The psychological effects of Color on Dressing and "Chromotherapy, healing colors"

  • 2012

Therapeutic Clothing Design: The psychological effects of Color and a bit of "Chromotherapy, healing colors"

The Therapeutic Clothing Design, basically consists of giving another look to an element with which we interact daily: our clothing.

We took it with us during most of the day and we chose it almost capriciously, following trends and trends, or simply because we feel comfortable and like it.

If someone asked us why we wear that red blouse today, or those white pants, perhaps our answer would be simple: "I don't know, it was the first thing I chose from the closet." Or even better: "because yes ... because I like it."

But if we delve a little deeper into our choices, we would begin to realize that when we feel happy we usually choose certain garments with a predominance of colors such as yellow, red or orange ... and when we feel sad or lacking in energy, we usually choose others, surely darker, like gray, brown or black.

In simple words, this is because each color emits a special vibration, and we in turn, because of our mood, we are vibrating in a special way, which causes us to experience attraction or rejection of certain colors, as they vibrate or Not with our emotional attunement.

It is the classic "Law of Attraction", where the similar is attracted. And that is why a person with a depressive state, it is so difficult to dress in a color other than black or dark blue, and just wearing those colors usually causes his energy to "go out". That is, we are inside a vicious circle, which is necessary to cut, so that it stops feeding back.

But we will talk more deeply in other articles about the excessive use of black color and its consequences, considering that we are in a society where the color black is a classic, which should never "be missing" in our wardrobe.

Taking into account then that each color vibrates in a certain special tune, influencing our energy, our thoughts and our emotions, we will take this concept, either when designing clothing or simply to choose it in our daily use.

We will then begin to know the psychological effects of each of the colors, to take them into account when choosing our clothing of the day.

It is important for a correct choice, to perform an introspective analysis where we assess how we are today at the mental level (for example, exhausted or saturated with thoughts), how we would like to meet (more calm and with the most organized ideas), and what is it that we specifically need that day (for example if we must attend an exam or a job interview).

From that analysis, and considering the psychological effects presented of each color, we can choose the clothes of our wardrobe, more convenient to accompany us.

I also explain what it is:


It is a therapeutic method that uses vibratory reference units called "colors."

There are two types of chromatherapy:

- Luminous chromatherapy. It consists of projecting luminous rays of color that are obtained by the passage of a white light that passes through filters. These filters select in the visible range precise wavelengths that the eye perceives as "colors".

- Molecular chromatherapy uses the same wavelengths as “colored” light chromatherapy, but those that come from matter and not from light.

How can we define Chromotherapy?

It consists of using color to treat physical illnesses and emotional disorders. Gathers contributions of psychology, medicine, art and physics. Colors have the ability to calm, inspire, excite, balance or alter our perceptions, which led to consider them as therapeutic instruments by themselves. Each color emits some characteristic vibrations that reach us differently and produce different effects.

Chromotherapy uses eight colors that are red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, violet and magenta.

Yellow: it is ideal to face exam situations or solve problems. Activate memory, focus attention and improve concentration. Stimulate creativity when facing situations (remember the phrase that says If you want other results, you should always stop doing the same ). It helps eliminate mental fatigue, reluctance, lack of energy or vitality. It attracts positive thoughts, joy and good humor.

The yellow rays conduct positive and non-astringent magnetic currents, having an alkaline effect that strengthens the nerves. The yellow rays wake up, inspire and mainly stimulate a superior mentality.

Yellow adds self-control, it stimulates the third chakra called the solar plexus, the great leader of the nervous system, which controls the digestive processes in the stomach and brain.

Yellow helps purify the system through its eliminative action on the liver and intestines, cleanses the pores of the body, better skin texture, healing scars and other spots, yellow It also enriches the intellectual areas of the brain.

Esoterically, yellow has been taken as the color of fear that is something out of reality. Certainly the fear that is perceived in the brain is often felt in the solar plexus because of the true denial of the positive rays of yellow. The color of fear is basically gray.

Diabetes: In this chronic condition the patient originally suffers from a lack of proper digestion. More fat is formed than blood inside the system. By ingesting ambero and focusing amberlume on the solar plexus, twice a day, the fat formation will decrease and the formation of blood in the system will increase. Constipation, which is very often in this disease, will then be removed.


Orange: it is the ideal color for Communication. It helps overcome shyness and social isolation. For those who have many thoughts but do not know how to put them into words. They can think all day what they are going to say, and when they are at the right time, they are blocked, without being able to express themselves correctly. This situation can be extremely frustrating and exhausting. It is also a color that allows us to recover energy diminished by mental fatigue. We recommend it then, in case you need to work as a team, when we must attend family gatherings (where fights and conflicts usually appear) or social events.

Orange is a color that stimulates creativity, ambition along with the ability to be active. It can also produce a certain protective desire, both towards oneself and also towards other beings. If we expose ourselves excessively to this color, a lot of nervousness and agitation can occur.

In nature we find many orange peel fruits and vegetables; (carrots, pumpkins, oranges, mangoes, melons, tangerines, peaches) orange or reddish orange, so this is a color associated with food. Some researchers argue that orange favors growth.

