The Creator Builders: The Seven Rays by Djwhal Khul.

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It is claimed that there are seven great rays in the cosmos (1). In our solar system only one of these large rays is active. The seven subdivisions constitute the "seven rays" that managed by our solar Logos, form the basis of infinite variations in its world system. These seven rays can be described as the seven channels through which everything that exists in His solar system flows, the seven predominant characteristics, or modifications of life, which not only apply to humanity but also to the seven kingdoms. In reality there is nothing in the solar system, whatever its degree of evolution, that does not belong or have belonged to one of the seven rays.

The following classification will give an explanation of the different characteristics of the seven rays:

No. Feature Yoga Method Planet Color

1st Will or Power Raja Yoga Uranus Blue.

2nd Wisdom. Raja Yoga Yellow Mercury

3rd Higher Mind Philosophy Venus Rosado

4th Hatha Yoga Saturn White Conflict

5th Lower Mind Science Green Moon

6th Devotion Bhakti Yoga Mars Gold-rub

7th Violet Ceremonial Order J piter Violeta

Other cosmic rays will impact our Earth as the seventh ray increases its activity; the result of their influence will facilitate the appearance of new racial types and, above all, tear the veil or plot that separates the invisible and intangible world, the astral one.

The will of the Deity colored the current of energy units that we call Ray of Will or Power, the first ray, and the impact of that current on the matter of space ensured that the hidden purpose of the Deity would be timely and inevitably revealed. This is a ray of intensity so dynamic that it is called the Destroyer Ray, It is not yet in full activity, and it will be only when the purpose can be revealed without danger. Yes. There are very few energy units of this ray that exist in the human kingdom. As I said earlier, it has not yet embodied a true type of first ray. Its main power is in the mineral kingdom and the key to the mystery of the first ray is in the radius.

The second ray is peculiarly active in the plant kingdom; produces among other things the magnetic attraction of flowers. The mystery of the second ray is hidden in the meaning of the perfume of the flowers. Perfume and radio are related, and they are expressions that emanate from the effects produced by lightning when acting on the various groups of material substances.

The third ray is especially related to the animal kingdom, and produces the tendency to intelligent activity observed in the most evolved domestic animals. To the analogy that exists between radioactivity and the perfume that emanates from the mineral and vegetable kingdoms, we call it devotion, characteristic of the attractive interaction between domestic animals and the man. Those who feel devotion to personalities could more quickly transmute that devotion into their analogue even higher - love of principles - if they realized that yes. It is exhaled by animal emanations.

The desire of the Deity is expressed through the second ray of Love-Wisdom. Desire is a word that has been misrepresented to mean the tendency of humanity to desire material things, or pleasures that bring satisfaction to the sensual nature. It applies to those conditions that satisfy the personality, but in the last analysis, desire is essentially love, which is expressed through attraction and the ability to attract to oneself and within its radius of influence what is loved. It is the link of coherence and that principle of magnetic cohesion that resides behind all creative work, brings forth in the light of manifestation those forms or appearances, by which it is possible to satisfy the desire. This second ray is preeminently the ray of applied consciousness, and works by creating and developing those forms that exist throughout the universe. They are essentially mechanisms to develop response or perception, and also sensitive mechanisms that respond to the surrounding environment. This concerns all forms, from a crystal to a solar system. They have been created during the great process of satisfying desire and providing the means of contact that guarantees progressive satisfaction. In the human family the effect of this dual interaction of life (which desires satisfaction) and form (which provides the field of experience), produces a consciousness that tends to love the formless rather than desire the form, and intelligently apply all experience to the process of transmuting desire into love. Hence, this ray is, par excellence, the dual ray of the Solar Logos Himself, because it colors all manifested forms and directs the consciousness of all forms in the kingdoms of nature and in all fields of development; It leads life through the innumerable forms towards that basic search or impulse, until reaching bliss for the satisfaction of desire. This impulse and interaction of the pairs of opposites produced the different ways of consciously reacting to the experience, which in the main stages is called conscience, animal consciousness, and differentiating related phrases.

