The Lemurian brothers - Custodian and accompany in love and divine brotherhood

  • 2015

And the Lemurian sister Agrippa Maia approached the tribe of the Lemurian brothers. So wrapped in the sun-father, with feathers in his own bellies, seeing dawn soon, soon, the work of all the Lemurian sisters.

And they knew what they worked for the new dawn. And Agrippa Maia approached and said to each soul, personally speaking with each one of them: "Do you grant me the gift of waking you up when dawn has come?" And their voices outlined a "Galactic Yes" and the feathers grew from their sacred bellies, so masculine and feminine at the same time ... and they agreed to protect, care for and be protectors of female lemurian souls. And they do it like that. And so God wanted to bless them with the masculine essence.

And the Lemurian sister Agrippa Maia would find them in the new dawn, to each of them, in her own life where she would recognize the codices; and by turning them on, he would instantly recognize each divine brother. And she would ask them very softly in her ear: " Do you remember yourself as a Lemurian in our so honest land?" And they would outline the "Galactic Yes" again. And so it would happen. And so it happened.

And it is so important to honor now the divine gift given from the God-creator to each being embodied in the Male Essential Energy (EEM) at that time ... because the energy of the central sun gave them the “Sphere of protection, food and hold ” Because they would be guarded by them, because they would bless their divine bellies, because they would see them reborn first, and because on that blessed dawn they would recognize each other later. And so God wanted it, and handed them the feathers to take them with the winged wind towards the high peaks, from there to throw them.

And how many birds and blessed birds flew across the land to collect their songs! And how many of them carried the history of mankind with them!

And the men preserved the ways in which the Lemurian sisters channeled to the earth the healthy whistle of that symphony, which was first making noise in order to enter Gaia's womb. And like the brave heart of a good warrior, they knew how to wait and wait for them. And they were the ones who merged with the sky with the sinking of those lands, to be custodians of the information. And they hugged them, forming a single male entity that "guarded." And in that entity were the ancestors, those who had been the parents of those men, the grandparents, the great-grandparents, all together, united, to see the new humanity gestate.

And this is where the divine union made sense for heaven. Because it is here where the fusion of the divine took place: The Feminine and Masculine united to sow this same destiny in the next species. By recognizing themselves in the new land, they would recognize the union, companionship and love that they had in Lemuria, and thus they would be able to sow the same in the divine Gaia, who would see for the first time, after thousands of years, the feminine and masculine dancing until the end.

Because the earth fell asleep for a while. Because the wounds generated by both genders would mark a huge hinge in the fabric of time. Because the Divine Goddess would forget her sense on earth. Because the Divine God would too. Because it was part of the plan. Because it was also part of the plan that the Lemurian sisters were born and traveled many lives tied to the shadows and were so full of those wounds at the beginning of the Aquarian era, that they were dedicated to cleaning. And so God wanted and the Divine Plan. But they healed their feminine, and aroused their divinity together. And precisely at that moment, the codices would be opened. They would untie knots hardened by earthly experience. And they would dance without fear. And in that minute they would find their perfect complement. And that minute would be sacred to leave remembrance and reconciliation sealed in Gaia's heart. And they would forget the past, letting it go in the subtle canoe. And they would release the vows acquired in time, and generate a new ritual: To love each other forever. And the Divine God with the Sacred Goddess would unite in a ritual of dances and dances that would last until the next dawn. And they would renew their vows. And so they would. And they do it like that. And so God wanted to feel them and send them to become human.

Channeled by María José Bayard

Part of the Codex information unleashed. You can share this information as long as the text is kept and respected as it was published, mentioning the source of who channeled it. Thank you. Infinite love.

AUTHOR: aría José Bayard


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