Actions Always Reveal the True Level of Your Growth, by Master Jesus

Good afternoon, write to me. It's me, Esu "Jesus" Sananda, I come in the Radiant Unique Light of God the Creator.

Stay calm, be at peace, and allow words to flow. As your journey continues to unfold, you will witness many great changes. Most of you want specific details as to where - and especially when - these numerous changes will happen.

You live in a really dynamic environment where seemingly small events can have a great impact on the "drama" of life that takes place. Often, if there is, although it is the smallest amount of light shining in the plans of those who control your world, they are then "frightened" and make changes.

But with each package of changes it is very frequent that the need for more time to implement these modifications appears. However, they never lose sight of their final goal: the depopulation of most of YOU as a means to ensure YOUR survival. None of these controllers in the world want to be held responsible for their plans, nor do they want the masses to wake up and discover who they really are: sick and cowardly "children" who lack internal balance prevents them from understanding that there is another way. The "other way" is to overcome the lustful addiction to materialism and its, too, euphoric considerations about greatness, power and control. These "children" are like alcoholics who refuse to accept that they have a problem; instead of looking inward and seeing the true cause - themselves - they on the contrary, will not stop attacking the rest of the world. This mental condition is instilled in those elites from a very early age and is cultivated throughout their lives to keep them separate from reality as perceived by the average person. These "children" believe, with great conviction, that they are superior in all aspects to the so-called ordinary people.

Their opinions and beliefs and access to ancient hidden knowledge allows them to see that the average person has been manipulated, in a constant way, for thousands of years, really - in almost all cases - by their own ancestors. The main control vehicle began with organized religions and has been absolutely effective until approximately the last 100 years. Those who did not want to conform to organized religions were often hunted and destroyed - even in the name of God.

It has been said many times that God the Creator would send his Word again. The Word of God is and has been reaching your world since the beginning of human existence. He has never stopped, and will never stop; so that the inner search of any individual always results in a response from God the Creator - the one who created them.

No person, group or religion has a monopoly on the Word of God. The understanding of the Internal Divinity is always reflected in your actions and deeds. The more you understand the nature of God the Creator and his manifestation through you, the more you wish to allow, in all naturalness, that his light shine through you.

Those who oppose this Internal Knowledge usually do so because of ignorance and fear caused by an external factor such as "religion" or any other common limiting belief, supported by family or friends. If you are attentive to the many puppets of the governments of the world, and know their position regarding the "need" of war and separate their various responses, you will easily discover who among them are manifesting their Highest Understanding of the Divine Principles. Once again: actions always reflect the inner light of Knowledge.

The "children" who control your world are, for the most part, "drug addicts" hooked on the idea of ​​power, the illusion of greatness and physical pleasures in the three-dimensional arena.

Just as real drug addicts will shorten their lives and often cause great suffering to all who care for them, so these "children" would destroy the entire world in order to maintain the illusions to which they are addicted. There are those like the Dalai Lama and Hopi elders, who, if allowed, would appear in the public arena and give a speech on the Highest Principles of existence in order to help some understand how Ignorance precipitates such negativities in the form of wars.

When people really begin to understand the interconnection of ALL Life, they discover that, if they spit on others, in fact, they are spitting on God and themselves, at exactly the same time. The illusion of separation exists only in physicality. This illusion responds to a very important purpose for growth, and facilitates spontaneity, novelty, and helps create auspicious spaces to learn to appreciate the immense value of BALANCED ENERGY FLOWS.

Each of you shows his knowledge through his actions. Each one interacts with the energy that flows to him and from him to the others. When this exchange is balanced and in harmony with your own Core (higher being), you will feel the affinity with the one with whom you are interacting and things will flow smoothly. But when this energy exchange is not balanced, or you send energy that is not in alignment with your own Core, it will quickly generate energy disturbances that give rise to lower emotions as the frustration and the anger, and the trip becomes more abrupt and rough.

Please remember our many previous dissertations. No one causes you to feel anything. Your emotional state and feelings are YOURS, and they are the result of the energy you send outside and that is reflected back to you.

Sometimes this energy can take several years to return, or it can be instantaneous, but it ALWAYS returns to you. If you discover yourself angry at the presence, for example, of the idi idiot should you have to go inside yourself and find out there what you are Ignore it, and solve it as quickly as possible. Only then estars able to understand that the idiotic people who seem to persist in cross your path estn just to help you understand all that you need to grow in a Particular area.

They are actually being summoned in your life, and you in theirs, for reasons of mutual growth. Whenever you find yourself in conflict with another, try to contemplate the situation from the perspective of the two unique countenance of God the Creator interacting with each other, both trying to find balance.

Getting angry with another aspect of God the Creator only serves to create energy flows (some call it karma) that are self-destructive if we consider its long-term effects. All chronic conditions of poor health can be traced to this kind of self-destructive acts towards others.

Those who seem to be in good health all the way and until the end, often have a great deal with good friends and a loving relationship with their family, and almost always keep a smile on their face and kindness in their Heart for everyone else.

Those who endure in a state of long suffering, going from one ailment to the next, often do that as a measure of self-punishment for the many selfish acts they have performed throughout their lives. Your world has a great need for more compassion, understanding, and kindness.

It doesn't take much effort to be good, it's more, it takes, much less, energy to show a smile on your face than to show a frown or an anger! Learn to be patient with others.

Learn to be tolerant of the ignorance of others, as much as you would like them to be tolerant of yours.

If you have to face a rough situation and you don't know what to do, then always look for the solution that you perceive that benefits others most. Although this is not the best option, it will eventually lead to a more balanced outcome. Remember that someone's actions are, a very good indicator of the true nature of that person with whom you are dealing, more than their words or gestures are.

Many have anger inside them that, from time to time, explodes in emotional outbursts. However, if you want to get a good view on who is really in there, look at their most frequent daily actions. Judge the actions of others as you think it is appropriate to do so. However, always keep in mind that they - no matter who they are or what they have done - remain the unique aspects of God the Creator who try to do their best to grow and learn.

Many of those who cross your path would benefit significantly with a word or a kind gesture. NEVER UNDERSTAND YOUR ENERGY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! Many of the political leaders of your world - those who make decisions that change the course of everyone's life - fall apart by recognizing that they too, are but children when they understand these basic principles of life and the nature of your own Inner Heart.

Your actions show that this is true. I am Esu "Jesus" Sananda, I come in the Light and in the Service to the Only Light, God Creator. May each one of you be diligent in your inner journey of self discovery, but even more diligent in your willingness to be compassionate to all who cross your path.

Blessings and Peace for all.

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Actions Always Reveal the True Level of Your Growth Written by Esu "Jesús" Sananda

October 05, 2002

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