Remember that this is the predominant color of the second chakra. This color is associated with joy, wisdom, sociability, communication. It is linked, by many researchers, to our emotional health and muscular system.

Excessive use of the color orange can affect our nervous balance, and can be rebalanced with the use of blue-green tones.

According to some specialists, the color orange can help in treatments in relation to problems in certain organs such as the spleen, pancreas, stomach, intestines and kidneys.

People who experience emotional paralysis or depression can also be benefited with the use of the color orange, which can be used, in turn, to revitalize the body collaborating in the assimilation of food.

In other elements of nature we find this color, for example: metals that radiate orange are selenium, iron, calcium, nickel, zinc (not recommended for curative uses), rubidium, manganese. The best crystal for use in this treatment contains selenium and oxides of uranium, manganese and red lead.


Red: it is a color that gives us courage, increases our self-esteem, and makes us feel more secure in our ideas and thoughts. We already know that the red color ignites the passions, increasing circulation and body heat, but it is also ideal to overcome sexual problems that are related to psychological causes. If we do not value ourselves correctly, and we believe that our ideas are “dumb, ” this color will help us strengthen our confidence and “step on” in work meetings, where we must present projects and commercial proposals.

It is a stimulating color. The use of red is indicated in the treatment of energy disorders such as physical apathy, anemia, bronchitis, constipation due to intestinal digestive atony, rheumatism caused by cold, chills, colds, lack of hemoglobin, frigidity, infertility, hypotension, neurasthenia and tuberculosis . On a psychological level it is stimulating, it facilitates extraversion. Its abuse can cause aggressiveness, irritation and fatigue.

Spiritually, it strengthens the power of will, courage, lack of faith and drives action. It is also the color of love, anger and joy. Wake up passions, it is stimulating and exciting.


Blue: it is a color that calms and relaxes, lowering our levels of anxiety and impatience, releasing stress and purifying obsessive ideas. Sometimes we invest a lot of energy always thinking about the same situations: "in what we would do", "in what we should have told them", "in what we are going to tell them when we see it", in what bothers us ... in what we must do ... we think, we think, we think ... we spend all our energy, but finally we never materialize, we never put our thoughts into practice ... but yes: we are mentally exhausted! The blue color will then help us calm all these kinds of thoughts, transforming them into practical and creative energy.

Calms and cools the entire nervous system, produces peace and sleep. Great antiseptic and bactericidal power in burns. Very useful for tachycardias and anxiety. Soothing for inflammations, acute skin problems and allergic reactions. It is also good for throat diseases such as aphonia. It serves to relax the thyroid and stimulate the parathyroid. Good for menstrual problems, varicose veins, baldness, cataracts and glaucoma.

It stimulates the pituitary, it serves for the states of psychological malaise and restlessness. It is the color of the endocrine system. Hyperactive children should do their job with the blue light. This color will provide tranquility and calm.


Green: it is a color that connects us with Nature, so when using it we feel fresh, pure and in a better mood. Ideal then if we spend all our day in the city, where the lack of contact with nature, erodes our energy. It is also a color that calms irritability and aggressiveness, also mental hyperactivity, nervousness and impatience. We must simply be careful, as in the case of the blue color, not to use very dark tones, since its excessive use on a daily basis, can result in a loss of energy, in the same way as the black color.

It reduces blood pressure and purifies the blood. Harmonize the problems between the different subtle bodies of the human being. Eliminates toxic substances from the body, stimulates the growth of muscles and tissues. It is a repairing and regenerating color. Combating malignant cells has a great effect on fatigue to cool, soothe and calm. It is disinfectant, antiseptic and bactericidal. It stimulates the pituitary gland, ulcers and is beneficial for the heart in general.


Violet: it is a color that also elevates our Self-Esteem, and makes us feel more secure, because it awakens our “Inner Sage”, bringing to our mind knowledge that we thought we had forgotten. That is why it is also an ideal color for exam situations, or work situations that lead to evaluate our knowledge. The awakening of our Inner Sage is also necessary when we find ourselves in situations of despair or despair, where we believe that there is no possible solution to our problems. The violet color will then illuminate our life, showing us the true path, and helping us overcome this difficult stage. Within the scope of Natural Therapies, the color Violet is widely used in Meditations and Relaxation exercises.

It is a mystical color, especially important in meditation, inspiration and intuition. It exerts a calming action on the heart. It helps the body to generate its own means of defense against microbes. It is spleen stimulant, useful for epilepsy, blood purifier, leukocyte generator and helps maintain potassium and sodium balance in the body. Positive for neuralgia, it helps in cases of insomnia, hypertension, mental disorders, acute cystitis and sinusitis. It is used for lymph (in complement with yellow). Help in the menopause period.


White: as it is constituted by the sum of all colors, it is the creator of harmony and balance. It is the protective color par excellence, either to protect us from negative energies, as well as to protect our thoughts from external influences. Especially if we do not know how to set limits or say “no”, or if we are too aware of the opinions of others.


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