Dear ones, you have traveled a long way through the cosmos to be present in these chairs at this time. It is a very sacred contract that you have prepared for yourself, since only one person can change the planet. A single person can activate all the energy necessary for this to happen.

You will see great changes on planet earth. We have told you about these changes and we have shown you the preparations that have been put in place to allow them to begin, and now they are on their way. On the move ... ready ... out ...!

Their new lives are forming and the infrastructure is already beginning to move forward to support their new beings. The "new being" is the person who has always been waiting to manifest and be free. He is the one who has been hoping to have whatever you thought you needed, to do whatever you came here to do, and bring the taste of Light from Home.

It is what has begun. They have taken a conscious step towards that work, towards their individual connection and towards what they came to do on this planet. We want to share with you some ideas and concepts that will help you facilitate that transition and help you understand that you are now looking at life and other people with different eyes. Now they have a very different perspective than they ever had.

What time are we living?

One of the things we want to offer you on this day is the issue of time. It is no coincidence that the guardian of the guardian has spoken about time. We tell you now, as we have said before, that time is simply an illusion. Time does not exist in the universe; It is an illusion created for the game of free will. And it is an illusion that they have been given to help them understand that their concepts are finite. You have a beginning and an end. Intermediate time is what they are traveling with, what they are currently working on.

Now, look back at all the experiences you have had, going back on the calendar. There is really no difference if the experiences were positive or negative, supportive or degrading. Because to begin when they remember those experiences, they are all related to a moment of time. Those formative events that occurred in their lives to help them be what they are belong to the past, and they will understand that they no longer fit in a moment of time. Charging with your Light, with all your Light in the physical body, means that you have already had the opportunity to start removing those experiences from the calendar.

Let us give you some examples and specific ideas that can help you achieve this. One of the most important pieces of his work with the timeline is to understand that in the illusion of past, present and future time, only one of them is real. The present is where we live all the time; We are here in the present moment every second. It is all that exists for us because there is no future for us. There is no past on which we depend, who has made us what we are, and who has taught us the direction we should take in our choices. The reality is that they are now beginning to move towards a free form and are beginning to release all these illusions. As they do so, they can begin to free themselves from the past and the future, and begin to live in the present. We live in the circular time, that in which they actually live as spirits, as souls. With that information, new concepts arrive, so let us talk specifically about two of them that are closely related.

The Clan of Beauty

First, we want to tell you more about the seven clans. We have talked about them on many previous occasions, but one of the clans that is beginning to act on this planet right now is the Beauty Clan. Belonging to the Beauty Clan is very difficult, because it means that they have come from Home with the ability to see only beauty. You constantly look for beauty and its manifestations on this planet. Some of you will manifest that beauty in the physical form and reflect it to other people. Others will look for the beauty behind a camera, capturing in photographs the most incredible moments of time. When someone enters a room and observes their version of beauty, their version of Home is expressed on planet earth.

There will be many who will reflect your beauty to you, because you are in the business of reflecting the beauty of other people. Spreading beauty to this entire planet is a business that produces great rewards. However, beauty on this planet has been challenged because it has been mistreated and distorted. Beauty has often been misunderstood. We want to talk about it today, because many of you are now joining to take your place and helping everyone to see the beauty of Home reflected on planet earth. As a consequence, many of you who belong to the Beauty Clan will begin to wake up to your true purpose and your passion. The reasons why they have done the things they have done, and why they have experienced some things in the way they have experienced them will begin to make sense.

Hiding the Light (Beauty)

Let us tell you the story of a young girl named Jane. She was considered very beautiful even since she was a baby, because beauty shone in her eyes. As he grew older, he began to reflect a greater amount of his physical beauty as the spirit was totally anchored in his physical body. Soon she felt more comfortable and even began to use her beauty. Jane began to consider her beauty as a gift she could share. Of course, many see that beauty, that Light, and want to possess or control it. Very often that is where the challenges lie. In fact, many of those who are joining to take their places have scars that must heal first.

Sometimes it's about abuse, but sometimes it's just that they have realized that their presence invokes some unwanted energy. This happens with both men and women, and many times for that reason, those of the Beauty Clan learn to restrict their energy a bit. They learn to hide some of what they are showing so that it is not misunderstood, aggrieved or controlled in any way. Jane did exactly that. She, as a teenager with great physical beauty, learned to hide her beauty. He learned to walk by projecting a restricted image, sharing a limited amount of Light. It is almost as if there is a filter in front of Jane's Inner Light, which only allowed the passage of a certain amount to be shared, to be observed by others, because that was what she felt was safe.

The collective vibration of humanity has reached a level at which your beauty is necessary. Humanity needs to reflect its own beauty. Those of you, who like Jane, grew up with these challenges in their hearts and disappointed in humanity, have learned to use their incredible beauty for themselves. They have learned to express it in a totally different way, in a safe and comfortable way, discovering that, in fact, they can empower others.

