The networks of light workers in humanity. Year 2015 and 2016

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The networks of light workers in humanity. Year 2015 and 2016. What the Pleiadian letters say

Many will have felt movements in their internal fibers and calibrations at a more global level since that wonderful day of the eclipse on September 27, 2015. This sacred descent of information and opening of portals on the earth needs a time of calibration in our energy field.

I want to share something important to understand what begins to happen in the networks of light workers in humanity, teachers, facilitators, all teachers in order ...

First of all I copy here some fragments about the fabric of the brotherhood (Message for the Lemurian brotherhood at first, but extensive to all the brotherhoods) and after these small fragments share what begins to manifest about the portals-matrices who are preparing to expand awareness networks for 2016 (year 9, closing, mastery and expansion of all work done since 2008, year 1)


Each block (cell) carries a portion of the truth, so they all have and are carriers of the truth. They represent the fabric itself, there is no separation, no orders, no hierarchies, they are ALL the FABRIC of the UNIT

We were the Flower of Life and we preserved with us the flower of the new dawn.

“Draw the fabric and together they will be . It is necessary to weave and unify the internal network itself to unify with that of other brothers. You have to dance life. It is time to dance the form, extended by humanity. It is time to represent it anyway to be transformed ”

Each tissue within the MOTHER fabric has its groups and its tribes. Now tell me: “Where do you see the beginning and where is the end? None, right? Because there is no less or more, but INTEGRANTS who come to INTEGRATE the great brotherhood. They get to make it INTEGRA, complete in UNIT ”


The earth is preparing to sustain the new souls who have already decided to wake up from a subtle plane . They must be supported by the entire platform of workers who have already been working on the land long before. Is this not what has happened to us? When we decided to wake up, long before we did, there was already an energetic support to assist us in those moments where we would need guidance. The same is happening now ... in October internal and external tissues in the networks of light workers are preparing for further growth. This expansion will materialize stronger in 2016.

2016 Extension of the networks of light workers and preparation for the start of new portals in 2017

The number 9 already begins to appear before us, closing the door of 8 and opening the way to the expansion of everything manifested in this year 2015. For this they begin to present calibrations in our field, to clean the tissues, purify them and thus be able to sustain a clearer platform towards those who are also slowly waking up.

So in these times it is common to feel like everything is being reconfigured and changing course. It is not that the course necessarily changes radically, but that our internal GPS is recording the new route: "Searching for satellite signal" to receive the information of the new impulses.

The Pleiadian letters tell us:

Children of the Great Central Sun

That the connection with the solar being and its descent, through our higher being, is knocking on our doors to reconnect with the original source, the essential divine spark of the beginning of all that is.

Message that the letter gives us: “When you look at the eyes of another brother-a, observe his solar being in him, now you will be able to see him, he is active, although they have not even noticed it… the solar being navigates in you from the star portal : 8-8-8 ”

Essence of Aripka

Aripka is the name of my superior being, but in the letters he speaks of the White Magician, the superior being in general.

Message of the letter: “I am the superior essence. I hold and carry with me the solar being, descend for me its essence to reach you, dear human being ”

End of an old cycle

October, November and December closes all cycles that must be sealed with love for the next advance. Changes in the plans, new routes that appear, new members in the networks of light workers who arrive connected with the essence of the solar being to serve and contribute to the great system. Relationships that are sealed and end their old cycle. New doors that come to us with the force of a tornado to be opened and manifest faster than before.

Message of this letter: When something concludes, something new can begin

Sirius Necklace

Brothers of the Council of Sirius who accompanied and guided with love our divine process. They arrive in these months to sellar our fields for a final coronation. This letter indicates that moment you graduate and receive your medal.

Message: We deliver the emerald necklaces and crown with beautiful crystals the beautiful cycles that end, providing the necessary momentum to open the new ones, which expand and manifest

Live in abundance

After all this journey, your own network and external networks will flow freely. Remember that Aquarius (the energy of the era we are in) is `` detachment '', `` freedom '' and whenever we want to `` hold back with fear or control '' we will be driven to make the leap to takeoff.

Enjoy the last months and days of the year that we have left, they will be of great transformation, of great changes to see the most powerful living harvest in 2016.

With infinite love,

Communiqué by María José Bayard, in divine union with Kryon, Aripka, my solar being, the grandparents of the times and the Sirian Council.

AUTHOR: María José Bayard

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