The crystalline structures of light. Beloved Sananda

  • 2015

These networks of light that you call crystalline grids of light, in the next few days will double their frequency and intensity, pumping harder than ever, their vibration, even in the farms that are not yet formed one hundred percent. In the planet.

That is why we ask you to meditate, in unison with the point of light, closer to your homes and surroundings, they will regulate you, be they parks, gardens, nature or temples, etc.

Each one will find the greatest possible resonance, to align, with a new concept of time that will put an end to the linear conception of them.

You are multidimensional beings, who are interconnected to all universal realities, which you call quantum, stellar memory, cosmic DNA, it doesn't matter, they are all in constant union, evolution and communion.

Only your collective mental pattern created a linear matrix, and now by opening the chakra of the planetary level heart, the interior of Gaia, the great crystal of England, is formed with its natural geometry, as in the early days of Gaia, to restore planetary or spherical consciousness at the planetary level.

You are and will be active solar beings, in their creations. You already are but unconsciously, these creations so that they are harmonic manifestations, must come from the origin of the unified farm, in your being, so that the pulse of your life, be one with the planetary beat.

That is why the solar energy of the eclipse, which culminates the transit of this new solar ring of Alcyon, allows you to restore the unitary consciousness, and with it the multidimensional one.

On a physical level it does not imply any fear, no chaos process, on the contrary, it will give you agility, coherence, vitality and synchronous manifestation. And all those who decide so, can live this process later on in other planes.

But all those who love their life in Gaia and their purpose of life, even if the circumstances are hard, will experience changes in the direction of life, so great and so beautiful, like the change in polarity that Gaia is giving.

You will be much more assertive and very physical change, you will feel all the energies in the emotional and physical in unison. To identify your personal place much better.

Beloved, allow the disconcerting changes in reality, it is the communion with your solar being, there are no losses, there are readjustments with the abundance and flow of energy, for all parts of a conflict, there is light and union in your bodies, and in your bodies. environments.

Family ties, are harmonic ties of balance and evolution, with the massive entry of solar consciousness, all those ties dissolve, for a greater purpose, so it is important, that you allow them to leave from gratitude, and this will open the Lama group resonance that you crave so much.

It is not an eternal loss, it is only a movement of souls, grouping together, to find a balance in the transitions of their memories.

The fractal body of light, with the new heartbeat of the pineal gland, will join the chara of the heart n the earth, and so it can vibrate, showing its own symphony of life, or what is the same, finding its equals at the planetary level .

You are thousands of beings of light, honey of races, not by the physical, but beings with their own stela origin, and now it is the awakening for you to identify. It does not matter, wherever this union comes from, it does not matter being a group, it does not matter being… what matters is to remain in the balance of global souls in the service of light, and there is no greater service, than to vibrate in happiness internally.

That you are asked, that you vibrate, each one in your home, in your life, in your time, that your hearts be torches of light that illuminate Gaia and your crystalline body be the network of light on the surface of the earth in unison with the stars and stellar origin of each living being on the planet, and with the inner crystal of the crystal network of Gaia, which nourishes, sustains and feeds us at every step.

Happy back home, happy reunion with your own vibration, she is the key to planetary love.

We love you from the sun of Alcyon Sananda.


Channeled by Elsa Farrus

The crystalline structures of light. Beloved Sananda

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