The ages of the soul by Alfonso del Rosario

  • 2013

The nature of the Soul and its evolution is one of the great mysteries that science has pending to solve. His study and analysis will reveal the structural essence of all existing forms of nature. In the sphere of the world of forms, the essence of the Soul will reveal to the sincere and spiritual researcher, the answers to the great existential enigmas that surround him, giving him a new holistic vision of his own nature with respect to his evolution and the response to those Big questions that have always worried him. This is not an easy task, although it is necessary, to place oneself in the rightful place within universal evolution, contemplating itself as one more link in the infinite chain of causes and effects of which it is part of the immeasurable framework of evolution. Planetary and universal.

For this reason, we will try to clarify to some extent and not without difficulty, the essence of the Soul and the steps it takes through innumerable rebirths in the physical plane, until it achieves its emancipation and final liberation from its human stage.

Our Planet, like all the Forms that make up the Universe, have a Soul, an energy field of very special characteristics, that envelops and interpenetrates them, endowing them with particular characteristics, which makes them unique and different within the realm of nature to the that belong, expressing the Spirit or Universal Life that animates them.

The human Soul is an integral part of that Planetary Soul that encompasses all of us who live and evolve within its Magnetic Aura. This makes us all beings, united by the same bonds and physical and subtle components that circulate and are part of our World. This is one of the main aspects to take into consideration, when we speak and treat transcendent aspects such as those of the Universal Brotherhood and Fraternity, which express intrinsically, the unification, homogeneity and complementarity and intimate interrelation of everything that exists inside and outside. of our planet.

The human Soul, becomes a kind of vehicle, field or energetic body, constituted of very different types of energies, all endowed with intangible qualities, which makes us unique and different from the rest of beings that surround us.

This Body or Light Vehicle, is the result of the energy fields that interact with each other, within each of the personality vehicles, being the Soul, the Great Unifier and Integrator of all these complex energies that make up the physical structure and subtle to each Ego, so that he becomes thus the director and architect of all the cyclical experiences of each of his continuous appearances on our Planet. This is the reason why the Soul of any of the vehicles of expression of any being constitutes the energetic, subtle and identifying aspect, which marks the difference of a mineral from another mineral, from a flower with another flower, or also makes different from a man from another man.

For a better understanding of the complex projection of the human Soul in the course of his continuous appearances on the objective planes, the Tibetan Master DK, in one of his writings, mentions four distinct stages, which he called, of Contact, Integration, Development and Liberation.

These four stages or phases of development mark the entire evolutionary path of the Soul, from the emergence of individuality in man, when he first incarnates in the Human Kingdom, until he merges and integrates into the Upper Triad, the moment that marks the end of the human stage as a member of the Fourth Kingdom of Nature and its birth and entry as a fully spiritual being in the Fifth Kingdom, that of Liberated Souls, that of the Hierarchy of Masters of Compassion and Wisdom. These Four Stages or Ages through which the Human Soul passes and runs can be briefly summarized, very succinctly highlighting the most important aspects that take place in each of them.

The Contact Stage refers to the first attempts made by the Soul to be recognized before the Personality. They are the first steps that human beings take as individuality within the Fourth Kingdom. In these beginnings he is barely aware of his spiritual nature and even less of his Soul, for having only some gross and insensitive vehicles, unable to perceive and detect the vibrations that his Soul tries to transmit sporadically to him.

The Soul-Personality Integration Stage takes place, when man reaches a certain moment, a certain physical and psychological development, where once his most vital and necessary personal aspects are satisfied, he gradually begins to reorient his consciousness from the individual and material to the collective and spiritual.

In this situation, Intelligence, the mental aspect of the human being becomes sufficiently developed to make him wake up and operate more effectively, the magnetic attraction and Soul-Personality interrelation, thus beginning very slowly the integration of the three Lower Vehicles, the Physical, Astral and Mental, as a homogeneous whole, a Functional Unit, where the Soul establishes a more permanent line of contact and influence towards the Personality through the Antakarana. Thus, little by little, man begins to be increasingly sensitive and aware of his spiritual part, beginning to experience and feel more frequently and intensely the "Voice of his Soul."

