The 108 invocations for the Violet Flame, by Beloved Master Saint Germain

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In the name of my powerful presence of God I AM in me, and my superior self, I invoke Saint Germain Beloved, Portia the beloved Arturus and Victoria, the Beloved and Holy Archangel Zadquiel and Amethyst, the legions of the aquariums legions of angels of the White Violet Flame of fire and blue rays and come by the intercession of the 7th ray of God for the planet Earth, the Violet Fire will mitigate planetary karma.

I apologize for my mistakes and the mistakes of humanity: "Father, forgive them, because they don't know what they do." In the name of God, then I ask you (make your request here)

INVOCATION At 108 calls

1. Flame Violet loved, dear and blessed!

2. Flame Violet in the heart of Saint Germain / Come, come, come to my heart now!

3. Call Violet, thank you, thank you, thank you!

4. Violet flame of love, justice and freedom!

5. Flame Violet, mercy, forgiveness and transmutation!

6. Violet Flame of Beloved Saint Germain and his beloved Porcia.

7. Flame Violet, the heart of God the Father,

8. Violet Flame, the Holy Spirit and liberation.

9. Violet flame, joy, elevation and purification of being free!

10. Saint Germain, listen to us, bless us and set us free.

11. Violet flame floods my heart now.

12. Violet Flame permeates every cell of my being.

13. Violet Flame purifies my body, my mind and my soul.

14. Violet Flame purifies my thoughts and feelings, / consumers of everything

My hatreds, grudges, wounds and resentments.

15. Violet Flame frees us from pride and selfishness.

16. Violet Flame frees us from jealousy and envy.

17. Violet Flame frees us from ignorance and spiritual blindness.

18. Violet Flame frees us from passions, greed, greed and lust.

19. Flame Violet, frees us from doubt and disbelief in God.

20. Violet Flame frees God's people so that everyone can understand and accept

His Divine Presence.

21. I claim my divine heritage from the Consciousness of Christ!

22. I am light, Light, Violet Light! (3x)

23. I am the flame of Mercy!

24. I am the flame of compassion!

25. I am the flame of justice!

26. I am the flame of forgiveness!

27. I am the flame of Freedom!

28. I am the flame of transmutation!

29. Radiant! Radiant! It radiates to the entire Earth! (3x)

30. On behalf of my Superior I, / I want positive changes in my life!

31. Beloved Saint Germain / covers me with the Violet Flame!

32. Beloved Saint Germain / cover my house with the Violet Flame!

33. Beloved Saint Germain / cover my city with the Violet Flame!

34. Beloved Saint Germain / cover my condition with the Violet Flame!

35. Beloved Saint Germain / copper mine in my country with the Violet Flame!

36. Beloved Saint Germain, / cover the Earth with the Violet Flame!

37. Beloved Saint Germain / penetrate all forests, rivers, seas, land and air / with the Violet Flame!

38. Llama Violeta, dissolves the core of each plot or against the development of the divine plan of my country

39. Spiral of the Violet Flame / dissolved the core of all doubt and fear in every child of God.

40. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, for all mankind. (3x)

41. In the name of my I of Christ, / who invoked the hierarchy of the 7 rays, the Violet Flame!

42. My loved OM RI Tas regent of the planet Violet!

43. Beloved Saint Germain and Porcia, / the rulers of the time of the aquariums.

44. Beloved Kuan Yin, or goddess of mercy

45. Beloved Archangel Zaquiel and Holy Amethyst.

46. ​​Beloved Goddess of freedom, / Mother of Exiles!

47. Beloved God, Arturus and Victoria.

48. Come with your legions of angels.

49. Come in the clouds of glory, freedom and transmutation.

50. We all go with what the heart of God's mercy / for the healing of our


51. Free, free, free the children of the light.

52. Purify the earth with the sacred power of the Violet Flame.

53. Cleaning in our streets, our cities and around the world.

54. Purify our conscience, our body, mind and soul.

55. May he free us from ignorance.

56. To free us from social injustice and oppression.

57. To free ourselves from evil and violence.

58. To free young people about alcohol, drugs and nicotine.

59. To free children from sexual violence, and emotional words.

60. To free the people from hunger, misery and pain.

61. Summon the Holy Spirit to sweep away the evil of the earth.

62. In the name of Saint Germain, / I send you the expansion of people's conscience

from my country / the power of Violet Fire.

63. Violet Flame of Freedom, dissolved all tyrannies and totalitarianism.

64. Command of the hierarchy of the 7th Ray of the Violet Flame.

65. To be free from violence and terrorism.

66. May he free us from wars.

67. Let's cure my country of corruption.

68. Let's purify the governments in each country

69. Let's purify the health system.

70. Let's purify the education system.

71. Let's purify the judiciary.

72. Let's purify the executive system.

73. Let's purify the legislative system.

74. Let's purify the armed forces.

75. Enter all the ministries in all areas of government.

76. We will purify the entire state and local governments.

77. Enter all legislative chambers.

78. Penetrate all departments at all levels of government.

79. My country is a glow of the Violet Flame. (3x)

80. Flame! flames! flames!

81. May God be enlarged, (3x)

82. I invoke Lord Shiva for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in my life.

83. My country is a cup to receive the Violet Flame in the heart of Saint Germain.

84. I am the Alpha and the Omega, / the beginning and the end, says the Lord, / what was, what is, and what

to come, / the Almighty.

85. Come, come, come Violet Flame / dance the waltz of freedom throughout the


86. The legions of the 7 rays / interceded for freedom here and now.

87. I am the flame of forgiveness and the mercy of blessing my country

88. The Light of God always wins / and the Powerful I AM Presence is that light (3x)

89. My country, wake up to this splendid cradle.

90. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.

91. Praise be to Lord Sanat Kumara.

92. Praise the beloved Saint Germain.

93. That the Violet Flame act in the top / executive, legislative and judicial branches of my country

94. I am a cup of Violet Flame / to pour over all foci of corruption and / transmutation of this energy in order and progress.

95. Jehovah of Shiva's armies / Lord of the violet fire rubies / drag all publicity

of alcohol from the media.

96. I am a child of God. / I am a child of God.

97. I am the divine freedom of expression here and now.

98. I am a pillar of the Violet Flame / it radiates this light of the freedom of my country and of the entire planet and the transmutation of all darkness!

99. Father / in your hands I entrust my spirit, my family and my country. (3x).

100. Beloved Arturus and Victoria / flood, Flood, flood, my country, with the Violet Flame, / and raise, raise, raise the consciousness of the people in my country.

101. The kingdoms of this world have become of our Lord and his Christ / and he will reign for ever and ever. (Rev 1 1: 1 5)

102. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of the universe, / and the whole earth is full of his glory.

103. Our Father in heaven, / protect, guarantee, protect, all power now invokes.

104. Beloved Archangel Michael and the legions of the blue ray / let him down now.

105. Come on, Archangel Michael with his powerful blue flame sword to protect and seal this energy from ultraviolet rays.

106. Open paths for us to fulfill our divine plan in its entirety. / Glorious Archangel / be our protection and guide, today and every day of our lives. / Deliver us from all evil, / you who are the commander of the armies of the Lord.

107. Archangel Michael, / help us, help us, help us! / Archangel, defend our faith! / Expect the unexpected from God!

108. In the name of the Father, Mother, Son and Holy Spirit / it is done, it is sealed, moreover, / according to the will of the Father / Amen, amen, amen; / ommmmmm.

In Love and Light

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