The second ray is that of the Deity Herself and is nuanced by the characteristic aspects of love or desire. It produces the totality of the manifested forms, animated by the Life that determines the quality. The Father, Spirit or Life, exercises the will to satisfy the desire. The Mother or matter satisfies the desire and is also attracted by the Father. His mutual response begins the creative work, and the Son is born, inheriting from the Father the impulse to desire or love, and from the Mother the tendency to continually create forms. Thus, in symbolic language, the worlds of form came into existence, and through evolutionary work the process of satisfying the desire of the spirit continues. In this way in the two main rays of Will and Love, we have the two most important characteristics of the divine nature, latent in the myriad forms. The eons will see that these two energies will constantly dominate all appearances and will drive the created world to a total display of divine nature. This is true regarding gods and men.

Just as the Father imparts to the Son the divine qualities of will and love, the Mother also contributes greatly to it, to increase the initial duality and enhance the qualities by adding another quality, inherent in the matter itself - the quality or ray of Intelligent Activity . This is the third of the divine attributes that completes, if I can express it, the team of the forms that appear, and predisposes all creation to intelligently value the true objective of desire and to intelligently employ the technique of building the form, in order to reveal the divine purpose. The Knower (man) is the custodian of that wisdom that will allow him to develop the Divine Plan and make God's will bear fruit. The field of knowledge is constituted in such a way that it vibrates with intelligent response to the will that emerges slowly. Knowledge is that which knows its own ends and works to achieve them through experiment, expectation, experience, examination and exaltation, which produces the final disappearance. Words like these are synthetic symbols that impart a cosmic story briefly and constructively.

Thus the three rays of Will, Love and Intelligence produce appearance, provide quality and, through the principle of life, the underlying aspect in unity, ensure the continuity of progress until the moment when God's will is evidenced as power, attracting what is desired, wisely applying the experience of a gradual and growing satisfaction, and intelligently using what is acquired in the experience to produce more sensitive and beautiful ways that more fully express the quality of life.

Technically, the second ray is dual, but when considered from the point of view of the final abstraction. In their temporary duality, in each of them, the interaction we call cause and effect can be seen.

read Lightning The will, applied dynamically, arises in the manifestation as power.

2nd, Lightning Love, acting magnetically, produces wisdom.

3rd. Lightning Intelligence, which is potentially in the substance, produces activity.

The result of the interaction of these three major rays can be seen in the activity of the four minor rays. The Secret Doctrine speaks of the Lords of Love and Knowledge and also of the Lords of the Incessant Devotion. In order to understand more clearly the mystical meaning of these names, we could point out that the constant dynamic will of the Logos expresses itself through the lords of the Incessant Devotion. Devotion is not here the quality that I referred to earlier in this treatise, but it is the persistent will of God directed unilaterally, personified in a life that is that of the Lord of the first ray. The Lords of Love and Knowledge are the two great Lives that personify or encourage Love-Wisdom and aspects of the creative intelligence of the two major rays. All three are the total sum of all forms or appearances, the givers of all qualities and the Life aspect that emerges behind the tangible manifestation. They correspond, in the human family, to the three aspects: Personality, Soul and Monad. The Monad is dynamic will or purpose, but it is not revealed until the third initiation. The Monad is Life, sustaining force, Lord of persevering and incessant devotion to achieve a determined and visualized objective. The soul is the Lord of Love and wisdom, while personality is the Lord of knowledge and intelligent activity. These terms imply an understanding of the goal achieved, which cannot be applied in the current stage, as regards its expression, because it is an intermediate stage. There is still no one who acts with full intelligent activity, although someday everyone will. No one has yet manifested as Lord of love, but they sense the ideal and strive to express it. No one is yet a Lord of incessant will and no one yet understands the monad's plan or the true goal towards which everyone strives. Someday everyone will. But each human being potentially constitutes such triplicity and also one day the appearances that were called personalities, which hide or veil reality, will fully reveal the qualities of Deity. When that time comes, the purpose that all creation expects will break into the awakened vision and we will all know the true meaning of bliss and why the morning stars sang. Joy is the strong basic note of our solar system.

