Los Angeles: Words of Support and Encouragement

  • 2014

We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother, we are here to serve and support all who are actively engaged in ascension within this Cycle.

Greetings, my dear ones, we come upon the winds of Light, sweeping the planet and scrubbing the darkest corners of your individual and collective psyche. This is a time of change and transition; Let it be that way for you.

Resistance is futile. Find this change with all the love and trust that you can do nowadays because much will be given to those who allow because everything will be recreated in the Light and Love of the Mother / Father God, who are their true parents within this Universe.

Many of you are experiencing difficulties right now in your life. As humans, being conditioned and having been taught to consider any change with fear, many of you have interpreted these challenges as difficult. .

My dear ones, we tell you now that the challenges are also opportunities for growth and expansion. To go through these challenges it is necessary to expand your awareness and curiosity, instead of contracting in a fearful reaction.

As the Light of the Cosmos is directed over their lands and seas, they are being pushed and forced into a new way of being, whether they choose to go there or not.

Your planet is rising in vibratory level. Do they match their own frequencies and signatures of the planet? If not, you will experience more "problems" in your life. If they resist, they will descend into darkness, one of their own creation. And you can leave this darkness at any time you choose to release whatever is holding you back.

Release it and rise in the light of transformation.

In truth, spirituality is very simple, but it can take a human being many lives to reach this understanding.

It is not necessary to be overwhelmed with dogmas or the teachings of any other person; Discover your own path. She will be as unique as you are. Each of you has inside gifts that you have brought here to share with the world. Find out what is exclusive to offer, and be that gift.

As they experience openings of the heart. They will feel strong emotions that may or may not surprise them. Is this another clearing? Yes, my dear ones, and they will continue to come.

Each of you as an extended consciousness that has departed from the Heart of One has buried in your unconscious many emotions and thoughts that require a purge as you follow the path of return. At each step in which you rise more, you will find that it is necessary to release even more of the repressed memories or memories.

This process continues even beyond the stage of physical ascension, so do not panic or judge yourself as if you had failed when you begin to experience these strong emotions again.

Depending on your individual creations (or malcreations) you may experience a variety of emotions including hate, anger, frustration, grief and others. Sit with that emotion, admit it / acknowledge it, and when you are ready, allow it to dissolve.

The way in which they dissolve the way of thinking or emotion will differ from individual to individual. It could be through laughter, praying, chanting / singing and meditating, or using the Rays of God, specifically the Violet Ray. These emotions could be dissolved by using the settlement, being outside in nature, and walking barefoot on the grass in your garden.

Using water and other detoxification agents, you can release these ancient malcreatments from the cells of your physical vehicle. Use your intuition and inner guidance to discover the most effective methods of transmutation for your own being.

Ascension is about self-esteem. As such, it is up to each individual to go through this process to become aware of the thoughts and emotions that flow through them.

Remember, my dear ones, that you are interconnected with all other living beings. Many of the thoughts and emotions that enter and leave your body are not your own but those of the collective. They must learn to discern what is the only "you" and what is not.

Release all that you do not want to maintain and lightly support what you now consider "yours, " as it will change as you continue to change to expand your awareness of the world within you and your surroundings.

As they face their challenges, they may discover that their attitude greatly affects what they are experiencing. The fear of something, whether due to a change in circumstances, location, career / work, relationships, health issues, etc., greatly increases the effect on the body in terms of stress.

If they are able to release fear and discover the lesson within the challenge, they may discover a new way of handling it, and in doing so they discover the opportunity that lies behind the challenge.

In order to negotiate triumphantly the banks of their fears must first learn to love and trust themselves.

Trust your being to engage with the wisdom of your Higher Self, which encompasses the collective knowledge of all your lives and past aspects. You can enter this Library of Light through your Heart Chakra.

Relax and become One with your own Heart. They will wake up to find a golden key in the palm of their hand that will unlock the lock of the mysteries within their own being.

Leave the egoic mind and learn to live in the space of your heart.

When they lose their balance, they will begin to experience tension in their body. Become aware of the subtle messages of the being who works through the intuition of their own bodies.

Find a quiet place where you can practice this inner awareness until you can successfully use it in a crowded room or any other place where your life experience takes you. They create an interior space so they can navigate what they perceive as the world around them.

Although the world is a collective creation, you can change how you experience it by changing how you perceive it and how you choose to react to it.

For a while it will still be necessary to manage the creations of 3D, until those with whom you share your world have risen to a higher frequency range. Over time the consciousness of your group will be able to shape your world so that it meets everyone's needs, but at this point they are not there yet.

So it is up to each individual to discover in their own way the way forward and to help the whole energetically, making changes in their own being. As you raise your own frequency and begin to live the joy that you have discovered within yourself, you will emanate this joyful way of living towards all who enter your life.

There is no way to teach this new way of living to another, but to live it by example and allowing each other to experience whatever choices and challenges they need in order to grow as well. As you will see, ascension at a physical level is both an individual and a collective process.

Each ascendant strengthens the whole to which they belong and expands the ability of those who come behind to go through the same process with greater ease. This also allows beings of a higher vibration to incarnate and live successfully on the planet, while before it was very difficult to do so and many lives were shortened tragically. As the planet rises in light and intelligence, so will its people because all of you are linked together as a unit of life, as a collective entity.

We hope that our words have given you encouragement to continue going through the ascension process. This is a process and will not happen in an instant, so learn to liberate, to allow and to live with grace, simplicity and courage. We are always with you at the moment of Now.

Channel: Tazjima Amariah Kumara

Photo credit: Eliza Ayres, in the Rose Garden, Pioneer Park

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translated by Gloria M hlebach

The Angels : Words of Support and Encouragement

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