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  • 2016

The big change

Greetings my dear ones, Shakiel speaks. I come to transmit the news you request and yet it is not our intention to declare a future in a specific way. What I come to offer you are the probabilities that appear in the space - time of your year 2017 to 2023.

These probabilities will depend entirely on the vibratory quotient of the highest rate of humanity. This means that your vibration as a whole is the one that partially delimits the event horizon, to which you approach.

There is a vortex of cosmic energy that will be very present in the coming years . Its influence will be partly catastrophic and partly benevolent. Many of you will perceive it as a blinding light that will burn everything in its path, or even destroy it. The part of humanity that believes in the human being and his divine nature, will interpret it as a sign of advent. A good news that will accompany you in your planetary transit, to the whole of humanity, and that will inspire and strengthen you.

You should not feel fear, it is only a change, because my words do not speak of natural disasters on a large scale. If that is what you expected, this is not your information channel.

In your evolution as humanity, you are passing the threshold of childhood, to finally enter puberty

This means that you no longer believe fairy tales, but instead dedicate yourself to finding information that supports it. That is what has been done so far, but just as you are not the same person when you are 15 years old when you turn 18, now this change is just for you.

The new humanity will begin to take advantage of its intuitive side, it will no longer follow the news with such attention, because in its internal jurisdiction, it will notice deception. As humanity you have been in a global deception, of which many were already tired. Inside you felt like something was wrong, and indeed it was.

This new change I am talking about is, on the one hand, the fall of mass religions, and for others they will feel it as the growth of the fanaticism of those religions. I tell you, do not fear, because the fish also collects when it is fish. Thus religious organizations will make more noise than ever, and your "decency and humanity" will be appealed to, respecting traditions, so that you do not take off.

You have really been stuck and attached to a multitude of lies, that far from being pious, only a large part of your decision power was subtracted.

And here we come to the next important point, many groups will begin to separate from the rest. Again for some it will be the apocalypse, because the foundations of the above will simply fall so as not to rise again.

Remember when the Berlin Wall fell, for the vast majority of people it was an aberration, and yet it had to take a long time, until finally the hostilities ceased. Now you are back at that time.

It is now and in the next 20 years, where you can see the mass fall of dictatorships, religions and fanaticisms. During these years new forms of government will be developed, it will not be immediate, but the change of thought of the new generations is entering stronger and stronger. And the political absenteeism of the decision making of the masses, will give way to a new collaborative and active way, by new and different ways to the official ones, which in the end will cause the official paths to be changed by the new forms.

There will be a time when it will seem that there is no light, only darkness, because the side that wants to keep you in ignorance will do everything possible to implant new and painful forms of control. Many areas of society will feel subjugated by the possibilities that some new technologies will bring, and these areas will be precisely the standard of the subsequent fight against them.

The fight against the means of control, will serve to free you, and will not be like a war or conflicts in the streets, will be fought in computer media. That will be the way in which you will destroy that “world order” that you have wanted to implement. You will do it through your own means and that magical act, where the opposite releases the first, will create an energetic impact that will be felt in many lands, far away for you, but close as to your genetics.

Although I have spoken to you about struggle, you do not feel it as a conflict, but as a necessary step in the process, which, from the peace of inner conviction, will give you freedom.

When the inner feeling speaks to you, listen to it, for there lies the revolution. Not everyone can feel that call, for there are literally big differences in the human race, and there are humans who don't have the intuition gene. So don't be insistent with your brothers, not everyone will feel it as you. They only have logic as a tool of discernment. There are some human beings who do not feel compassion, because in their genetics they have less of the primordial human than you, and more of a reptilian past, of which their cerebral preponderance speaks.

They will surely feel these changes as an authentic catastrophe and you can hear words like This in times of . This did not happen .

Be patient with your brothers, because they chose to incarnate at this time in the most complicated branch, the human branch of the mind. You chose the path of the primordial divine branch, the one that comes from the Source. Therefore, be faithful to your feelings and intuitions, and fully trust that in the end, the process will be beneficial for you and later generations.

Are you ready to wake up to true spirituality?

Carrying a little peace to your heart, Shakiel.

Author: Cristina Acebr n Guirau

Writer, channeler

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