The Elders - The pyramid on the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu

  • 2015
Toth the Atlantean:

On the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu there is a frequency Pyramid.

It is linked to the Nazca Lines and creates the design of an evolutionary pattern.

The Soul that creates through this pyramid follows the Lubileah frequency.

Her consciousness speaks to the people of the Earth about a remote past time, when the ancient travelers of the stars descended to the surface and created a landscape to which the Souls would descend from above to experience, to return later to their consciousness, to Through His Temple.

Within this pyramid is where emotions are experienced that range from the lowest frequency to that of pure light frequency .

The nature of this pyramid is to keep emotions flowing in what you will experience as formless energy waves that change from moment to moment in each Soul.

And Souls will know the full range of these emotions, because they are in the womb and have come to experience their full range.

And the Souls will have in the highest esteem the frequencies of Light that are Creation and contain in balance all the emotions.

And they will connect with that part of their Being that links them to the Source of Creation : The Heart, that which expresses what they will call 'Love'; and makes the soul eternal.

They will strive to reach this place of superior emotion.

In doing so, they will experience great suffering, which will help them manifest superior understanding.

And Souls will feel torture and torment ... And Love and Compassion.

And they will put all emotions in words and deeds; and in the great dramas in which they will act.

And from the expression of their emotions great works will result, guided by the flow of the emotional matrix.

And they will go to this inner emotional time of their Soul to find answers to the riddles of Creation.

There you will find your answers, to which your senses have not always guided you.

Each Soul will search until it is ready to enter this pyramid.

Once you enter, you will experience all emotions at the same time, understanding far beyond the understanding of Humanity.

Each Soul will encompass all emotions within.

Come now with me to the Pyramid of Emotion.

Don't let old fears obscure your path.

Discard all the concepts of emotion and see the Truth in who you are.

I will teach you to find peace and balance in your Soul.


Welcome Dear.

It is a great pleasure for us to be with you in this month of October, as you enter a larger field of Unified Consciousness; of the Crystalline Solar Consciousness and the Templates of the New Earth, Dear Ones, through the next step forward in the evolution of your Soul as the I AM Avatar race. Dear ones, we are referring to the change of consciousness experienced by all of you between September 23 and 28, through Wave X and the eclipse on the Full Blood Moon, which led you to a higher level of knowledge of you same as the Critical Aliens and the ability to experience the activations of the Galactic DNA Template. All this work Dear, all these events and planetary activities of Light have led you to a new Moment of Now. You are more deeply aligned with the Cosmic Heart of All Creation; and with the stillness and innocence and purity of your heart; and you are merging with your Beloved I AM Presence; and taking advantage of the support of your Soul and Star Family and the friends of the Light.

So this path of Divine Love is activated for each of you Beloved, through the Divine Love Unity Grid; and through the many dimensions of Light that are presented, while the Golden Era of Light begins to merge with this Now. As you experience the expanded multidimensional states and the knowledge of yourself as multidimensional Master Beings of Light, taking advantage of your highest potential of the different Light Time Lines that merge with this Now, you will discover more than what was previously hidden; and you will raise the oscillating emotions to the point of balance that is expressed through this Pyramid of Emotion. Because you have experienced all the emotional frequencies Dear: From sadness and pain; and from the perceived challenges you have suffered; until you know yourself as Love, until you experience a higher level of your flowering and magnificence and Light, as you travel this Path of Divine Love. And in past Timelines, or in which you understood as Dear Timeline, frequently these perceived challenges were presented to balance Universal Karma, often to balance timelines in which you possibly experienced deeper levels of victim awareness and persecutor; which you chose in prenatal agreements to know you as Love. Now, Dear Ones, in this deeper alignment with the Divine, with the knowledge that you are already Love, that you are Creator Beings, you have the knowledge that What you have experienced through your perceived challenges has been simply to create the paths and portals of Divine Love so that others no longer need to suffer the experiences of victim and persecutorial awareness. You are here as vibrant Portals of Light, creating the Paths of Divine Love for yourself and others, Dear Ones. And you are simply asked to recognize this as you embrace and experience your full emotional range, while accepting, appreciating and celebrating the full range of emotions, regardless how do you feel about these particular emotions ... And that leads you deeper into emptiness, stillness, frequency waves of calm and neutrality, Dear ... To the balance of polarity planes where there may not be even a deep feeling of joy, not a deep feeling of sadness, not a deep feeling of Divine Love, or a deep feeling of hate or fear. The balance of emotional oscillations, Dear Ones, is part of the energy matrix that is experienced at this time through the Templates of the New Earth; and along with them also many of the Geometries of Light that are activating at this time, Over-Illuminated in particular by the Archangel Sirian League of Light, which Over-Illuminates for each of you, Dear Ones, this Sacred year of 2015.