Learning to Radiate Beauty

Jane grew up looking for a way to teach others her own beauty. She became a powerful teacher, making a tremendous difference on this planet, recognizing her own inner beauty. Remember, it's not just about physical beauty. Physical beauty varies greatly from one person to another, so there is no definition of physical beauty. When they see a person, animal, plant, glass or something that resonates as something beautiful inside, they establish a connection that helps them remember the Home. That is what they are doing now. They are trying to wake up and relive their memories of Home to bring them here, to create a new land here, in the same place where the old one once was. The new earth is a beautiful place; It contains a greater beauty of the Home.

Similar to how they are being physically rewired to contain a greater amount of their own Light, properties and energy in their physical bodies, the earth is also being rewired to reflect and sustain that place and that beauty. It will be a place of beauty that cannot be controlled, mistreated or used.

That is why we ask you to create your reality according to your own expectations, because your point of perception is what creates your reality. If you want to change your reality, simply change your point of perception. We are going to give you another vision, another opportunity to see things differently. This is the time for you to discover the beauty of your world, Dear Ones. Whether they are part of the Beauty Clan or not, that's what they are doing, they are rebuilding the sky here and beauty will be the result of it. Many of you who always believed you had no physical beauty will now begin to see yourself in a different way. You will see your physical beauty because it is an attitude and nothing more. Trust, the trust of the soul is the only thing that allows them to fully bring the beauty of Home.

We have tried to share with you concepts, ideas, reflections and other ways of looking at yourself that will help you build the confidence of the soul, but only you can do it. You are the only ones who have the ability to work on that energy. They are on the right path. That is what is emerging more than anything else at this time, the opportunity for you to find beauty on this earth.

Deep Contact; A New Level of Communication

There is another point we want to cover. They have reached many levels of communication in their past lives. They have avenues of communication with people at a very superficial level, at a “business” level (as they love to call it) and at a romantic level. And communication with your children can be very deep and very direct, which is quite different with respect to the interactions that occur for example in the workplace.

However, new levels of communication that are based on eternal love will come. That is starting to happen on planet earth. That was never expected to be so, but that is the most recent human creation. It is something new and right now it is very unusual in the human experience. But, due to changes in the vibratory rate of the planet at this time, it is a possibility. As has happened in the past with similar possibilities, you quickly turn them into daily experiences. With this new contact, it is now possible for a person to make a connection with another soul at the deepest level of the soul, while still in their human bodies. That was never possible before. That way a large part of the veil will disappear over time.

When you make contact or connect with a person at that level, everything external changes for you at that time. It is easy to see how this has already begun. Many of you will begin to move towards that area and begin to work on your relationships to reach that level. Over time, they will discover that they can make one or two of those connections, and will develop them strongly. They will work with them to achieve that deep contact, to a point where it will not be necessary to speak to share what they feel in their hearts.

There is a level of connection that does not always require words, however their meanings will go directly to the heart and energy they programmed. This is only possible once they have reached such a level of self-confidence that they are able to reflect their beauty, and to be the Light they are. That is starting for each and every one of you right now. Look for those people with whom you can make that deep contact, because once you start to establish that kind of deep connection level you will discover that you don't have time for old connections. They will discover that they are very intolerant of superficial relationships wherever they are. Many of you will abandon your work as a result of these superficial connections and the inability to truly express what is in your hearts. Only when they make those deep connections, those deep contacts, can they reflect the beauty of others.

That is the key and what we want to ask you to do this day. Do you want to see your own beauty? Want to see who they really are? Reflect someone's beauty in their eyes. They reflect the beauty of someone in that heart they came with, with that part of the Home they brought. If you are able to be the mirror and connect with others in that way, your lives will have a purpose and meaning that transcends your own understanding, because you are creators. His creations are going to start growing now, because they no longer have the restrictions they once had. They no longer have those difficulties and obsolete value systems that prevented them from moving in that direction.

So, look for those people to establish that deep level contact and start practicing that concept we are talking about - eternal love - and you will see an exciting change on this planet. They will begin to see how their heart comes alive, and they will see their creativity emerge in areas where they never believed they were creative. They will begin to see magical things happen, and to experience doors that open just in time. We love the word "coincidence." We call them "cosmic winks" because nothing happens by chance. You have brought something very beautiful from Home. Find the people with whom to share it. Look for people to make a deep soul connection with them, with whom they can share the same path even if only for five minutes. Practice this on a daily basis and you will change the world from the inside out, Dear Ones. They will begin to connect in ways they never dreamed would be possible. That is what is happening: they are beginning to channel the Light of Home. As you reach through your physical bodies, your eyes, your smiles, your words, whatever you do to express your beauty, planet earth becomes magical and more powerful.

