Children and the Future of Humanity by Alfonso del Rosario

  • 2012

If there is something in life that can make us relive past times, making us remember those moments of innocence and purity, it is that of a child. Contemplating his vital reactions, his clean look, his spontaneous smile and that innate curiosity that tries to discover how mysterious and unknown there is in everything around him, is something worth experiencing. For the child, everything is new, the sensations received and transmitted by those around him, the experiences that he accumulates in his interior as a result of the interaction with this world so unknown to him, will gradually introduce him into the reality of life, preparing him for the avatars he will have to face in the future.

Children are like open windows to the unknown, to the virginal, to the most subtle and spiritual, they are a world of inexplicable sensations and experiences that we as parents or guardians and responsible for them, we must find out through the Attentive observation, in order to help them in their integral development.

A child is a responsibility and a blessing that the High provides to any family that intends with Love to offer their home so that a Soul can continue to progress and evolve, almost certainly following the karmic framework established in times past, probably in other times. stocks, where previously and even without remembering it at present, they acquired with us certain commitments of family continuity, in order to settle old debts of coexistence lessons that were not satisfactorily settled and that must be repeated in the same or similar circumstances, to in this way, being able to free oneself from conditions that most likely interfere with the evolutionary future of all or some of the components of the family group.

The fraternal warmth and the loving affection that we transmit to a child when we close it with our arms, is of a value rarely understood. To shake and surround our children with our arms, physically uniting both hearts, is a practice of transmitting energies of very high spiritual value that we should carry out more frequently, since in this way we provide and transmit them through this physical union. Affective the most noble feelings, the most subtle and exalted spiritual vibrations, generating in the incipient children's auras, reflections of multicolored chromatic tones of intense beauty. The same thing happens when two people hug each other with the intention of transmitting to each other, through their respective hearts, love and noble feelings.

In the case of the mother, because of her physical proximity and her loving emotional condition, the hug that she often gives to her son and the transmission that in turn provides her with tenderness and affection, is feeding him internally with emotional and sensitive values ​​of a high vibratory range that will serve and help you in the future to be more aware of the feelings and needs of those with whom you will have some kind of relationship, whether within the family environment or outside it.

The children are constantly providing us with master lessons of coexistence and correct relationships, making the family nucleus more compact and cohesive, where the experiences shared by all its members, will be training and maturing them in ethical, moral and Psychological

I sincerely believe that the authentic school of life is within the family environment, where both children and parents, by permanently exchanging elevated thoughts, emotions and feelings, create a common aura of energetic and high transcendence, which surrounds and protects the family group of negative vibrations and interferences that they will most likely have to face in the course of their lives. If in each existence we bring all, both good and bad experiences, positive and negative tendencies in the form of virtues and defects accumulated in previous lives, the mission of the parents is to awaken and foster only good inclinations, good habits in the child's conscience and the spiritual virtues that adorn the Soul of the newly arrived child, so that the family thus becomes the place of peace and harmony, where all together, parents and children, can help each other on the road to perfection Both the elders, as well as the young people gathered all within the same home, must support each other jointly to achieve those goals of perfection which we all aspire to reach at some time in our lives. a distant stock.

What a better place than in the family, is where we can learn and practice the foundations of universal brotherhood, of authentic brotherhood, of sacrifice, of selflessness, of solidarity, of altruism, of compassion, etc., transcendent and spiritual aspects of Unconditional and Inclusive Love that we practice and experience within the family? Once learned and practiced this spiritual lesson between parents, children and brothers, with the greatest benevolence we can apply it and extend it to the rest of humanity and other beings, since we will have acquired that vision of personal heterogeneity and of spiritual integration of feeling and knowing that we are all part of a solid Unity of Life and Consciousness.

Some Teachers, as part of their learning and spiritual experience, acquire the commitment of marriage and of having children. This last one can happen almost in all probability, for having participated in previous lives, in some kind of special spiritual training, in some Ashram, in some Mystery School, or as a culmination of certain lessons that must be finalized through the intimate relationship of father and son. In this case of a father-son or teacher-disciple association within the family environment, the benefits the child receives are invaluable since he will not only live a long period of years within the Aura of the Master, but he will receive from him a special personal attention, which in other circumstances could not take effect.