One of the fundamental septenaries of the rays personifies in itself the principle of harmony; This fourth ray of harmony gives all forms what produces beauty and acts to achieve the harmonization of all the effects that emanate from the world of causes, the world of the three major rays. The ray of beauty, art and harmony produces the quality of the organization through form. In the last analysis, it is the ray of mathematical accuracy and not the ray of the artist, as many believe. The artist is in every ray, as is the engineer, the doctor, the man who forms his home or the musician. I want to clarify this because there are many false concepts on this subject.

Each of the great rays has a particular way of teaching the truth to humanity, which is its exceptional contribution and the way of developing man through a system or technique, qualified by the quality of the ray that is therefore specific and exceptional. Let me provide the methods for this group teaching:

1st. Thunderbolt

Superior expression: The science of statesmen and governments.

Lower expression: Politics and modern diplomacy.

2nd. Thunderbolt

Superior expression: The process of initiation, as taught by the hierarchy of adherents.

Bottom expression: Religion.

3rd. Thunderbolt

Superior expression: Media or interaction. Radio, telephone, telegraph and transport.

Lower expression: The employment and distribution of money and gold,

4th. Thunderbolt

Superior expression: Masonic work based on the formation of the hierarchy and related to the second ray.

Bottom expression: Architectural construction. Modern planning of cities.

5th. Thunderbolt

Superior expression: The science of the soul. Esoteric Psychology

Lower expression: Modern educational systems and mental science.

6th. Thunderbolt

Superior expression: Christianity and diverse religions. (Note here the relationship it has with the second Ray.)

Lower expression: churches and organized religions.

7th Thunderbolt

Superior expression: All kinds of white magic.

Lower expression: Spiritualism fenom nico .

The fourth ray is essentially the refiner, the one that produces perfection in the form and the main manipulator of the energies of God; He does it in such a way that the Temple of the Lord is truly known in its exact nature as that which houses the Light. Thus the Shekinah will shine within the secret place of the Temple in its full glory. It is the work of the seven Builders. This ray is expressed primarily in the first of the amorphous planes counting from the bottom up, and its true purpose cannot emerge until the soul has awakened and the consciousness properly registered the known. The planes or the spheres of expression are influenced in the manifestation in numerical order:

1 Lightning Will or Flat Power of divinity.

2 Ray Love-Wisdom Plane of the m nada.

3 Lightning Active Intelligence Plane of the spirit, soul.

4 Harmony Lightning Plane of intuition.

5 Lightning Concrete Knowledge Mental plane.

6 Ray Devotion, Astral Plane Idealism.

7 Ray Ceremonial Order Physical plane.

The fifth ray actively acts on the plane of greatest importance to humanity, being for man the plane of the soul and the upper and lower mind. It personifies the principle of knowledge, and due to its activity and its intimate relationship with the third Ray of Active Intelligence, it could be considered especially in these moments as the ray that has the greatest vital relationship with man. It is the ray that produces individualization - as when it was active in the Lemurian era - which literally means changing the evolving life of God in a new sphere of perception. At first, this particular transference to higher forms of perception tends to separateness.

The fifth ray has produced what we call science. In science we find an extremely rare condition. Science is separatist in its way of addressing the different aspects of the divine manifestation that we call the world of natural phenomena, but in fact it is not separatist because there is little antagonism between the sciences and little competition among scientists. Workers in the scientific field differ profoundly in this from those in the religious field. The reason lies in the fact that the true scientist, being a coordinated personality who works on mental levels, acts very close to the soul. A developed personality clarifies the differentiations of the predominant lower mind, but the proximity of the soul (if such a symbolic expression can be used) denies a separatist attitude. The religious man is preeminently astral or emotional, and acts in a very separatist way, especially in the Piscean era, which is disappearing. By saying religious man I mean the mystic and the one who senses the beatific vision, and not the disciples or the so-called initiates, because they add to the mystical vision a trained mental uptake.

The sixth ray of devotion personifies the principle of recognition. By this I mean the ability to see the ideal reality that resides behind the form; It implies that desire and intelligence should be applied in a concentrated way, in order to express the idea presented. He is responsible for most of the formulations of ideas that have advanced man and much of the emphasis placed on the appearance that has veiled and concealed those ideals. In this ray - as it enters and leaves the manifestation cyclically - the task of differentiating appearance and quality is mainly carried out, which has its field of activity in the astral plane. Therefore, the complexity of this issue and the acuity of the feeling involved are evident.

The seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order or Magic personifies a curious quality, an outstanding characteristic of the special Life that animates this ray. The quality or principle constitutes the coordinating factor that unifies the internal quality with the form, or the external tangible appearance. This work is mainly carried out at the etheric levels and includes physical energy. Such the real magical work. I would like to indicate that when the fourth and seventh rays come together to the incarnation, we will have a very peculiar period of revelation and bearer of light. It has been said that in that period "the Temple of the Lord will acquire more glory and the Builders will rejoice." Spiritually understood, this will be the culminating moment of Masonic work. The Lost Word will be recovered and expressed for all to hear, and the Master will rise and walk among its builders in the full light of the glory that shines from the East.


Special Virtues:

Strength, courage, perseverance and truthfulness, coming from the absolute lack of fear; power to govern, ability to capture large controversies with broad criteria, and to manage men and make decisions.

Lightning Vices:

Pride, ambition, versatility, inflexibility, arrogance, desire to dominate others, obstinacy, anger.

Virtues to be acquired:

Tenderness, humility, sympathy, tolerance, patience.

This ray is correctly called that of power, but if it were only power without wisdom or love, it would be a destructive and disintegrating force. However, when the three characteristics are united, it becomes a creative and ruler ray. Those who belong to this ray have a lot of willpower, for good or evil, for good when the will is directed with wisdom and love has turned it into altruism. The man who belongs to the first ray will always "be at the forefront" in his field of activity. It may be the thief or the judge who condemns him, but in any case he will be at the head of his profession. He is the born leader in any public career, someone who can be trusted and depended on, defends the weak and represses oppression, does not fear consequences and is totally indifferent to comments. On the other hand, a first ray that has not been modified can produce a man of cruel, relentless and inflexible nature.

The man who belongs to the first ray is often very sentimental and affectionate, but does not express it easily; he likes the strong contrasts and the great masses of color, but he will rarely be an artist; he is delighted by the great orchestral effects and the loud choirs; if, conversely, his ray is modified by the fourth, sixth or seventh, he will be a great composer. Some individuals belonging to this ray are deaf to shades and others suffer from color blindness, and do not distinguish diaphanous colors. A man of this ray will distinguish the colors red and yellow, and will inevitably confuse blue, green and violet.

The literary work of the first ray man will be energetic and scathing, he will not be concerned about his style or neatness. Examples of this type could be Luther, Carlyle and Walt Whitman. It is said that the best method that the first ray man can use to cure diseases will be to extract health and strength from the great source of universal life by the force of his will, and he would pour on the sick. Of course, this presupposes a prior knowledge of hidden methods.

The characteristic method of this ray to undertake the great Search will be done by the force of the will. A man of this nature could, so to speak, snatch the kingdom of heaven "for violence", we have observed that the born leader belongs to this type of lightning, totally or partially. It produces the supreme chief, like Napoleon or Kitchener. Napoleon belonged to the first and fourth rays and Kitchener to the first and seventh rays, giving the seventh his remarkable power of organization.


Special Virtues:

Calm, strength, patience and resistance, love of truth, loyalty, intuition, clear intelligence and serene temperament.

Lightning Vices:

Excessive concentration in the study, coldness, indifference to others, contempt for the mental limitations of others.

Virtues to be acquired:

Love, compassion, altruism, energy.

This ray is called that of wisdom, because of its characteristic desire to acquire pure knowledge and achieve absolute truth - it is cold and selfish if it does not love, and is inactive if it has no power. If he possesses love and power, then we have the ray of the Buddhas and of the great instructors of humanity - those who, having achieved wisdom to use it for the good of others, give themselves entirely to spread it. The student who belongs to this ray is always dissatisfied with his highest achievements; No matter how broad his knowledge is, his mind always remains fixed in the unknown, in the hereafter and in the summits not yet escalated.

