The benefits of the art of “SOLTAR”….

  • 2013

I let you go ... I let you free ... I let you fly ... from love YOU ARE FREE ...

It's my personal mantra ...

When my astral / emotional body vibrates in the duality of what can be good bad and leaves that trail of pain or anguish that produces not knowing what to do? . I take a deep breath and visualize the situation or the person moving away with total freedom I focus my soul gaze on the horizon and with the full heart of LOVE I accompany him / her with a lightning bolt of light . I release the excitement and focus on creating new opportunities.

It is in the duality of emotions when our mind is clouded, and it is almost impossible to contact intuition, since it is the impulses of the rational mind that make us react, for better or worse (according to our EGO because in reality everything is perfect), then not listening to the nature of the words that come from the soul

The emotional field is impeccably intelligent knows us perfectly and has an impressive memory !, every impulse, feeling, pattern and structure that are formed in the lower mental body, provide a special glow to this body, which in total harmony with the EGO feeds you with the necessary nutrients so that the connection with the superior mental, official soul transducer, is chaotic and in sight It is impossible and in appearance only for the elect. So what do we believe when we don't let go?

However, and despite the fact that MAKING THE MIND AND LEAVING THE EVENTS FLOW, it is a challenge ... it is important to be aware that when implementing the practice of SOLTAR from OBSERVATION and ACCEPTANCE, we become people flexible before the daily changes and will stop us from affecting the alteration of the structured and controlling routine of our prison guarded by the EGO.

Following this first attempt we will notice almost immediately how the mental noise (compared to a honeycomb my forgiveness to the beautiful bees) decreases and in the same way decreases the strength of the vibrational field created by the EGO mirrors and fed by the astral body

Gradually, the grateful mind begins to empty and the circulation of new energies has a direct impact on health and harmony ... and we begin the path of DISAPPEARANCE and the use of the tools that the UNIVERSE grants us in the moments of OBSERVATION ... WE GIVE STEP TO THE TRUE creation of our reality ...

Let us take into account that when the lower mind “operates with the vibrations of the upper mental body” and feeds on liberating and creative thoughts, our energy system works in our favor and is activated by impulses that come directly from the vital energy of this field - mental mind, which is directly responsible for the process of expansion of consciousness and physical organ (acting with the help of the pineal and pituitary) that establishes the direct bridge to achieve connection with the soul or higher self.

... our physical body begins to manifest an improvement in physical imbalances and life becomes a symphony of miracles ...

On the other hand, if the lower mind “operates with the astral / emotional vibrations”, energy blockages are created that impede the circulation of vital energy and this fact directly affects our health, the physical body then develops a series of alarms that translate as DISEASE directly related to emotions such as fear, anger, frustration and resentment.

... the soul sends us signals when we are incommunicado with the principle of LIVING in the HERE and NOW and acceptance of reality ... I let you go ... I let you free ... I let you fly ... from love YOU ARE FREE… .. because your health is mine…

With love,

Alicia Jover M.

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