Those of the Sirian Archangel League of Light are the guardians of Sacred Geometry ; and what you are experiencing is a deeper feeling of the Ley Lines and the Nazca Lines, which some of you may know. The Nazca Lines are the geoglyphs that cover a vast strip of the rugged Peruvian desert, about 400 square miles of desert. Traced on the surface of the desert sand, there are about 300 figures and geometric shapes. Many are visible from the air; and how these lines are activated through this Pyramid of Emotion ; and in fact in this month of October, you are taken more deeply to the Golden Era of Light of the Maya, the Aztecs and the Incas. Dear ones, this amplifies in each of you a deeper knowledge of yourself as Priests and Priestesses; and in the way of connecting and working with the energies of the Earth; in the way of entering more deeply into the dreams of your heart and the joy of your heart; and in the way you can find balance in all areas of your life.

This alignment of which we speak to you was more activated through the Galactic DNA Templates that took you to the Cosmic Heart of God and to the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth ; and amplified by the Diamond Lighting Codes of Creation. These were activated through the Galactic Center along with the range photonic rays, Dear, which were experienced in the month of September, particularly from the 23 to the 28. The Diamantine Creation Light Codes were initially activated in May 2014 through of the Sedona Vortex and the Crystal Cities of Light, introducing the Essence of purity and innocence; and deeper fusion and integration with our Beloved I AM Presence . Spiraling from the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, these Diamond Light Codes produce a deeper level of rebalancing the energies of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, for they cleanse the earthly plane of old and false planetary beliefs and judgments ; and this is what is happening now Dear ones: A rebalancing of emotions. Not only in each of you, but also clearing the old and false beliefs and judgments of the planetary level that created the “war of the sexes, ” which created many of the false beliefs of power, control and abuse; and the inability to truly see and love the gods and goddesses that you are all, Dear Ones, as creator gods.

So we are going to establish our sacred space and take you to this Pyramid of Emotions, to this Vortex of Light, over the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. Because many understand that Machu Picchu is undoubtedly a Vortex of Light that elevates you to the higher dimensional fields and planes of existence; and introduce in this Now the teachings of Light of the Golden Age that take you to your Highest Potential, through the Aztec, Mayan and Inca Time Lines and Light.

Wherever you are, in your sacred space, simply inhale deeply into the body by expanding the lower abdomen; and contracting it when exhaling. Allow the breath to be sent to each of the areas of the body, to each organ or part of the body that needs your attention, or your Love, while you are now wrapped in this beautiful diamond called Melchizedek Consciousness, of purity and innocence, with this feeling of 'returning to Home', because you have undoubtedly arrived at Home, Dear Ones. And now, while your Heart expands and the Golden Heart is activated, you connect with the Sun of the Inner Earth, with the Golden Sun within your Heart, with the Sun, with the Central Sun; and now with the Great Central Sun; merging with your Beloved I AM Presence and activating a deeper feeling of your Inner Christ. While in your Golden Sun its 8 petals of empowerment and Divine Love, Wisdom and Intelligence, of joy, of peace and harmony, of abundance, of trust and dedication, of discernment and understanding are activated; you are taken deeper and deeper into the templates of the New Earth as you feel and perceive that the Geometries of Light are activated in and around you, now with the Over-Illumination of the Archangel Sirian League of Light, while they wrap you in this Beautiful flame of golden-silver light .

And now, Dear Ones, as you summon your Master guides, your Guardian Angel and all the Beings of Light from Above that you know personally, you merge more deeply with the Consciousness of Light I Am Avatar; with the knowledge of yourself as the Christ aliens , such as these transfiguring Sacred Flames of Divine Love and Master Beings of Light, the co-creator Masters, who know you and experience each other as Sources of Light that you are simply playing a role, a role, to change the vibrational frequency of the lower emotional frequency ranges toward the Paths of Divine Love. This is the main purpose of the Soul in choosing to incarnate in the lower dimensions and planes of existence, Dear Ones: To arrive at the knowledge that Everything is Love, Everything is Love. As you put your hands on your heart, decide for yourself:

“I AM Love, I AM Love, I AM Light, I AM Light . I AM a co-creator of the manifestation; and while I play this role to know myself as Love, I am simply creating the Paths of Divine Love for myself and for others, through what I perceive as challenges and lessons. But now that I experience a deeper feeling of the templates of the New Earth, of the knowledge of myself as this vibrant Portal of Light, like these transfiguring Sacred Flames of Divine Love, I no longer need to experience these characters or these roles. Because I choose to totally travel the Path of Divine Love; and the lessons I experienced along the karmic path; and the characters that I represented along this path are no longer experienced in my reality; because I no longer need to experience these lessons. I make use of the Highest Potential of the Golden Era of Light, of the knowledge of myself as the Master of the Self and as the High Priest. And while I introduce in this now in particular the knowledge of the Golden Era of Light and the Mayan, Aztec and Inca Critical Time Lines, I now experience myself traveling to this beautiful Pyramid on the Inca Ruins of Machu Picchu .

Now Lubileah welcomes me and greets me while she enlightens me and lifts towards the flow of the Pyramid of Emotions . I allow the feelings and emotions that are expressed to me to flow in this Now. I understand that what I am cleaning up are the remnants of old patterns, false beliefs and judgments that are not only mine, but belong to the Souls of those who travel the path of Karma on this Earth . I also understand that the challenges that I have experienced and that have brought me to this Now, are being amplified towards the higher frequency dimensions and Realms of Light, so that I can truly do what I preach, so that I can truly experience my full potential as the Beloved I AM.