The second ray man will have tact and foresight; He will be an excellent ambassador, an outstanding teacher or school principal; as a worldly man he will have a clear and wise intelligence to deal with the issues that are presented to him and will have the capacity to instill in others the true point of view of things and make them see how he sees them; He will be a good businessman if his lightning is modified by the fourth, fifth and seventh rays. The military belonging to this ray will project intelligent campaigns and prevent the possibilities; He will be intuitive about the best way forward and will never recklessly endanger the lives of his men. It will not be fast in the action or very energetic. The artist who belongs to this ray will always try to teach through his art, and his paintings will have meaning. His literary work will always be instructive. The method to cure diseases of the second ray man, will be to know in depth the temperament of the patient and also the nature of the disease, in order to apply his willpower effectively.

The characteristic method of approaching the Path will consist of a thorough study of the teachings, until they are part of the conscience of man, and not a mere intellectual knowledge, but a spiritual rule of life, thus attracting intuition and true wisdom.

An undesirable type of second ray that seeks to acquire only knowledge for itself, is totally indifferent to human needs. The anticipation of such a man will degenerate into suspicion, his calm in coldness and inflexibility.


Special Virtues:

Broad criteria regarding all abstract issues, sincerity of purpose, clear intellect, ability to concentrate on philosophical studies, patience, caution, do not worry about trivialities or want to worry others.

Lightning Vices:

Intellectual pride, coldness, isolation, inaccuracy in details, distraction, obstinacy, selfishness, excessive criticism of others.

Virtues to be acquired:

Sympathy, tolerance, devotion, accuracy, energy, common sense.

This is the ray of the abstract thinker, of the philosopher and of the metaphysician, of the man who delights in higher mathematics but, if not modified by a practical ray, He won't worry about keeping his accounting up to date. You will have a very developed imagination; by the power of his imagination he will grasp the essence of a truth; his idealism will often be very marked, he is dreamer and theoretical; Due to his broad views and great caution, he sees all the facets of an issue with the same clarity, which sometimes stops his action. He will be a good businessman; As a soldier he will theoretically solve the tactical problems in his office, but he will rarely stand out on the battlefield. As an artist, his technique will not be refined, but his themes will be fruitful in ideas and arouse interest. He will love music, but if he is not influenced by the fourth ray he will not be a composer. He will possess fruitful ideas in all sectors of life, but it is too impractical to carry them out.

The individual who belongs to this ray is excessively carefree, careless, idle and unpunctual; he does not care about appearances, but if he has the fifth as a secondary ray, the subject will change completely. The third and fifth rays produce the perfect and balanced historian, who captures his subject extensively and verifies with patient accuracy all the details. In addition, the third and fifth rays joined together produce the great mathematicians that go back to the levels of thought and abstract calculations and can bring the results obtained to the scientific application. The literary style of the third ray man is too often complicated and undefined, but this changes if it is influenced by the first, fourth, fifth or seventh rays; under the fifth ray will be a pen master.

The method to cure diseases of the third ray man is to use drugs extracted from minerals or herbs that belong to the same ray of the patient whom he wishes to relieve.

The method of undertaking the great Search that corresponds to this type of lightning is to reflect deeply on philosophical or metaphysical lines, until you understand the great Beyond and the great importance of treading the Path that leads there.


Special Virtues:

Great affections, sympathy, physical value, generosity, devotion, intellect and rapid perception.

Lightning Vices:

Egocentrism, worry, inaccuracy, lack of moral value, strong passions, indolence; extravagance.

Virtues to be acquired:

Serenity, confidence, self-control, purity, altruism, accuracy, mental and moral balance.

This ray is called "the ray of struggle" because in it the qualities rajas (activity) and tamas (inertia) are in a strange way, so balanced, that the fight between the two breaks the nature of the fourth ray man; when the result is satisfactory, it is called the "Birth of Horus" or the Christ, caused by the agony of pain and constant suffering.

Tamas or inertia, produces attachment to comforts and pleasures, detests causing pain and reaches moral cowardice, indolence, and leaving things as they are, to rest and not think about tomorrow. Rajas or activity, is fiery, impatient and always encourages action. These opposing forces of nature turn the life of the fourth ray man into a perpetual struggle and unease; the frictions and experiences thus acquired bring rapid evolution, but man can easily become a hero or a nullity.

