The Andromedans channeled by Natalie Glasson from origin to synthesis

  • 2015

With Love, respect and truth, we Andromedan Consciousness introduce ourselves to greet you. We bring our Starlight and the vibrations of the Cosmic level of the Creator to imbibe them in your Being. Like many stellar civilizations, we have actively supported the Creation and the continuous Ascension of the Earth and those who want to be present on Earth. We are present with you, within your heart and your Soul, in every step of your Ascension journey; Our usual support is yours to receive and find.

We honor you with our presence because you honor us very openly with your presence; We are working with your Soul and with that of all Humanity to manifest on Earth the Divine will and the Plan of the Creator. Like us, you have wisdom and sacred templates to anchor on Earth, which can take a lifetime. You have within your Being a divine aspect of the Creator, very pure and unique; it is up to you to deliver it to Earth and to all Humanity You may not know what energy it is, the wisdom with which it speaks, or even how it will influence the Ascension of all; This does not matter, because it has still been granted for the purpose of sharing it. The more you discover, express and expand your Soul, incorporating it more deeply into your Being, the more you will deliver an aspect of the Creator to the Land of Humanity.

Every Soul on Earth is eager to meet, to discover its truth and verify its origins; This is the same for all people, whether they are aware of it or not. You are looking within yourself for the aspect of the Creator whose discharge to Earth you have hired; however, you are also looking to connect with the aspects of the Creator that others are downloading, since unifying with them would mean your realization as a larger whole and truth of the Creator. This symbolizes that all people on Earth are equal and have the same purpose; you cannot achieve your purpose without the support and presence of other Souls in Human form, nor can they do it without your presence. We share with you our consciousness so you can see how precious you and all Humanity are; you have not been randomized on Earth, you have all hired to achieve the same purpose; however, you will all execute it in diverse and numerous ways and ways. To some degree we also have a contract to achieve the same; to download our own truth from the consciousness of our civilization to Earth, to manifest and highlight an aspect of the Creator.

One of our intentions when introducing ourselves to greet you, is to guide you towards a perspective to see in a new way your Being, your creations and your reality. We want to encourage you to contemplate and focus on circles. We want you to realize that each Creation formed by you has the format of the circle; This is the same for every experience, every life, every project, every idea, every understanding. Everything within you, everything you create and experience, has the format of a circle due to the verification that you are a Source of origin for your creations. It all starts in you and moves in a circular cycle, which means that it evolves while remaining aligned with your energy; and come back to you either to be completed or to be further explored.

We want you to spend time in meditation to contemplate everything in a circular way. For example, consider your life as a circle, you arrive from the inner planes to be born and live, and then return to the inner planes.

When you reach the opposite side of the circle, you may feel the greatest distance from the inner planes in which you have been; and yet you are always aligned, as if you are constantly traveling only along the same railway line; Even if you wanted to leave, you couldn't. Contemplate spiritual evolution as a circle, with all the thoughts and beliefs to which you give energy being circular. We know that the concept of the circle is that there is neither beginning nor end . We ask you to imagine that in the circle there is a beginning that is also the end; Instead of conceiving it this way, think of it as a point of fusion, synthesis and integration, being truly continuous. The whole circle is continuous, which means you can never get away from your truth, your Essence, or your origin.

Our idea and perspective that we share with you are essentially a tool; and yet they will reinforce your faith to always be aligned with the Creator, to always be in the most appropriate place at the appropriate time, being guided and having Divine perfection. We encourage you to contemplate the tool, whether you agree with it or not; since you experience yourself, as well as everything you create, like a circle.

Everything you believe will always travel to merge with you; This is the purpose of everything you are and everything you achieve in each present moment of your reality. New circles are being born from the energy synthesized within you; while old circles are merging with your Being and creating satisfaction. You know that an experience, a circle, has not yet completed its journey if satisfaction has not yet been experienced. Satisfaction is only reached when an apparently new aspect of the Creator is remembered or fused within your Being.

We want to encourage you to also recognize your past lives as circles. While you are creating and existing in the 5th Dimension, which is also known as the Age of Love, one of your purposes is to bring healing and understanding to your past lives, which are really your simultaneous lives. You have been destined to your current life as a powerful healer and synthesizer of all your Soul, of all your lives; and of the other 11 aspects of your soul. Your current life is immensely important, because even if you continue to have many more lives after it, your current life is a point of completion. This means that all the circles of all the lives you have experienced are now completing their journey, arriving here for the moment of synthesis and satisfaction. Any subsequent life in which you embark will have the energy of completion of the previous one, because its history will have been digested and integrated and will no longer have an impact on your experiences. You will also incorporate the energy of realization, which means that realization will become your belief and your reality, a source from which you permanently believe. In many ways, your current reality gives you the opportunity to tie up loose ends, or in other words, to complete your circles and experience integration. Take time to contemplate your past lives as circles that have an impact on your current reality to manifest synthesis. Allow yourself to recognize that each experience in your reality has a purpose of synthesis and integration. Even your completion will manifest inspired ideas of expanded understanding.

With the concept of the circle you can realize your connection with everything and with all aspects of the Creator, realizing that you are a point of origin and that everything returns to you for its integration n. Allow yourself to see how expansive and eternal you are; when you perceive yourself transcending your physical body and consciousness, there is no limit to your expansion. We invite you to summon our energy as you explore the perspective we share with you, so that we can inspire you more awareness and expanded perceptions.

You may also want to use this invocation to support your connection to our energies:

Andromedan beings of Love and cosmic vibrations, I invoke you so that your presence and your Light surround me. Bathe my whole Being with your stars of Light, with your consciousness, expansion and truth. Help me connect on a deeper level with your consciousness, experiencing an alignment and a bond with you that will empower my Ascension and my Divine Purpose on Earth. Help me to experience greater expansion and unity with the Creator.

Help me to connect with the Divine truth and with the aspect of the Creator within my Being, helping me to download this to Earth with Divine opportunity and consciousness.

With your guiding Presence, help me bring healing to my whole Being, to all aspects of my Soul and to all my past lives. I am ready to complete my circles to experience integration, fusion and synthesis where appropriate, with your assistance and Divine Guidance. I am ready to accelerate my Ascension with ease and perfection. I am grateful for the energy, the Light, the Love, the consciousness and the expanded perspectives that you now share with me. Thank you, I am ready to receive greater awakening within my Being.

With cosmic vibrations,

The Andromedans.

Translated: Jairo Rodr guez R.


Channeled by Natalie Glasson

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