Pisces (7th chakra) has been so active in recent months that it is as if humanity were experiencing an acceleration that dissolves that veil. Babies born at this time will certainly have it rather dim, if they even have it. Its presence among us, although it carries such high frequencies, will only continue to accelerate our own initiation towards our higher levels of existence.

If that is great news in a way it also comes with its own challenges. The issues that could be more problematic in the coming years will be those related to being rooted. The newborn will need the help of healers to fully descend to all his lower chakras. Most people will also benefit from this help.

h. Global Polarization

The high frequencies mentioned that affect us all will act powerfully where we reside most. People dedicated to goodness will be even better, mystics will move faster towards enlightenment, artists will be inspired even more deeply, and so on. Those who cultivate mostly the powers of the lower chakras (instinctive nature or egocentric goals) will also grow faster along those lines, since energy feeds and empowers what is underway.

In a short time we will begin to see a dramatic polarization between those who are going up and down. We could say "Light versus Darkness." The war between the two could lead to unfortunate turns of events in society, but the upward evolution will come clear and free ... towards the Age of Aquarius.

i. Last but not least: Venus-Mars conjunction

Remember that on December's New Moon, Pluto-Mars and Venus-Neptune were in conjunction. As Mars and Venus move faster they are bringing light to the signs to apply the manifestations sown at that time. Venus travels faster than Mars, but had a retrograde phase (March 6 to April 17, 2009) that allowed Mars to reach it while traveling at relatively the same speed for a while. Both planets are in conjunction from April 22 to June 20, 2009.

What does that mean? Exactly what the December New Moon agreed… to act boldly (Mars) in the reform, while clinging to the love (Venus) that is included in the mix. The world is tired of wars and although serious reorganizations are needed, it wants to be done in a humane, collaborative and fair manner.

It is a new era! We may fall back into our old habits from time to time, but not for long. We cannot afford to continue living unconsciously.

In a few years we could judge ourselves as barbarians, for allowing our society to leave some of its members in poverty and even homeless. This is when we were unconscious!

Marielle Croft, Certified Astrologer
Telephone: (604) 873-5963, Burnaby, BC, Canada

Published in English by Celia Fenn at

Translation: Margarita López

Published in English by Celia Fenn at

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