He is the ray of the brave cavalry captain, indifferent to his own risks and those of his followers. The man who belongs to this ray will cause the lost hope to be reborn, because in moments of great excitement he is totally dominated by cracks or activity; It is the ray of risky speculator and tahur, full of enthusiasm and projects, easily overwhelmed by failure or pain, but recovering quickly from its setbacks and misfortunes.

It is preeminently the ray of color, of the artist, whose color is always admirable, although his drawings are often defective (Watts belonged to the fourth and second rays). The fourth ray man loves color, and can usually create it. If you have not had entertainment as an artist, surely the sense of color will be expressed in another way, as a selection in dress and decoration.

The fourth ray musical compositions are full of melody, because the man who belongs to this ray loves the melody. As a writer or poet, his work will often be brilliant and picturesque pictorial descriptions will abound, but they will be inaccurate, exaggerated and often pessimistic. He usually expresses himself well and has a sense of humor, but, depending on his mood, he will move from a brilliant conversation to a melancholic silence. He is a delicious person and difficult to live with.

The best method to cure, of the man who belongs to the fourth ray, is massage and magnetism, used with knowledge.

The approach to the Path will be by self-control, thus acquiring the balance between the antagonistic forces of nature. The inferior and extremely dangerous path is that of Hatha Yoga.


Special Virtues:

Strictly accurate statements, justice (without clemency), perseverance, common sense, righteousness, independence, acute intellect.

Lightning Vices:

Scathing criticism, mental narrowness, arrogance, spiteful character, devoid of compassion, irreverent, full of prejudices.

Virtues to be acquired:

Reverence, devotion, commiseration, love and mental breadth.

It is the ray of science and research. The man who belongs to this ray will possess an acute intellect, great accuracy in the details and will make unremitting efforts to get to the origin of the smallest details and check all the theories. Usually it will be excessively truthful, it will explain in a lucid way the facts, although sometimes it is pedantic and tiring due to its obstinacy in repeating trivial and unnecessary trifles. It will be orderly, punctual and efficient; You will not like to receive favors or compliments.

It is the ray of the eminent chemist, the practical electrician, the outstanding engineer, the great surgeon. The statesman who belongs to the fifth ray will have narrow points of view, but he will be excellent director of some special technical department, although unpleasant person for his subordinates. The military will adapt more easily to artillery and engineering. It is rare to find the artist in this ray, unless influenced, as secondary rays, the fourth and seventh. Still the color will be off and the sculptures will be lifeless; Music, if it is a composer, will not be attractive, although technically correct in its form. The style in the writer and speaker will be clarity itself, but it will lack vehemence and essence; It will often spread too much, due to the desire to say everything you can about the subject you are dealing with. As a surgeon you will be perfect and your best cures will be done through surgery and electricity.

The approach to the Path for those who belong to the fifth ray is through scientific research taken to the maximum, and the acceptance of the deductions taken.


Special Virtues:

Devotion, mental concentration, love, tenderness, intuition, loyalty, reverence.

Vices of Lightning:

Selfish and jealous love, depends too much on others, bias, self-deception, sectarianism, superstition, prejudices, conclusions too fast, outbursts of anger.

Virtues to be acquired:

Strength, self-sacrifice, purity, truthfulness, tolerance, serenity, balance, common sense.

This ray is called the ray of devotion. The man who belongs to this ray has religious instincts and impulses and an intense personal feeling, and considers nothing equitably. Everything in your eyes is perfect or intolerable; His friends are angels, his enemies the reverse. His views, in both cases, are not based on the intrinsic merits of each one, but on the way in which the person attracts him, or by the sympathy or antipathy he shows towards his favorite idols, be they concrete or abstract, because he is very devoted to a person or a cause.

You must always have a "personal God, " an incarnation of the Deity to worship. The best individual of this type of lightning is the saint, the worst the intolerant and the fanatic, the martyr and the typical inquisitor. All religious wars or crusades have been originated due to the sixth ray fanaticism.