Own your Beauty

Assume its beauty. It's time. Look for those beautiful opportunities to make deep soul contact whenever you can, because that will change the planet from one day to the next. We are eager to see what they will do with this.

Dear ones, we can spend all this time here with you because your hearts are ready to take the next step. Their experiences have placed them in a position in which they are ready to jump into the abyss. They are ready to take the next step no matter where it leads, because they know in their hearts that it is the path they have chosen and they are on it. They can't get out of the way. Is not it wonderful? Dare to play! Dare to have a beautiful human experience, and above all, do not fear its beauty. It comes directly from Home. It is your gift to humanity.

We leave you now reminding you to treat each other with respect, take care of each other whenever you can and play well together.



By Barbara Rother

Time for change

In the last presentation I talked about the changes that are happening constantly, almost daily. When I am going through a period of great changes, I always take a deep breath and get involved in them. Then I congratulate myself for having had the courage to face them and I hope it was with the right perspective. I know that every change leads us to something better and takes us to the next level of who we are, but nowadays time moves so fast that it does not allow us the luxury of incorporating those changes and that makes us feel overwhelmed sometimes.

I talked about the sadness of my heart especially during these last 5 months, since our grandson was born, since I am not physically close to those we love in California. With our Lightworker travel itinerary, I feel the need for balance through sharing with our family the moments we are at home, instead of having to organize periodic visits when time permits. I have tried to regain my sense of closeness to the family that I feel in my heart all the time, but I still feel the need to live in the same area. We are making the decision about whether Las Vegas is the best place to live or if we return to San Diego. The decision will be the one in which Steve and I agree since the most important thing in my life is to be with Steve and continue with Lightworker, expanding our message.

I celebrate the wonderful life that Steve and I have created in Las Vegas. I have never felt as much support and love from our friends and our spiritual family as I feel here. I know that magic can be created wherever one is. I appreciate the now and I am open to what happens in the future. That is the exciting part that connects you with yourself. See the possibilities and not the limitations of what life offers us.

And Steve and the group always say "If you are not happy with your reality, dare to choose again." I have already given that advice to our two children on other occasions. “Never feel stuck in life. If any part of your lives does not give you joy, open your heart and mind and understand that change can be the path to your total happiness. ”

Before channeling the last presentation I encouraged everyone to listen to their own guide. My superior being told me loudly and clearly "TIME." Now I feel peace inside me. I know that I will spend more time observing the great changes that are presented to me. This will allow me to have an adjustment period to decide what is best for me and for those who would be affected by my decision. I fully enjoy the moment I created for what I am today.



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October 22, 2008

The Lighthouses of Light ~ Home Re-Cordatories

September 15, 2008

Activating the Beauty Clan

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~ Home Cordatories ~

From Steve:

Barbara and I are very lucky to have so many beautiful people in our lives. It's funny that most really beautiful people have no idea that it is. I have worked with many of them in seminars and in private sessions in which I help them see the patterns they have formed, often subconsciously, to hide their true beauty due to the unwanted attention it produces. Is it safe to allow all our true beauty to be openly seen today? The group says that not only is something possible, but it will be important for us to focus on that purpose, especially for those who came through the Beauty Clan. Yes it is safe, and there are safe places where they can radiate all their light and deliver all their beauty. There are even safe places where you can enjoy healthy sexual energy without fear. Finding and creating these safe places will be something very important as humanity takes its next quantum leap towards the path that is directly before it. This will begin to activate the Sacred Contracts of those who belong to the Beauty Clan.

The second topic of the message was about a new level of communication that we can all achieve now. They called it "Deep Contact" and although it is based on verbal and sensory communication, it is a very deep level of trust and understanding of another human being. They conditioned this level of communication to the achievement of "Eternal Love" which they say, can be achieved today with many people in our daily lives. They say that people who achieve Deep Contact are so in love that they do not "need" each other.

When there are no restrictions in your own energy field, you are free to allow another person to penetrate into your heart. It is the most intimate level to which two souls can connect while being in physical form. Particularly for those of the Beauty Clan, this has been very difficult in the past. To achieve Deep Contact there can be no fear or restrictive energy. Even fear of judgment or fear of what others may think of you can block Deep Contact. All your energy has to be focused outward so that you radiate without fear your own light (beauty) so that you can see a successful reflection of yourself in the soul of your partner. This is now possible at a much deeper level than ever. They say it is a level of deep communication, which we can achieve with many people in our lives and not just with our partners. From the group's perspective this means allowing other people to openly see all your soul and all your beauty. Are you ready for Deep Contact?

Have a great month, Lightworkers!

A big hug and friendly elbows

Steve Rother


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