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1st. January 2015

Relax a little and take a deep breath as the New Year begins a gentle and light energy in the air. You have been witnesses and more than likely have lived through many complex challenges in recent times. The year 2014 was not an easy one without a doubt.

As I mentioned in the article published last November about my 2015 Predictions, much is changing in our world. The changes do not lack a certain miracle, with long-dated institutions emerging under the magnifying glass in a very public way. This process of dissemination and revelation, although not complete, has set in motion the necessary impetus for the most radical revolutionary change to date. By the time it is finished, the key power structures of society that are not operating and the forms of existence will have been examined intimately and in depth and taken out of the closet for ventilation.

The tumultuous stage that we have just lived by the way established a foundation to change our planet towards octaves of higher frequency of Love. Much remains to be done to remedy the imbalances, therefore in 2015 you They will be listening a lot about actions that are necessary to implement the foundations or foundations established so far.

Doers of Divine Changes in 2015

They have come a long way in the journey of their soul to be here now. As the year 2015 begins, consider this long passage and the larger overview of your role in the whole as a maker of divine changes. A change agent is one that is a fundamental part of making beneficial changes inside and in the world. A Maker / Agent of Divine Changes focuses on change from a spiritually anchored perspective, recognizing the divine nature of all existence and all life.

The emergence of divine agents of change from all walks of life and from all corners of the world is a fundamental force in creating abundant positive momentum. It is because of people like you who are waking up to the truth of your own divine nature, that even more progress can be achieved in the coming times. Trust this.

Know that once we cross the threshold by 2015, the beneficial push already underway will continue. The quantum part of you can feel this positive energy - it is palpable. Your quantum Self, not tied to linear markers, has the great image that the Spirit sees. That perspective includes the future, which is where you are heading based on energies and actions that are now unfolding. Since much of what is under development may be outside your common radar, invite your inner wisdom to connect with the greater quantum view.

The full moon this weekend is a perfect opportunity to focus on the kind of life we ​​want to manifest in 2015. The Energies in the first days of the New Year can lay the foundation for a powerful manifestation process! Before the weekend, set some intentions, using the following as an example to stir up ideas. Even as you write your intentions and express them out loud, you have created a plan that is alive and full of potentials.

List of Intentions for 2015

FIRST - Deepen the connection to the Spirit, expanding it to become more tangible in today's world. This includes having a greater connection with the heart, increased intuition and an expanded ability to live authentically. It also includes listening most of the time to discern and perceive the beneficial nudges from the Spirit.

SECOND - Raise the frequency to the highest vibrational level of Love, facilitating the ability to generate abundance. This includes being able to manifest what is for the highest good - becoming an open vessel to receive goodness and maintain a balance in all things. It also includes the purification of old patterns at the DNA level related to money and receiving.

THIRD, Discover and successfully face the next key steps in the lighting path. This also includes becoming aware of and dealing with the blockages towards spiritual growth. It also includes discovering more about the purpose of life and connecting with the foundation of people to progress on the path.

As you reflect on your intentions, remember the power of your words to create. You are creating all the time with your mind! Select the words carefully.

Fundamentally your words in the present and where you want to be addressed later. Leave enough room for maneuver also so that they can adapt to reflect the new circumstances of change.

Be open to the idea that your best moments are yet to come - you will be creating them moment by moment. You are at the helm!

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Translated and shared by: www.destellosdeluz.com.ar

Translation: Alicia Virelli

What Comes in 2015 by Selacia

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