Much has been written about the popular expression of manifesting the inner child we carry inside. I understand that this definition indicates the return to that state of innocence and initial purity that we had in our childhood and that life has gradually taken away from us through our immersion in daily chores. of ordinary life. To achieve that primal state of virgin purity in which the soul of a child is, we must become like them, live, feel and experience as they do, with total serenity, with total transparency, with total detachment, with total disinterest, with total inegoism, with total absence of malice, with total absence of negative prejudices that can condition us. We must be only spectators (not actors), who observe with new eyes, the drama of life for the first time as a great show not contemplated before, with the curiosity and interest of perceiving even in the minimal details, all the beauty that this great work of life can contain. It seems easy to say colloquially, to become and behave like children, but this fact requires a whole gymnastics of hard and constant internal training in which we have to test all our attention, that state of constant alertness that so much is mentioned in the esoteric training groups, to which their adherents must submit and overcome, if they want to reach the high goals of perfection, enlightenment and final liberation.

For that inner child to emerge in us , we must eliminate the grossest defects of our personality that blur the vision of reality, such as outdated habits, taboos not overcome, misguided fanaticism, etc. In this way, the beauty and novelty that the child perceives in everything that surrounds him, in everything he sees, in everything he touches can appear before us. In this situation of total freedom and innocence, he feels and experiences real and intensely the vibrations and sensations transmitted by all people and all things in an authentic, real and true way.

In this sense, more and more articles and comments appear about indigo children, a definition that I believe is due to those children who supposedly represent a superior state of human evolution, the advance of the so-called New Age. The indigo color seems to be that the aura of these children are nuanced by this color, which indicates who owns it, connotations of very high spirituality.

Regarding these indigo children or in similar cases, it should be remembered that at certain levels of the internal levels, such as the Devachan, there are Egos or Souls, that given their high spirituality reached in previous existences, they are waiting for the opportunity to continue with its evolutionary work, to incarnate in children's bodies endowed with a subtle atomic-molecular structure and a special sensitivity, in accordance with that highly spiritual state of these elevated Souls. For this to happen, so that these Souls can incarnate in vehicles suitable for their evolutionary state, they must find parents who are in possession of a high spirituality, who have special genetic-spiritual components, since they must be them, the parents, those who have to provide the pure and transparent materials that these types of beings need to structure the physical vehicles of cyclic manifestation in their coming into existence in the physical plane, having to possess a highly vibrant and energetic state, similar that of these Egos so that they can complement each other and make this human dress their own.

One of the pending subjects that Humanity has, is to facilitate the way back to the experience and opportunity of physical life, to highly evolved Egos or Souls (I do not mean Masters, Arhats, or similar cases), so that they can find as soon as possible vehicles suitable for their special spiritual condition. For this to happen, we must those who aspire to be parents of high spiritual entities, do what is necessary to improve ourselves in all areas, in the material through our correct attention in relation to the physical body, food and healthy customs, such as also in relation to the correct way of thinking, feeling and acting, to transmute and adequately sublimate the bioenergetic composition and structure, to be able to magnetically attract this physical plane of tests and learning, to these more evolved Egos that give a new and powerful evolutionary impulse to the human race and to the entire planet, beings in which the unity of life and conscience will be the arguments that will be used in their lives to instill in the following generations of beings that in the future will conform the New Humanity.

This is the reason why we should pay all our special attention to our children, to our children, if we want these radical changes to take place in the world and in society. We must dedicate all our love, all our love, all our affection, with the same tenderness and admiration as they do with respect to us, thus transmitting the most subtle emotions and the most refined and exalted sensations, to let them know that we love them, that we love them and that we are going to provide them with everything they will need so that their stay in this world and in this life is as fruitful as possible, so that they can express and transmit to the whole society the message that each one through of their own dharma they must record on this planet and in this life in particular.

One of the most difficult and necessary tasks in the education of our children, is to teach them to think for themselves, to reason logically and naturally, to reflect on sublime and spiritual aspects, so that there is a total knowledge and freedom of decision, of taking the right path for themselves, of correctly weighing the pros and cons, of others not imposing their own criteria. Parents, we must always keep in mind that our children are spiritual entities that come to us so that we provide them with the necessary means so that they can become a physical-spiritual reality, understanding that we have the privilege and great opportunity to help them so that they are choices and decisions that now the child and later the adult, are the most correct and appropriate possible within their own psychological and spiritual capacities.

We must also remember that our children today may have been before our parents or our brothers, we do not know and yet it is a possibility that can be given, so we have to treat them as equals, with respect and affection, seeing in they, in their faces, in their gestures, perhaps reflected to some of our dearest beings who no longer live with us on this physical plane. To the extent that we are aware of this fact, this exalting work of fraternal and group interaction will be better and more efficient.

