Twin Flames Through Father God via the Circle of Light

  • 2016

The Power of Your Soulmate's Heart Keeping the Window Clean

Every step you take, you must take it with absolute Faith. Faith that I am with you. Faith that every time you open your mouth the words that will come out of it will be My words; that My present Spirit will refresh and bless those words. Faith in life itself. Faith that I am truly the only thing you need, that is as true as the manna that fell from heaven, everything you need to improve your lives will come to you as you need it. Faith that your center is in your hearts - not only in this way of life but in every being - and that in whatever you focus on your hearts, Love will fill you with strength in that particular area of ​​your lives.

You are my little children, little ones just because you still don't realize who you are or what you have inherited. Little ones because the Christ who lives in you, is born in you now, and is still young and unsophisticated in expressing who you are. However, the power of the heart is in you with all its luminosity and magnificence. All they have to remember is where they have to look in order to see him. Then "growing up" is the acceptance of who they are - - a truth so great and so glorious that only their hearts can show it - - that when their hearts cease to be impeded by ancient beliefs and resonance.

To the extent that you, My Beloved, stop being focused on the world of men and make the change to your hearts where the truth of what you are is, then, you will find the truth of Love, of everything that I am, that I am throbbing in you. Exactly in the middle of his being. In the glorious and great magnetic center of his heart.

My Beloved, when you focus on your hearts, you will feel your power. Which is full of light and energy. It is full with life currents. Through it runs the river of life itself. As you feel your hearts you will realize that it is "directional" - that life flows to you, as My gift, at all times. Bless them, and then continue to fill to bless, elevate and amplify all the Love that exists in the world. It is natural that their hearts are trained to heal in Love again. The heart is very powerful because it contains the very energy of the moment of Creation. He is always joining you in the same current with the Love of his Twin Flames (regardless of whether you are seeing each other in this world). Love is sweet and soft, kind and tender. Fill life with magnificence and play each part. Like the sun's rays, they arrive and position themselves gently filling us with happiness. Ah, but also with its great power it explodes like thunder and takes out the false words at the root. Then, the heart is like an atomic reactor that is ready to become an explosion of Love when the Twin Flames make connection and Love begins to recharge with the desire to give.

When you say "Yes" to Love and you give Love to your Soulmate, you will begin that atomic reaction that is in the positive, in the Real. And yet you have not connected with your Soulmate (which is very possible since all you have emanated into the world is your wait for them to appear), He or She is always with you, they are part of your heart. Then as you say “Yes” to the world to Love and to Give me your being, you will begin to feel the true power of the heart when it comes online. You will feel it, since it will move your being to its roots. You will feel the truth: that what you were supposed to feel is that atomic explosion of the heart with its Twin Flame. When you make Love from Reality, in the positive flow, claiming your right to be born, then every moment will be an explosion in orgasm which can change this world.

The heart of a Twin Flame could make the whole world change. That's how powerful you are. This is the truth of why I created them. I placed in the heart of your Soulmate the literal explosion of the moment of Creation, and you, together, are supposed to consummate it. In a glorious flash a Twin Flame could bring the moment of Now to Earth. You cannot because we have an agreement that you will have free will, including the desire to pretend that you have no power, that you are lost, separated and alone. on a planet, looking for Love, still doubting that there is something like what we call Soulmate. Then this will happen at the moment when the human race changes its Choice. Knowing the power of your Soulmate is the realization and impact of the Choices you make. It is to imagine (even a little) how it would be to have that kind of Love, such power available to you here on Earth. Knowing, obviously, that with a single Twin Flame that completely surrenders itself to the acceptance of my Love in its heart and explodes at every moment of the Now could change this world, then, certainly, people will have Everything they need for a rich and abundant life here on Earth.

To discover the power of Love, for you to find for yourself the delicious explosion of Love that comes from your Twin Souls, all you have to do is clean the paths of the complicated woven web for selfish identities and thus allow them to reach their hearts. I have compared this many times with cleaning the window; what it means to open their hearts, the point where the heart seeks to enter through its center. Once you have given the `` Yes '' to Love and your Soulmate, carrying out this cleaning is very important, as you know, your hearts are the magnets that attract the symbols of life to you., those symbols that are represented in the world. So, as you move towards the exploration of Love within the heart of your Twin Flame, I ask you to concentrate on keeping the window clean. I say this to you, to those who have made the dissolution of their impediments, and when they have done it I have always helped you, but every day, with your persistent thoughts, you always magnetize things of yesterday . This is simply an aspect of time at this time of transition. Nine beliefs come to you, making that magnetism look weak, and suddenly, within the window frame there is a vision of a limited being. They are also limited, the judgments of others resonating, in the conceptual reality through which all of you have passed. These things are easy to remove since you don't have much resonance with them, but they do have some resonance as they attract you to you. Many times these are very subtle, My Beloved.

