The Hathors - Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon. Orchidium

  • 2013

The passage of the Earth through the Summer Solstice of 2013 (in the Northern Hemisphere) was an energy marker for the beginning of a new Chaotic Node.

While your planet is going through major climatic changes, you will see greater increases in weather developments and unusual interactions between storm fronts. Those that used to be called 'storms of the century', will happen more frequently. These types of storms are external manifestations of Chaotic Nodes; and the progressive increase in chaos that arises from apparently unrelated levels of existence.

While you have already experienced several Chaotic Nodes since 2011, you are at the beginning of another major growth of chaotic events. While this particular Chaotic Node will accelerate climatic and geological changes, as well as social restlessness, it is your personal psychic and emotional level that may very well be the most affected.

You can expect to see a sharp increase in emotional instability and emotional imbalances among your Human partners (perhaps including you). The collective social challenges of this will be profound.

For an Initiate, that is, one on the journey to higher states of consciousness, this particular Chaotic Node is and will continue to be, both extremely challenging and full of possibilities. The challenge has to do with the nature of this unique Chaotic Node, which drives deeply settled emotional toxicity to the surface of your conscious knowledge.

One of the challenges that people with spiritual inclination are experiencing; and that they will continue to experience for some time, is the deep recognition that they still have unsolved problems and deeply settled hostilities, which may not fit very well with their self-image . In fact, this is a time in which self-images will be disrupted.

You are seeing that this is developing at the international level in governments; and you will see that it unfolds across all levels of society. But for many, it will be the destruction of personal self-image that will be harder to face.

What we want to convey is that your negativity, your toxicity, your despair and hopelessness, if they are really present, need not be a denial of you . Rather they can be portals to the deep unconscious, to the very bed of the human subconscious intention.

In the process of self-liberation, you must deal with this negativity in yourself, no matter what methods you can use to free yourself.

The Orchidium

Now we want to impart a method to infuse you with Light and life-reinforcing energy. We introduce the method at this time, because it will require great strength and personal energy to go through this particular Chaotic Node, as well as those that will arrive in the future. We call this the Orquidium.

It is a very simple method that includes a biological metaphor and image. The biggest obstacle and the greatest difficulty with the Orquidium is its simplicity. When it comes to this type of work, Human Beings tend to complicate things more than is needed.

In essence, the Orquidium is a means for you to attract high levels of Spiritual Light and life-reinforcing energy towards your KA (your energy body), as well as your physical body; what the Yogis call prana and the Taoists call chi.

In this method you imagine that in your belly button there is a flower like an orchid. The central root of this imaginary flower is hollow; and it is anchored or rooted at the point in front of your spine that is directly opposite your belly button. This area is known to Taoists as the Ming-Men (Ming-Ma) or Seat of Life. While most Taoists use the term Ming-Men and say it is a region, more or less opposite the navel and under the skin along your back, the Hathors are using the term to include a larger area. For the purposes of the Orquidium, conceive the Ming-Men as the region of your spine that is opposite your belly button. From this area of ​​your spine, the Seat of Life sends Life Force to all the organs of your body.

It is from the Seat of Life that the subtle energies are distributed to your subtle energy body and also to the organs of your physical body. This type of subtle energy has a deeply nourishing and rejuvenating effect.

When you keep an image of the Orquidium, imagine that the yarn extends outward from the center of your belly button. (Note: Stamens are reproductive organs of the pollen-producing flower. They consist of a stem called a filament; and an anther that produces pollen.) When you create the Orquidium through your imagination, the yarn projects from the center of the flower. As a reference, a photograph of a flower with its stamen appears in another part of this message.

By its nature, the Orquidium attracts from the Cosmos, to itself and then takes them back to Ming-Men, Spiritual Light and subtle energy.

To activate the Orquidium, all you need to do is imagine this flower in any way that makes sense to you, so that the flower is open; and that the central root is hollow extending backwards from the navel to the Ming-Men. It is crucial that you understand that the Orchidium attracts these celestial energies to you, by its very nature and without you having to do anything.

There is no relationship between your breathing and the flow of subtle energy into the Orchidium. Once you activate the flow of heavenly energies to the Orchidium, they will flow automatically and without obstructions, until you stop them.

