The 5 teachings of the Ascended Master Jesus for Christmas

  • 2015
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The Ascended Master Jesus came to Earth to leave a message that influenced the destiny of humanity, with the need to generate a change not only in the thoughts but also in the spirit of the people. This brings up the 5 teachings of the Master Jesus that have caused the most revolution in society and that after 2000 years continues to transmit life and mercy. His messages have always gone against the material, seeking to save the soul of those who called his people, Jesus walked by preaching his word without the purpose of having followers but of saving people.

His sacrifice was for love

We must open to the existence of the astral planes and miracles, this ascended master was the manifestation of reincarnation in body and soul. The 5 teachings of Master Jesus are bearers of hope, since he came to tell that there are planes of existence, that those who comply can go to a place called heaven, a place of love and extreme happiness, where God will be the source. The 5 teachings of Master Jesus predicted them in the earthly body, when he decided to be a man and come to Earth with all his knowledge and glory, to receive humiliations from beings who in their ignorance They generated a lot of pain.

The ascended Master Jesus

God is eternal life and I AM the way

Teachings of the Ascended Master Jesus

  1. In all his words he invites to tell the truth, to live in it. Men must be beings of speech whose actions are consistent with what they say. The way of God is the way of truth, simplicity and modesty . In Matthew 5.37 his words are quoted: when you say yes, let it be yes, and when you say no, let it be no The person must be firm with what he says, because that speaks very Good of its values ​​and principles. Lies stain the soul and harm the credibility of the person, because it is foolish to believe that the truth will not come to light, not to mention that an individual can deceive others but never God or himself.
  2. The ascended Master Jesus tells us that the path of spirituality and goodness is not easy, that the person must make many sacrifices and face many times the comments of those who resist God. In verse of Matthew 7.13-14, he speaks of the door to perdition that is the widest as well as his way. The path of sin is simple and nothing complex to travel, what is difficult is to get away from temptations and do the right thing. But he who wishes to go to a better life must make the effort and go through the narrowness of it .
  3. Jesus claimed to be the light of the world, only those who put their knowledge into practice will have the light of life and would not transit through darkness. People who lack spirituality still walk in the world, even though the teacher's wisdom was embodied and translated in all languages. In one of the passages of the Bible Jesus returns the sight to the blind man and when asked what he sees, he is not sure because his perception is not clear, Jesus touches his eyes again and he could finally see. Not only must we see and observe, knowledge and education are needed to have understanding and power of dissertation .
  4. In a new translation of the Aramaic by the linguist theologian Dr. Gunther Schwarz of the famous phrase of Jesus Christ that we must be children again to reach the kingdom of heaven, the theologian brings to light that it is possible for Jesus to do reference to reincarnation in those words. With the new translation the phrase is as follows: " If you are not born again as children, you will not be able to access the Kingdom of God ." His guards did not fight, because his kingdom is not of this world.
  5. The Ascended Master said it repeatedly in different ways that he came from elsewhere, I quote verse John 8:21: "I will go away and you will look for me, and you will die in your sin, where I am going, you will not be able to go ." Later he affirms that He comes from above, from another world that is not that of human beings.
Teachings of ascended Master Jesus

His guards did not fight, because his kingdom is not of this world

The 5 teachings of the Master Jesus indicate that He is a superior being from another world or plane of existence, that those who wish to reach that heaven must evolve spiritually and even reincarnate again on Earth in order to be called to the Kingdom of their Father.

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