The Masters say that the development of the child from birth until he begins to walk alone through life with total knowledge and responsibility, is structured and performed approximately through seven-year cycles, the first three of these cycles being the most important and in which we must pay more attention so that we can help them better so that this physical, psychological and spiritual development is as fruitful and correct as possible.

There is a first cycle that begins at the same time of birth and is completed at approximately seven years. In the course of this time, the consolidation of the structure of the etheric vehicle in the physical body takes place, being configured as an indivisible unit that supports the free circulation of the energies of the planes or higher levels. It is these early childhood years, when children learn to feel and experience their physical body, running, playing, jumping, etc.

The second cycle begins at approximately seven years and culminates at fourteen. It is the stage where the astral vehicle, that of feelings and emotions complement and consolidate with the etheric-physical body. It is when the child begins to feel the desire in many different ways and also to experience all kinds of emotions. It is the so-called turkey age, in which childhood is gradually being abandoned, everything childish, to enter that of adolescence or puberty, where it begins to worry about their family relationships, emotional, for friends, for the participation in group activities and also for the internal part, of ideals and feelings of philosophical-religious type, and also to experience sensations such as worry, pain, pleasure and an endless series of pairs of opposites, mainly those of hate-love and selfishness-generosity.

The third cycle begins at approximately fourteen and is completed at twenty-one. In this space of time, the adolescent incorporates to this integration of the personality the mental body, the thinking and inquisitive aspect, of study and self-analysis, of introspection and of external manifestation of all the potential of experiences and learning that has been accumulating gradually since his most tender childhood towards this new stage that will transform him into an adult and mature person. At the approximate age of twenty-one, according to Master DK, he should have the same personal baggage and the same energetic-spiritual composition that his periodic vehicles of manifestation (physical-etheric, astral and mental) had at the time of death in his previous existence, to be able to continue in this present existence uninterruptedly, with its process of experimentation and evolution, according to the karmic canons that it has generated in its previous lives.

These seven-year cycles and the events that internally and externally take place in the life of any person are indicative, although they generally seem to be quite close to this cyclic seven-year law. The different internal characteristics of the Soul, its evolutionary state, karmic conditions, etc., will determine in many cases the prolongation and duration of these vital cycles in each person.

In the course of our lives we have to face sometimes unpleasant situations such as health problems and diseases that in some cases cause the death of a child or a loved one. In some families, they coincide with little difference of days or months, which several members very close to each other, discarded almost simultaneously, children, parents, husbands, brothers, uncles, etc., people with whom we have felt very united and identified. In the same way we have also been able to verify how within our environment and family proximity, several Egos incarnate and come into existence almost at the same time, in very close dates with each other, in short periods of time . In both cases, both those who leave us and those who are incorporated into our family environment, there is almost always a karmic component that we should not forget and it is the fact that there are groups of beings that coincide in several lives to strengthen or eliminate karmic ties they need through their respective dharmas, voluntarily committed in many cases before birth, to continue progressing, individually or collectively. In this way, different family members are indissolubly united during various existences, as parents or as children interchangeably to complete jointly some specific work that they must perform or perfect to achieve some higher degree of spiritual ability.

So that in the future a perfect Fraternity and Brotherhood of Souls and Concerts will be established in Humanity, we must first be the parents, grandparents, relatives or guardians, who have some responsibility and possibilities of being in contact with children. Those of us who have to make the necessary effort to behave, and be an example and reflection of everything that is an ideal right for a child. We must through that externalization of our inner child, transmit to them the natural innocence they possess, joy, affection, affection and love to everything around us . We must keep in mind that as parents or relatives, we are affected by a great responsibility towards these children so intimately close to us, knowing that in the future they will be the parents and guardians of the next generations, and that they will recreate in their environment the same circumstances and situations of High Spirituality that we have instilled and taught them, and that we hope and wish will come true on our planet. We have to be very exquisite in the details of the education of these young beings to make them wake up and express themselves from the deepest part of their being, the most noble ethical values -spiritual, along with the highest ideals of Good Will, teaching them to be useful to society within the correct patterns of solidarity, justice and freedom, because of this In this way, we will be laying the foundations and enabling them to become great spiritual exponents that will turn our world into a society of Liberated Souls, making the group and world negative karma disappear and where the Human Race is recognized as a conscious instrument to make ours, that maximum spiritual aspiration, which is to convert the Human Kingdom, into a Great Brotherhood and Universal Brotherhood of Beings, where you only live by and to transmit Love to the entire planet.

Author: Alfonso del Rosario

April 8, 2012

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