Sensitive individuals will soon discover that they can feel the flow of cosmic energies towards the stamen of the Orquidium itself, but success does not depend on this level of sensitivity. This type of consciousness is simply a refinement. What is important is to feel and perceive the flow of spiritual Light and energy going down the central root, the hollow tube, from the Orquidium (in your navel) to your Ming-Men; and then enjoy the flow of Vital Force through all your physical and subtle bodies, at will.

We suggest you experiment with this in 5 minute intervals so that you become familiar with the way the Orquidium works for you; and also to avoid hyper-stimulation.

It is possible to bring too many heavenly energies into your system, so we suggest 5 minutes each time. Five minutes once a day, is all that is required to familiarize yourself with the Orquidium and its potentials.

Once you understand how Orquidium works for you; and how much heavenly energy you can bring comfortably to you, if you want you can experience longer sessions.

After each session of Orquidium, we strongly suggest closing the flower so that it is not open. This is for self-protection purposes when you enter the world. Even when you have learned how to separate the positive vital energies from the negative vital energies that surround you, we suggest that you activate this protection strategy.

Adding the Aethos

Although you can activate the Orquidium without any sound or music, in the initial stages you can find the Aethos Acoustic Meditation very useful. This is because the pulsations in this acoustic piece facilitate the movement of the celestial energies in the root of the Orquidium, which connects with your Ming-Men.

When you listen to Aethos Acoustic Meditation while activating the Orchidium, pay special attention to the hollow channel, the root, which runs from the Orchidium to your Ming-Men. Aethos acoustic pulsations will amplify the flow of celestial energies to this channel.

Philosophical and Religious Obstructions

Although the method to activate the Orquidium is simple, the consequences in terms of your Life Force and your ability to hold Spiritual Light are quite complex.

Here is another complication, but it has to do with your belief system. If you do not rise above these limited beliefs, you will restrict the flow of heavenly energies.

You live in a Cosmos of beauty, spiritual Light, consciousness and energy, exquisite and unimaginable. You are heirs of all these treasures; and each of them impart you powers of consciousness; but many of your philosophies and religions disconnect you from your birthright.

Any religion that teaches that you have been separated from the Celestial Realms full of Light, because you have a physical body, is an obstruction to the Truth of your Being; as we see it Any religion that says that you are separated from the Heavenly Realms and their treasures because of the sin of your birth (original sin) is also an obstruction from our point of view.

Those philosophies that propose that you are merely a physical being without any dimension of consciousness that transcends space time, from our point of view are also obstructions.

We suggest that for the benefit of experimenting with the Orquidium, temporarily suspend these beliefs. See for yourself how well the Orquidium works when you really suspend these limiting ways of thinking. After working like this with the Orquidium (without limiting beliefs), you could even choose to permanently abandon those beliefs and ways of thinking completely.

When working with the Orquidium, we suggest the following ways of thinking:

one-. Imagine that you are a part and heir of all the treasures of the Cosmos; of the Highest Realms of Light and the most subtle reinforcing energies of life.

2-. Imagine that the Orquidium brings these treasures to you effortlessly, whenever you choose to open the flower.

3-.? Through the Orquidium you can experience the transformation of your subtle energy body and the vital organs of your physical body.

Use this improved energy and life force (as well as Light-force) to sustain you as you go through this powerful Chaotic Node and those who follow.

The Hathors

Thoughts and Observations of Tom Kenyon

The term Orquidium that the Hathors gave refers to a mental image of a flower that you believe in your imagination. This image does not necessarily look like an orchid, unless you choose to do so. This has a stark contrast to the real word "Orquidium, " which refers specifically to orchids. Hathors like to play with words; and for them the word Orquidium refers to a biological metaphor that you create, with your own will and imaginative powers, with the purpose of attracting celestial energies to your subtle energy body (your KA) and to the organs of your physical body.

Here the important element is that the mental image is a flower of some kind with a stamen.

Besides this, I think that the description of the Orquidium that the Hathors made is quite self-explanatory. The only thing I would add to your description, is that to activate the Orquidium, visualization skills are not required.

You imagine it and feel it in any way (or ways) that seems natural to you. If you tend to "see" things with your mental eye, then you could have a clear picture of the Orquidium while working with it. If you tend to feel things, then you will feel it. And of course there are other combinations or senses with which you could also imagine the Orquidium.

