The inner cities of the Earth will be the place where we will pass once we evolve

  • 2017

Recently I was invited to guide, support missions and get beings inside the different galleries and it is that I must know that there are numerous galleries on your planet and it is easy to lose yourself, mainly, for my beings It's small . However, I am pleased to describe to you the place of vegetation that I can appreciate today, since it is an image full of green glasses, completely filled with flowery meadows and plants of different colors, they also look families who are harvesting fruits and repairing different devices or simply reading inside the beautiful gardens.

What is the earth?

The Earth consists of an incredible white cradle completely illuminated with gold, which has numerous pink feathers born directly from it before a fairly attractive foreign background. It was precisely there that I had the opportunity to meet a large number of aliens, to whom I told them that they still had the possibility to change and feel better, they should only accept the Light.

We must leave behind any resentment and sense of shame that we could have. Both species, ours and theirs, are in perfect tune, since they have been created in order to help and guide each other so complementary that it would be difficult for many. Accept that such potential exists. However, this species still has things to learn from you; That is the reason why so many messages about stellar individuals have been presented lately . And it is that some of these beings are really willing to interact with human beings, make their presence remarkable and learn many more things.

Individuals of this species were cold, which focus only on science and abstract calculations ; with excellent minds, they are great mathematicians who have arid, cold hearts and completely left out of love. But love is a fundamental tool to grow not only in themselves, but also in those around them.

This turns out to be mainly true for the little ones.

In the long course of my trip, I managed to bump into and collect several small groups of clones that were lost; I had the opportunity to make a surprising friendship with two of these little ones, who were really destabilized and we got to know each other perfectly and after a while, they began to see a father in me .

Since that time they have been part of our family ; We see them as our children. My existence within your world fills me with so many things constantly; Recently I was invited aboard some light ships, with the purpose of exchanging knowledge and information with some other survivors, after our convalescence will practically be consummated. Then we return to the heart of the inner cities in tiny paradises of clay and calcite; There is a wide variety of underground cities and each one has different architectures and those plants that arise under the mountains are born upside down, so it is surprising to see how they defy gravity .

In the past, many did not think that existence within this world could reserve such gifts ; however, there is much more than you could imagine, since in the internal cities of the Earth, there are not only different plants, but also different life forms to which you know, including health centers and kitchens They are different. In these internal cities, there are also several experts in communications and climatology ; those that travel around the world that you know communicate with those of these cities, so it is necessary to clean them before they enter the underground world and come into contact with the beings that inhabit it.

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