Book: "The Song of God" by Vicente Goyanes

  • 2014

" The song of God" anticipates the world that will be the generation that now begins its journey, as the author's daughter, 3 years, for whom this book was written. The tremendous consequences of climate change are predicted in him in the middle and end of this century and the attempts of blind capitalism to continue surviving, in a vigorous narrative where the serene stance of a teacher of Aikido and Perennial Philosophy, contrasted with the management of multinationals and the factual power that holds technological resources. And it is that a globalized and consumerist world will not allow effective changes until it is either forced due to the advent of catastrophes and states of serious environmental deterioration, or that a critical mass of individuals awake to their own conscious nature is reached and therefore beyond their particular egos.

Quoting Nobel Al Gore: ““ Perhaps more dangerous for the integrity of the environment than our own strategic threats is our way of perceiving them. In fact, most people are reluctant to accept the extreme gravity of the situation.

And to the spiritual leader E. Tolle: To continue as until now (the man dominated by his ego) will undoubtedly have an increasingly destructive effect. The planet may not tolerate such a long learning process for humanity.

The pollution of the planet is no more than an external reflection of the internal psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals who are not responsible for their inner space.

And in this sense it is very predictable that the only valid solutions will be provided both by science and from a non-egoic perspective, both implemented jointly over several decades. Only in this way will the necessary geo-ecological balance and the development of new forms of social organization be restored, since, as Andr Malraux said: `` The 21st century will be spiritual or not. It will be.

My name is Sara Neiss. I am a molecular engineer in Berkeley, where I run a geo-remediation program. Convinced of our self-destruction as a species, I have been focusing all my efforts on saving Gaia, our dear planet. But it happened now five years ago that my whole life took a total turn in just seven days. My grandmother Emilia, when she died, made me a strange legacy whose realization has been teaching me to see life from a new perspective, to contact the followers of Tolle and other lines from practical mysticism, not to lose peace and hope, to contemplate the salvation of the planet following a different approach.

The song of God is a spiritual novel of anticipation with a totally unexpected outcome.

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My last work The Song of God where the reader is also invited to become aware of himself regardless of the circumstances of his current life. This approach to our true reality will be essential to face the serious human and socio-economic challenges that will be faced by the following generations.

About the author: Vicente Goyanes

Doctor of Medicine, researcher and university professor in Spain and the United States, now retired. He was a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences and the New York Academy of Sciences. His experience in meditation, self-help and transpersonal psychology comes from his studies for 32 years on Advaita, Zen philosophy, Mindfulness Meditation and Gestalt in Spain, France, the United States, India and Bhutan. He is the author of the novel Bhairava, the voice of silence (2008), as well as digital The Quantum Monastery and Sacul the immortal.

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