You will often encounter some of your most intimate friends, within your hearts as Soulmates, and without even noticing it, think that what they experience could have two possible solutions ( as opposed to one only solution that is Love ). Then you will be giving them energy in duality, so your opposite intention has been the best. All these trends, old life parameters, should be released as soon as possible, as quickly as possible. I ask you to take time every morning to connect with the truth of My Love and feel how it reaches your hearts by cleaning all those spots on your windows. You will get all the help you need from me during this process and I promise you that you will feel the results. As the light becomes brighter and clearer, experiencing your Twin Flames will live in your consciousness, you will realize when the window is clearer. Then spend some time feeling the magnetic power of your hearts. And then begin to bless the heart of your Soulmate. Know that whoever you place in your heart as your Soulmate, this being is connected with Me through the infinite river of life.

Put your Twin Souls in your hearts and eliminate all the mental concepts that they have of them. Then wait until you feel like I make you know Me. You will know when the connection has been made. The power of pure Love, exploiting and giving them life. And to the extent that they allow the great magnetism of Love to run within their hearts, in that same measure their lives will return to harmony with the glorious perfection of Love . To the same extent they will be healed; to the same extent the situation will return to the point of the center where everything is good. In the same medium, the power of Love will unleash the tangle of identities always focused on obtaining more and more that is what characterizes living in unreality. I am preparing you for the power of Love. We have explored your softness, your inspiration and your loving support. Then we explore its magnetic presence, which is the first key to reach the power of the heart of its Soulmate. We must now work on your focus until it becomes larger, more expansive and unlimited - the focus on life - and the power of Love is available to you. Once you have freed yourself from the splashes of anti-Love, the one who blocked the beautiful clarity from the center of your hearts, then We will be ready to give all the power and really begin to magnetize this world and you back to the Love. I will assist you in a gentle and progressive way in eliminating all those agreements you had with the lies in your lives in anti-Love. Feel amazed, dear ones. They will get to know their egos so well that nothing will escape them and they will notice it at the moment. Then you will eliminate all restricted visions, all retrograde thoughts, every approach you have of unreality by cleaning your hearts in the streams of the river of My living Love and you will be in Me, in the immaculate center of the heart of your Twin Souls, such as I have created them.

Then you will do the service of Love without the need of any effort, that service that you are destined to give. Then take the heart. The days of tranquility are coming. Meanwhile be for a short time be diligent. I am with you, at every step.

Let me show you, My Beloved, how each of the tears you have shed can be transformed into a diamond in the path of awakening, since everything that has been separated will be gathered once more.

Being separated from Love and being separated from Me is absolutely the same. His Twin Flame is the confirmation of My Love, the symbol of My presence and the truth of all relationships. His Twin Flame was born in Me and his movement is produced only by the movement of My own nature of Twin Flame. I am Created in Love within Me. Because of this, the Creation movement itself is and will always be a Love Creation dance. Then when you make the alignment of your hearts with your Twin Flames, miracles will begin to occur, there in front of your eyes, and miracles Deep in their hearts. And finally life will make sense. What I am telling you here, first, that only with the knowledge of the existence of the relationship with your Twin Flame now in each life, will a change of consciousness begin. In other words, a being does not have to find his own Twin Flame or even more have the possibility of coming together at the level of consciousness, since due to the Dispensation for the Twin Souls there will be powerful effects on everyone in their lives. Second, once the requirement has been made consciously by the great Rays of Male Divinity and Female Divinity in one life, the veils of separation of consciousness will begin to disappear and heal. You can imagine that this simply has to happen when two gigantic rays of magnetic currents of light come together with a cosmic level force. As they get closer to each other, like a magnet, their magnetism increases and they will pull with more power. Even when the opposite ends of these magnets exist, their attraction cannot be stopped. And everything in the path of these two currents must change, since they are being inexorably united. Third: I want you to imagine the Male Divinity and the Female Divinity contained in Me. Allow yourself to imagine the power of these forces that are currents of Love and each one is of the measure of half of the entire Creation. Can you imagine what happens when these two forces meet? Could you for a moment allow yourself to really feel what it means for these two forces to come together giving life to Creation in its entirety now. In such an explosion of life force, of Creation of Love, that everything created in life becomes My orgasm. These forces in Me are life itself. Nothing can separate them. In the same way your Twin Flames cannot be separated from you.

Now you see two things: One is the power of unreality on Earth, the power of your little minds creating a world in which you are separated from your Twin Flames. Another is that you can all relax from the moment you say "Yes", at that time you reconnect with the flow of the Male Divinity and the Female Divinity in your lives. You are all part of these two great forces. They are energies of the absolute, that everything contains and the powerful All of what I Am, that manifests through you. These two forces are contained within you, in your level of awareness of Love . Here. Now. Forever.

