Enemies are our great and valuable friends

  • 2016

Yes, this statement is strange and somehow seems impossible in real life, however, it is not so. The first thing we must understand is what is an enemy? This is usually the one with whom we had a disagreement, or someone who hurts us physically, emotionally or simply someone who is no longer pleasant to us.

Regardless of who we consider enemy and the degree of enmity in which we place it, it is only a projection of our mind, sometimes it is an exaggeration of the other's negative qualities, when we are angry the exaggeration n tends to be present. However, important masters of the East ensure that our enemies are the best teachers and are very right.

the best teachers in the face of adversity

For example, when someone in whom we place our trust betrays us or mistreats us so to speak, it inspires us to wish as badly as possible that the same or something worse happens to him too, remaining internally with great anger and negativity. The truth is that deep down is our great teacher.

It is our great patience teacher, to understand that if I get angry and remain full of negativity, the one that will be damaged internally is me, on many occasions the person in whom we deposit our aversion no longer remembers neither of us, nor of what What did. It is then when the question appears Is it worth it to get angry? The best answer is actually to be patient, to understand that people act as a result of motivations that most of the time we do not know, it is like a person with a stick in which the stick They are the actions. People are not their emotions, in the least case it is the manifestation of something that disturbs them.

Spiritual and emotional growth

The above does not mean that we must remain selfless before the other, in reality we must remain calm and patient. They are also our teachers of equanimity, when for example we feel that we deserve everything or nobody is worthy of us, we are full of pride, when someone escapes our control and damages us, what it really does is remind us that we are never big enough and wise and allows us to break with that great limitation in our lives that is pride. That is when fortunately we can continue to grow spiritually and emotionally .

They are also our generosity teachers, when instead of harming the other we want them to soon be free from what affects them, to be in peace and happy. This appreciation is really healing because deep down we are growing internally in the face of adversity.

We must turn our appreciation of aversion and free the one who harms us, greatly appreciate their presence in our lives because although in a very painful way we have gone through the conflict, they have helped us to grow and improve.

What is the point of hating our enemies?

It is also possible the opposite result that is to remain angry, resentful and waiting for revenge, when we are realistic as many times as possible, they did not realize or have already forgotten. What is the point of hating our enemies? ..no..there is no benefit or utility.

Although it seems difficult, let's see our enemies as our great friends of patience, equanimity, generosity and as detonators of our self-improvement. It is not pleasant to have enemies but if the situation arises it is nothing more than a window of opportunity and exponential growth.

The fact that someone harms us is not a difficulty, it is simply an obstacle to overcome and with practice it leads us to what is the true spiritual strength that is by far different from aversion, resentment and hostility .

AUTHOR: Pilar Vázquez, collaborator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

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