I am taken to this central Pyramid of Light; and I also see my soul Family and my Stellar Family join me; and my friends of the Light. And I also join the Syrian Archangel League of Light; I am enveloped by this diamond flame of purity and innocence; and by the golden-silver flame of Sacred Sexuality, as I begin to experience a deep sensation of healing my wounds with the Over-Illumination of the Archangel Sirian League of Light. While I experience the emergence of my feelings and emotions that must be embraced and loved, I simply honor and celebrate these aspects of myself, no matter how uncomfortable they are; because each of the emotions of this range is experienced within the Cosmic Heart of Father Mother God; and I am simply asked to love, appreciate and celebrate all thoughts, feelings and emotions. While my sadness, my grief and my pain arise, I am embraced; and from my Heart and with my Love, I give voice to these aspects of mine, I give you the Love you need to manifest a greater level of balance and fulfillment in my life.

I hug my anger. I allow myself to feel it and experience it and love it, instead of allowing it to follow its course reactively. I know that I am entering into a greater alignment with God; and that the stillness and Love that I experience now fill my heart with the Love of Creation. Now I experience a deeper sensation of the beautiful Golden Rose Galaxy in the Thymus Chakra, in my upper Heart Chakra; and I am embracing and loving all aspects of my Being, while I make use of the Golden Time Lines of my Highest Potential as the High Priest or the High Priestess of the Mayan, Aztec and Inca cultures . As I bring to me Now and to my reality this timeline, in my magnificence and Light I make greater use of the evolutionary patterns of the Nazca Lines; of the Timelines that I bring to this Now of being the healer, or the teacher, or the counter of the path, the mystic, the intuitive, the guardian of the Crystalline Reticule, the Ascended Master ; All the Time Lines of knowledge that I have experienced in the Master of the Self are being activated in me in this Now. Now I am taken to the multidimensional creations of Light in which I merge more with my Pleiadian I, my Sirian I, my Andromedan I, my Arturian I, my Lyrano I, my Venusian I; with all these multidimensional aspects of my Being.

And now I see that I am surrounded by 12 Buds of Healing Light. Lubileah lets me know that in this Pyramid of Emotions, these 12 Buds of Healing Light are brought by the 12 Galactic Councils of Light, the 12 Star Councils that are helping at this time for the greatest evolution of all life in this Sacred Land . These 12 Healing Buds are brought by those of Alpha Centaur, Venus, Vega, Arturo, Antares, Sirius, Andromeda, Orion, the Pleiades, Nibiru, Meldek; and by the High Council of the Brotherhood of Light. Each of these buds helps to embrace particular planetary beliefs; and on a frequency level of deeper Love, to be experienced as the healing of the lifelong wounds of this Sacred Land. I feel that I am now invited to the beautiful Silver-Gold Over-Illuminated Healing Cocoon by the Archangel Sirian League of Light. This Healing Cocoon helps heal the wounds of my relationships, as it transmutes and neutralizes the energy frequency of the " war of the sexes ." While I experience this Healing Cocoon, this beautiful Silver-gold Light, I have the perception of the Light Geometries that are activated in me, which are personal and particular of the frequency of neutralization of the false belief of the "war of the sexes"; and that heal the wounds of my relationships.

I am surrounded by the etheric cocoons of dolphins. These acoustic vibratory frequencies connect at the cellular level with the Crystal Matrix of my Light Body ; and while I am elevated through all the dimensions of Light, I experience a recalibration that activates the Kundalini energies in this safe and sacred space; which leads me to embrace more deeply the wounds of my relationships, of the characters and roles that I played in the dynamics of masculine and feminine energies; while I go deeper into the knowledge that in this Now, in this Golden Age of Light, I don't need to experience these old characters again.

And now, Dear Ones, you simply have the feeling of being aligned with the Cosmic Heart of all Creation as a Unified Field of Light . You understand that you are One with Father Mother God, that you are One with your emotions and that you are One with all life; and you allow this energy to be activated by means of these key Light Codes of Creation; and of this beautiful golden-silver flame of the Archangel Sirian League of Light . The great change that is being made for all of you Dear Ones, is simply the feeling of complete alignment with the Divine. There is no separation; and every time you are experiencing this more as creator gods: In the Creation of your reality, in the One Reality of All That Is; in the fusion of these Golden Timelines; and in the experience of the multidimensional realities and the Golden Eras of Light that are activated for you in this Now.

And as you take root once more in the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, you keep this connection open with all these enlightened Beings of Light from Above, knowing Dear Ones that in your dream state and in your waking state, you have the opportunity to experience all these healing cocoons, through all these Christ aliens.

So we thank you for your service work. We bless you; and with this we wish you a very magical day.

Transcribed audio to English by Eddie Miller.

TRANSLATION: Jairo Rodríguez R.

Energy and Spiritual Consulting

AUTHOR: Anrita Melchizedek


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