The four aspects of life that we must balance

  • 2016

Human life consists of four main aspects : the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level of existence. In order to find balance and fullness in our lives, we have to heal, develop and integrate the four aspects within ourselves.

  • Our physical aspect is, of course, our physical body . It also includes our ability to survive and prosper in the material world. Developing the physical level of our being implies learning to take good care of our body, and to enjoy them . This also means the development of the skills to live comfortably and effectively in the world.

  • Our mental aspect is our intellect, our ability to think and reason . The mental level of our existence consists of our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and values. Our minds can be our greatest gifts and sometimes our greatest curse. Our mind can cause us terrible confusion. Developing the mental level of our being allows us to think clearly, remain open minded and understand intelligently. Our minds allow us to gather the knowledge and wisdom of our experience of life and the world around us.

  • Our emotional aspect is our ability to experience life deeply, to relate to each other and the world on a level of feelings. It is the part of us that seeks contact and relationship with others. Developing the emotional level of our being allows us to feel the full range of human experience (with the five senses), and find satisfaction in our relationships with ourselves and with others.

  • Our spiritual aspect is our inner essence, our soul, the part of us that exists beyond time and space. It connects us with the universal source and the unity of all life . The development of our awareness of the spiritual level of our being allows us to experience a feeling of "belonging" in the universe, a deeper meaning and purpose in our lives, and a broader perspective than we have of our personality alone. . The spiritual level provides a basis for the development of the other levels.

The four aspects are equally important. If we want to lead a healthy and satisfying life, we need to focus a certain amount of time and attention on the understanding, development, healing and integration of each aspect.

Some may need special healing levels , as they were injured or suffered trauma in that area. For example, if a child with strict religious beliefs is taught or raised , in the end, these beliefs will not be right for you, and as a result will generate a rejection of the entire spiritual side of life, perhaps not believing in anything.

You may have a wound on the spiritual level, which can be healed by developing your own person by relating to the spirit . All of us at some point have suffered some degree of disappointment, pain, pain that leaves us emotionally hurt and in need of healing.

There is no right way to carry out our healing process . Everyone is different and follows a unique development path. We are all on an evolutionary journey, but most of us do not realize until a certain event has made us wake up. Life is like our school in which we are constantly learning, evolving, learning the lesson and trying to find the meaning of why we are here.

Exercise: How to evaluate the four aspects

Take a few minutes to think about which of the four aspects have developed quite well and which of them may need a little more attention and expression in your lifetime.

Physics: Are you physically active and healthy? What do you like and makes you feel comfortable in your body? Do you like your sexuality? Do you feel comfortable in the material world? Are you financially stable, independent ?

Mental: Are you satisfied with your intellect? Can you think and express yourself clearly? Do you have a belief system that supports and works for you? Are you open to new ideas without being too impressive?

Emotional: Are you in touch with your feelings and able to express yourself properly? Do you allow yourself to feel all the range of emotions - fear, sadness, anger, as well as love and joy, or do you find that certain emotions make you feel uncomfortable ? Are you able to set appropriate boundaries with people ? Can you relate to others in a narrow, intimate way?

Spiritual: Do you feel a sense of connection with your spiritual source? Are you able to spend a quiet time and alone, just "be"? Do you have a relationship with your own inner wisdom or intuitive guide?

Write down your impressions, thoughts, feelings and how the experience of each of the four levels in your life right now makes you feel is very important, as well as writing down the ideas you have about the steps you can take towards further development. and balance. Also noteworthy is any area of ​​resistance that appears in each level.

AUTHOR: JoT333, editor of the great family of

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