Imagine and feel the magnetism of the force of attraction as these two join each other. You can see that everything that kept them apart has to move away, since these magnetic energies are calling each other quickly. And all the beliefs, energies and illusions that separated these dynamic forces are brought to the center by burning. All the rest is consumed by the alchemical fires of the Love of the Twin Flames. Then at the precise moment in which a person makes the request for his Twin Flame and elevates his desire in Me, these Creation forces that contain this person and his Twin Flame are filled with Power and realigned with those forces within My Being. The personification is recognized. The magnetic forces of each movement, of course, carry the power to dissolve ancient identities that were covering the space between them. You can be confident that this process will be carried out, as long as one of you, knowing it, does not return it when you see the things that are being shown to you for change. Don't pay attention to those things, don't believe them. So, for each one of you who has called his Twin Flame, regardless of the level of consciousness in making contact, I can tell you that his Twin Flame is already with you now. At the time the request was made, the "Yes" means that you placed your Faith in Love. And therefore, the great flow of Creation has been accepted as a presentation of who you are.

There are many reasons why I am telling you this. The most important is knowledge at the moment when one of you says "Yes" to Love and calls for his Twin Flame, the power of Love is activated immediately in your life and then the process of reconnection begins. Then it is imperative that you acknowledge your own consciences, others and all who made the call that must be disconnected from everything that is not from Love, since the arrival of your Twin Flames is coming. The mirror is activated, even so the person does not see his Twin Flame in front of him. Some things begin to reappear suddenly; old pains, limiting beliefs, all this simply must be delivered to Me for its transformation.

The most fascinating thing is the rapid transformation that will be presented in the world as the awakening of the Twin Flames. Also something wonderful for those who truly are part of the great explosion of Love that I Am, that it is possible to quickly build the magnetic paths for the hearts that will make this world rise back to the Home of Love . Another fascinating aspect in all this is that for all those who consciously embark on this reconnection process, from the moment they make the call for their Soulmate, they will be given the transformation of old beliefs, all the separation of Love into the Time it takes for the Twin Flame to appear in their lives. The mirror of the Twin Flames does not need the physical presence of one person in the life of another to carry out their work. Since the power of the magnetic rays is so strong for both the Male Divinity and the Female Divinity, this process can be quick but usually requires that the change in the level of consciousness has been carried out. Which means that it is like those who learn to walk on hot coals. They change in their consciences the meaning of hot. The fires that accompany the transformation can appear as hot and scary or they can also be wonderful and beautiful, depending on each other's beliefs. We are full of strength when we give. And it is important to know that the heat of the transformation is improved as we give. The act of giving is like a soft wave of deep joy that runs through you and washes you as if you were submerged in clear, deep waters that relieve the heat produced by the change.

Twin Flames are like magnets. It only takes one to begin the work of calling the other, and that will generate a magnetism among all. My Beloved, think about how magnets work, how opposite charges attract. And the closer they are, the more powerful they become and attract each other, until in the end they find themselves in a link that joins them, and then they stay there magnetized and focused on their Love. The Twin Flame couples they will come together and as they come together, duality will be left behind. Everything different from Love will end. The Real Love made in My image, since it is magnetic, will spread. Because it is magnetic all those who have awareness of what is happening can build this magnetism in their hearts and thus enlarge and attract the power of Love.

Love arrives in the Present moment and fills every life that is created with energy. Therefore, the Twin Flames must live in the Present so that they rebuild the total life here on Earth again. In the only place where Love is found is in the Present moment, in the heart that is opening and that has stopped judging, and therefore is full of life. Love cannot be tied to the words of yesterday when living in the past. No, My Beloved, if you do not position yourself in the Present moment, you cannot receive My help. Life happens now. And contact with Me is made through the connection with life, with Love, with the moment of Creation. Then all the guidance you can receive from Me will be obtained in the Now. Only the Mind is responsible for bringing things from the past and transplanting them into today as if they were important. But it is the Sacred Present where Love for its Twin Souls will be born. It is also the Present where Alchemy happens and the doors closed by the limitation open.

As the Twin Flames come together, they will align this world with Reality through their magnetic currents of Love of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Simply believing in your Twin Flames will make this world change immediately. And the call that I make to them to return to Love, will be reflected impeccably in each heart. And surprisingly the separation will end thanks to the natural progression that only the power of Love can carry out. Interest on the Twin Flames will ignite. This should be your main job. Allow each moment to be guided by Love because Love will generate more Love. Be present in Love, ready and willing to serve all those who feel this call of Love in their hearts.

AUTHOR: Susannah


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