That day will come and the Unification of Human Consciousness

  • 2011

The day will come when human beings learn to love unconditionally.

The day we transcend all the barriers that separate us and keep us blinded.

The day we can trust each other, without fear of being crushed by greed and distrust.

The day we can look into each other's eyes, without hiding anything.

That day will come when we can value others for what they are and see the beauty in their hearts.

The day will come when we will all be equal, regardless of race, creed or social status.

And so, that day will come ...

That wonderful day in which the living Beings that exist on Mother Earth can live sharing with us, without fear of being preyed upon by the Human Being.

The day the Trees are valued for their wisdom and not for their wood. The day that Water is our medicine and Love ... Infinite Love is our Food.

And that day all fears, barriers, sufferings, injustices will be just a memory that will remain in our memories as a transcended learning.

There will be a time when we all reason together from the heart and not from the ego. And what we will see with the eyes of the heart will break down all barriers, all fears and selfishness, because we can see each other in the eyes and recognize the Divine Beauty that we carry inside ... and Honor that Beauty in deep Gratitude.

That day will come ... let's hope it will arrive.

Because each of us is here to drive the emergence of that wonderful day.

Because each one of Us carries that memory inside and we yearn to return to that state of pure innocence in Love.

Because each of us is essential to the Great Cosmic Symphony and every time we open our hearts in Love the entire Universe sings.

Yes ... the Universe strikes a Symphony of Love every time a Human Being opens its heart and retakes its power, because this is how Beloved We are by Creation.

A Great Cosmic party is being prepared and we are all invited, the entrance ticket is Love and Generosity, Coherence and Innocence.

Let's talk about Love with words, Acting Love with your heart.

Let's be more Divine, through every Human act. Let's be Coherent ... if we talk about Love and Unity ... let's act that LOVE and UNITY through our actions.

That day will come. It will really come ... and it depends on each ONE of Us!

I share this little message that I received from the Mother Whale, Guardian of the Cetacean Consciousness. This wonderful Guide that is leading us towards the memory of our origin and our Galactic memories with Love.

Message of the Mother Whale:

The Unification of the Consciousness of Humanity

Received in Capilla del Monte, March 2011

The unification of the consciousness of humanity, arises from the understanding of the hearts that allow themselves to receive Love and expand it towards their environment unconditionally.

Each of you is a seed of Light. You are on this planet to germinate. To transform themselves into beautiful flowers and through the unfolding of the inner potential they transmit beauty and wisdom to the entire Planet. Get ready to overcome your limitations in Love. To believe and trust in what has been veiled: Your Inner Wisdom. And above all, learn to trust in Love.

Each other is empowered. As beings they cannot be more divided. The frequency of the planet pulses by cohesion. For the Unification of all Beings of all kingdoms. This unification is being transmitted from the crystal heart of the Earth. Through the crystals, the flowers, the trees and the mountains.

As the human being resists this cohesion, his heart will feel pain, because from the deepest of their hearts they are pressing for Unity. All resistance comes from the ego, at this time the egos must be transcended and aligned from the heart.

Analyze the internal causes of your sufferings. Because each suffering comes from the ego, it never comes from the heart and that which is aligned with its ego, generates fractures in the Soul. His heart desires Unity, yearns for it and seeks it, however his ego resists walking towards that unit for fear of the unknown. Know that Unity, Love is not for you unknown is just something you have forgotten.

The pulsation of the entire planet, the central Sun and all beings are summoning them to unification. All Life has joined and we call them. Listen to your heart, know how to separate the straw from the wheat inside. Differentiate what really comes from your heart and what is part of your ego and awareness of lack and fear. Each of you is now summoned to co-create the Unit.

We are Blessed in Love and Joy, always!

With Love, Kai Luz de Sirio

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LOVE ... It is the recognition in Humility of Unity and Divinity in everything that surrounds us. Love is Respect, compassion, Joy ... when we love deeply, without attachments and without fear we can go beyond our barriers to enter the sacred space of Unity. Love is the seed and the fertile field where Life germinates ..

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