As for physical characteristics, you can imagine the Orquidium of any size, shape and color you want. The point in all this is to create the Orquidium in the most comfortable way for you.

I have been working with the Orquidium since 2011 under various conditions; and I can definitely verify its effectiveness. I also find the Hathors' suggestion to work with the Orquidium very useful while listening to the Aethos Acoustic Meditation. The acoustic patterns in the Aethos piece really facilitate the movement of celestial energies from the Orquidium to the Ming-Men in a very remarkable way. So I suggest you try it. In the end you will find a link to the 5-minute version of the Aethos Acoustic Meditation.

The Destruction of Self-Image

The Hathors are quite clear that this particular Chaotic Node has an emotional impact. And I can personally witness an acceleration of emotional material since the last summer solstice, as I had never seen it before.

When they were talking about the destruction of self-image and the impulse of unresolved emotional material towards conscious awareness, the turn of one of their phrases caught my attention.

“… Your negativity, your toxicity, your despair and hopelessness, if they are really present, they don't need to be a denial of you. Rather they can be portals to the deep unconscious, to the very bed of the human subconscious intention. ”

By 'subconscious intention' they mean the psychic forces (thoughts, feelings and desires) that we keep hidden from ourselves. As social Human Beings we have all learned to adapt emotionally to our environment.

I have observed that when we, with me very definitely included, are confronted with the dilemma of thinking, feeling or wanting something that is not acceptable to those around us, many of us send those thoughts, feelings and desires underground; towards the deep subconscious mind.

It is there, in the darkness of the ownerless self, where these unclaimed psychic forces meet and accumulate. They eventually come to light, or we keep them a secret. In a strange paradox of human nature, some of us become extremists and condemn those who express those same furtive thoughts, feelings and desires that we have been harboring in ourselves.

After receiving this message I asked my mentors Hathors why to begin with they introduced the subject of the subconscious intention. His answer was:

one-. These subconscious thoughts, feelings and desires create quantum effects that sometimes conflict with our conscious intention. This conflict restricts our creative abilities.

2-. We must face and transform our deepest hostilities and negativities, or be destroyed by them.

In their last Planetary Message, “The Healing Power of the Human Heart, ” April 13, 2013, the Hathors gave a powerful acoustic meditation to help with this type of cleansing. If you are experiencing the type of emotional entity that the Hathors alluded to in this message, I recommend working with the acoustic meditation of the Hathors in "Healing the Heart Chakra." In the end there is a link with acoustic meditation.

Visual Aid for Orquidium

As the saying goes: "A picture is worth a thousand words." So I thought it would be useful for some readers to include a picture of an open flower.

The photo is a hibiscus; and its purpose is only to have a reference. The Orquidium can be of any size, shape or color you choose.

The important element in any Orquidium is that it is a flower that can be opened and closed (according to your own will) and that has a stamen. In this case, the stamen is that knotty thing that stands out from the central part of the hibiscus. It is through this stamen that the celestial energies (prana or chi) are attracted to the Ming-Men (the Seat of Life), which is in front of your spine at the site directly opposite your navel.

From your Ming-Men, these celestial energies circulate to your energy body (your KA) and to the organs of your physical body, imparting a kind of spiritual enlightenment and greater vitality.

I suggest that after working with the Orquidium, especially if you believe it in conjunction with the Aethos Acoustic Meditation, that you spend a few minutes just “being” with yourself in silence. Ideally, you should sit or lie with your consciousness set in the area of ​​your Ming-Men. Develop your ability to feel the flow of chi / prana from your Ming-Men to the organs of your body and also to your subtle energy body (your KA).

Developing this kind of awareness deserves time and effort. The key is not to rush into external activity. After creating the Orquidium, spend some time with yourself in internal contemplation of your Ming-Men.

This energy path (from your belly button to your Ming-Men) is very auspicious.

When you were a fetus in your mother's womb, you were connected to her via the placental cord; and you were nurtured through this link.

On a deep primary level, your psyche recognizes that this is a fundamental channel for receiving Life Force. In addition, on a psycho-spiritual symbolic level, this channel is also a means to open yourself to the vast restorative powers of female cosmic nutrition; the Mother of All Things.


Hathors Acoustic Meditation of the Heart Chakra Healing:

5-minute Aethos Acoustic Meditation:

The Hathors Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon. Orchidium

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