Spiritual Cleansing through Music

  • 2017

Have you ever felt from one moment to another, in a very good mood and cheerful, until you suddenly arrive at a place, or meet someone who makes them change that positive energy, feeling that an energy Does dark and negative take over you? There it is, when we must perform a Spiritual Cleansing, and one of the ways we can do it is through Music.

What is a Spiritual Cleansing?

In the course of the day we expose ourselves to different types of energies and we charge ourselves with them . This can lead us to feel tired, anxious, with a sudden bad mood, can make us sleep badly, or even get sick.

A Spiritual Cleansing will allow us to feel again that we are in good spirits and free ourselves from everything negative that made us feel exhausted and without strength. We will cleanse our body and spirit.

How do we perform a Spiritual Cleansing through Music?

From ancient cultures there are religious traditions that perform spiritual cleansing to help balance and restore the energy of people, places and objects.

For example, Native American traditions burned Salvia to do these rituals of balance and purification, in Tibetan culture they used metal bowls that rang with a mace to harmonize the place, while in the west the ringing of bronze bells was ringing and incense was used in the ecclesiastical environment to achieve a fresh and clean environment.

Within the techniques to perform a spiritual cleansing, we find the beautiful and healthy Music, which cleans energies, aura, chacras and heals us. Through music we will expel negative energies and harmonize our homes.

Through the Sound and / or vibration that inspiring music gives us, we will reconnect with sublime and subtle states of consciousness and spirituality, where the vibration rises to higher planes and the energy is pure and healing, generating a huge cleanliness and Elimination of low, dense and negative vibrations. The peace and serenity they will feel are endless.

Which Instruments give us the Music that cleanses us?

Thanks to the different vibrations that we obtain through different instruments, music helps to cleanse our spirit. Vibrations that produce instruments such as the quartz bowls, the didgeridoo, the Tibetan bowls, the oceanic drums, the saddle and the voice.

These great vibrations that occur with the instruments will wrap them inside, taking out all the bad energy that may have been installed inside us and have changed our mood. It is a very powerful and effective technique, since the vibrational sound reaches the deepest part of our being and guides us towards states of harmony and balance.

With the cleaning technique through music, both the people who receive the music and the place where the concert takes place are purified. Even the same musician who plays the instrument will also be purified.

The only thing that all of us must do to achieve a Spiritual Cleansing through Music, is to relax in soul and spirit, lie down or sit comfortable and be predisposed to that through the musical vibrations we begin this path of spiritual cleansing.

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