Man is often of a benevolent nature, but he can be enraged and irresistible. He will offer his life for the purpose of his devotion or veneration, but he will not lift a finger to help those for whom he feels no sympathy. As a soldier he hates war, but many times in the heat of battle he will fight like a pose. He will never be a great statesman or businessman, but he can be a great preacher or speaker. He will be the poet of emotions (such as Tennyson) and the author of religious books, in poetry or prose. Feel devotion to beauty, color and all things pleasant, but you will not have great productive capacity, unless you have been influenced by one of the rays of the practical arts, the room or the seventh. His music will be melodious and will often compose sacred orational oratories.

The method of healing for the man of this ray will be by faith and prayer.

The approach to the Path will be through prayers and meditation in order to achieve union with God.


Special Virtues:

Strength, perseverance, courage, courtesy, excessively detailed, self-confidence.

Vices of Lightning:

Formulism, intolerance, pride, mental narrowness, superficial criteria, excessive conceit.

Virtues to be acquired:

Understanding of unity, mental amplitude, tolerance, humility, benevolence, love.

This is the ceremonial ray by which man delights in all things done in a decent and orderly manner and according to rules and precedents. Of the great priest and the chamberlain of the court, of the military man who is born genius for the organization; from the general administrator, who will dress and feed his troops in the best possible way; of the perfect nurse who takes care of the smallest details, although sometimes she is too inclined not to consider the idiosyncrasy of the patients, and tries to force them to conform to a routine.

It is the ray of form, of the perfect sculptor who sees and produces the ideal beauty, of the designer of beautiful forms and of molds of any kind; but such a man would not succeed as a painter, unless he exerts influence on the fourth ray. The combination of the room with the seventh ray could give the highest type of artist, the form and color would be sublime. The literary work of the man who belongs to the seventh ray will be notable for his super refined style, and as a writer he will be more concerned with the form than the subject of his work, but he will have fluency to write and speak. The seventh ray man will often be sectarian; You will enjoy ceremonies and festivities, large processions and shows, naval and military parades, the study of the family tree and the rules of precedence.

The undesirable individual belonging to the seventh ray is superstitious; A man of this nature will worry about premonitions, dreams, occult practices and spiritualistic phenomena. The desirable individual of this ray has the absolute intention of doing the right thing, saying the right word at the right time, hence his great social success.

The healing methods for the seventh ray man will be to apply with extreme accuracy orthodox treatment to cure the disease. The practice of Yoga does not cause physical ills.

You will approach the Path following the rules of practice and ritual, and you can easily evoke and control the elemental forces.


These are twenty-one, which synthesized form the twenty-two methods that express the great Law of Attraction.

I. Ray of Will or Power.

  1. Destruction of the forms through group interaction. one.
  2. Stimulus of self, the egoic principle. 2.
  3. Spiritual impulse or energy. 3.

II. Ray of Love-Wisdom.

  1. Construction of forms through group exchange. Four.
  2. Stimulus of desire, the principle of love. 5.
  3. Impulse of the soul or energy. 6.

III. Ray of Activity or Adaptability.

  1. Vitalization of forms through group work. 7.
  2. stimulation of forms, the etheric or pranic principle. 8.
  3. Material or energy impulse. 9.

IV. Ray of Harmony or Union.

  1. Perfecting the forms through group interaction. 10.
  2. Stimulus of the Solar Angels or Manasic principle. eleven.
  3. Intuitive or buddhic energy. 12.

V. Ray of Concrete Knowledge.

  1. Analogy between type and form by group influence. 13.
  2. Stimulation of the dense logoic physical body, the three worlds. 14.
  3. Mental energy or impulse, universal manas. fifteen.

SAW. Ray of Abstract Idealism or Devotion.

  1. Reflection of reality through group work. 16.
  2. Stimulation of man through desire. 17.
  3. Desire for energy, instinct or aspiration. 18.

VII. Ray of Ceremonial Order.

  1. Union of energy and substance through group activity. 19.
  2. Stimulation of etheric forms. twenty.
  3. Vital energy. twenty-one.


1. Los rayos cósmicos fueron descubiertos por Robert Andrews Millikan, premio nobel de física en 1923. El campo magnético de la Tierra los afecta, aprisiona las partículas formando dos regiones concéntricas llamadas los cinturones de Van Allen. Constituyen aspectos del kundalini planetario, y su efecto será el mismo en el cuerpo del Ser planetario, la Tierra, así como sucede en el cuerpo humano.

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