Next, comes what could be defined as the Development Stage, where the Personality begins a new line of development and expansion through greater and more effective contact with his Soul. This greater effectiveness and soul-personality interrelation is due to the consolidation and expansion of Antakarana.

At this stage, the Personality experiences a new upward impulse through what is called the conflict between the “Pairs of Opposites”, that of Love-Hate and that of Detachment-Egoism, resulting from this situation, a whole series of conflicts Inmates who will have to face and overcome, in order to learn how to get rid of the material and superfluous and to value the spiritual and transcendent more. Through this union with his Soul, Man begins to understand what it means of Altruism, Unconditional Love and Universal Fraternity, realities that he will have to put into practice as an expression of his most intimate spiritual essence.

Finally, the Soul enters a final Stage of Liberation, in which it summarizes and synthesizes the experiences, failures and successes achieved in the Lower Planes through all its experiences as a man in the world of forms.

These experiences allow you to achieve a progressive and effective control and development of your Lower Vehicles, driving them towards a predisposition of Purification and Integration, Soul-Mind-Body, necessary requirements for to have access to the successive Initiations to which you will have the opportunity to access in the future.

In this process of internal alchemy, which we all must go through, man freely and voluntarily submits to certain internal disciplines, in whose process he manages to expand his conscience to unsuspected limits, progressively reaching increasing levels of Inclusion. n Universal. In this process of continuous projection and expansion, the Soul reaches a Critical Point of maximum expression and maximum expansion.

At that critical moment, what could be termed as a kind of Internal Implosion, a sublimation of its most intimate spiritual nature, ensues where the Soul Fuses and integrates the true and imperishable I, the Eternal Pilgrim, into his Spirit or Immortal Spirit, as some sacred writings of the East call it, thus disappearing in this way the energetic envelope that until then had He was his inseparable Soul for long ages and also releasing his Solar Angel, that blessed being, his Intimate Counselor, who has been accompanying him since his first appearance as a man, until the same instant of his Final Liberation.

This fact, as these sacred books describe it, allows the Human Being to free himself from the bonds of the Lower Planes and the continuous rebirths, allowing him to enter the Spiritual Kingdom, the Fifth Kingdom of Nature, that of the Hierarchy of Teachers and Adepts who collaborate in the Evolution of our Planet. The orientation and integration of the Personality with the Soul and the logical and natural manifestation of spiritual values ​​in everyday life, is the task and discipline that we must exercise daily to free ourselves from our human condition and the Samsara C clico, in order to make the expansive leap to the next evolutionary phase as a Spiritual Being.

Man, throughout this evolutionary process, from his most primitive human condition to the one he manages to achieve after achieving his human condition, as it is to be assumed, long ages pass, where he must overcome and exalt their inclinations, their desires, their emotions and more disparate thoughts, to focus them with enormous effort and sacrifice, towards universal service, to become a channel and a means of the supreme spiritual energies that have to reverse in the different Easy task of relieving the pain and suffering of the human genre to some extent.

It is the Universal Service, the only purpose that those who want to free themselves as soon as possible from the ties of matter intend to perform. The dimension and importance of this great internal effort, does not become well understood in its entirety, if the last consequences of the reality of what the human being in each incarnation is not perceived, an element or channel through which the loving energies of evolution must flow to the most needy and least evolved beings, including those of the Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Kingdom.

It is the recognition of unification and complementarity, that of FRATERNITY, with capital letters, which at some point we must share and exercise with everything around us, seeing and feeling identified in each human being and in each being in general, with the same passion, with the same interest and with the most refined spiritual feelings, as if we were in the presence of our loved ones, brothers, fathers or children, feeling and experiencing with them the same tenderness, affection and affection that we profess.

IK Taimni, in one of his books, says referring to Evolution, that:

"... only known in name, the last stages of the Evolution and Development of Man ...

for us it is enough to know that they exist and that there are Great Beings that from Unimaginable Summits, are spreading His Blessing upon us ... beings that still live in the Valley of Illusion and Suffering ...

From heart to heart.

Alfonso of the Rosary.

The ages of the soul by Alfonso del Rosario

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